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From it being anti-bullying week, having NSPCC work shops, children in need own clothes day and our class assembly I hope all of 5S have enjoyed a well deserved rest this weekend.


Thank you all parents that came on Friday to our class assembly, what a performance they all put on. They put in such a big effort and showed a lot of enjoyment when they were performing.

The NSPCC workshop was brilliant as well. The whole class showed that they were engaged and wanted to get involved. A brilliant understanding all round on what they need to do if they ever need advise or extra guidance. Well done 5S.


Have a good night sleep and I will see you all in the morning


Mr Barton






A lovely welcome back to you all from half term


You have been working incredibly hard this week!  And it's so nice to see some homework already coming in. You really have put a lot of effort into it all.

Your fraction work has been fantastic this week. I am so impressed with everything that you already know!


Fraction Knowledge - Watch out Stephen Fry

From creation to display (22.10.18)

From creation to display   (22.10.18) 1
From creation to display   (22.10.18) 2
From creation to display   (22.10.18) 3
From creation to display   (22.10.18) 4
From creation to display   (22.10.18) 5
From creation to display   (22.10.18) 6
From creation to display   (22.10.18) 7
From creation to display   (22.10.18) 8
From creation to display   (22.10.18) 9
From creation to display   (22.10.18) 10
From creation to display   (22.10.18) 11
From creation to display   (22.10.18) 12
From creation to display   (22.10.18) 13

Thank you to everyone who came this afternoon it's always so nice to have parents and carers come in, it always means so much to the children.

They really have worked so hard on these Mayan necklaces over the past few weeks. From designing, explaining, creating, painting and exhibiting they have done so well.

Well Done 5S.

See you all in the morning

Mr Barton



What a warm welcome back from the class. We've had a very busy week but have managed to achieve a lot - which is fantastic. I am more than happy to announce that I am back and so glad to be. I just wanted to thank all pupils and parents for being so understanding.


The class are working incredibly hard at the moment we need to keep this up.


Just a little reminder about the English homework this week. It's to research Chichen Itza 

I want as many amazing facts as possible!


Have a great weekend


Mr Barton

Welcome to Class 5S         (4.9.18)


I hope you are all ready for tomorrow.

A big welcome back to you all, get a good night sleep and come in ready for your year 5 adventure. I know I'm ready for this, are you?

Mr Barton

Welcome to the new school year. Mr Barton will soon be filling this page with lots of exciting

class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.


Do you have any ideas for this page? If so, then let Mr Barton know!

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House Points

  • Oak 28
  • Ash 24
  • Elm 22
  • Pine 26



  • 3E 99.6%
  • 3S 95.5%
  • 4C 96.8%
  • 4S 98%
  • 5B 91.9%
  • 5S 99.6%
  • 6D 96.6%
  • 6H 99%

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