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What a fabulous end to the week, 3E  won Rosie!!

We are all so proud of ourselves for being the winning class!

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The children have had yet another exciting week which was capped off with an amazing Wow Day! We started the day with a delivery of a briefcase from Doctor Rison! The children were given the task of finding out about Egyptian artefacts through looking at an excavation site. Children were given different jobs to do whilst exploring the site.

The children then produced a detailed report for Doctor Rison explaining what they found, where each of the items came from and the measurements of the artefacts they had found.

In the afternoon the children produced a sketch map of the excavation site, and learnt about Egypt and the River Nile.

The children enjoyed an action packed day!

Well done everybody, have a lovely restful weekend!

WOW day!

WOW day! 1
WOW day! 2
WOW day! 3
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Welcome to Class 3E      (4.9.18)

Welcome to the new school year.   I hope everyone has had a lovely summer break and are ready to start your time here in the Juniors! 


I will soon be filling this page with lots of exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.


Do you have any ideas for this page? If so, then let me know!


I look forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday 5th.


Mrs Elsmore

A Fabulous Week!


Well done 3E, everyone had a fabulous week this week and have settled into the juniors quickly, it's as if they have been here for a long time!   3E picked up the school routines quickly and effortlessly, Mrs Elsmore is very proud!


Next week we will be starting our fantastic topic "Tomb Raiders".


Remember to use the strategies we learned in school this week to help learn your spellings, test will be on Thursday!

House Points

House Points

  • Oak 7
  • Ash 2
  • Elm 5
  • Pine 6



  • 3E
  • 3S
  • 4C
  • 4S
  • 5B
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