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As we head into Easter, have a look at what we have been doing this half term. Our two highlights were definitely making sandwiches and reading with the Reception children.

Another busy half term saw us go on 2 trips, take part in a cricket session, present our work to parents and continue with our great learning in the classroom.

What a busy half term we have had! Enjoy some photos of what we have been up to!

A great start to Year 3! Well done 3B, you have all settled into the Juniors so well! We have had fun reading and learning about the Sheep-Pig, we learnt about Harvest from a real farmer, did some 'big' maths, made posters to show how to care for the environment and have even done some drama where we pretended to be different characters from our book.

Have a great summer 3B! 

Enjoy a break and have a lovely time with your family and friends. We've had a great year but I know you'll all be amazing in Year 4!


Miss Baines

We have loved learning how to code using Scratch this half term. Today we made our own creations with sprites that spin, move and talk!

Don't forget Sports Day on Tuesday morning! Come in at normal time and remember to wear your house colour t-shirt if you have one. Ash - Yellow, Oak - Blue, Pine - Green, Elm - Red. Don't forget a sunhat, water bottle and suncream!

We have been growing a bean plant in a bag so we could see the roots and stem growing. Now it has leaves, we have opened the bag to let some air in!

This week has been full of assessments, but we have also found time to do a Science experiment to find out how plants transport water. What do you think will happen to this celery?

Persuasive Features

This week we have been practising our persuasive writing features, ready to write a persuasive letter next week. We have practised using persuasive words and phrases, emotive language, rhetorical questions, introductions and conclusions; as well as finding out facts to include in our letters.

We particularly enjoyed watching this video about how to use emotive language:

Emotive language video

First week back after half term!

We have had a busy week back in 3B. Today we finished reading The Boy who grew Dragons and we really enjoyed finding out what happened to Flicker. We have also been starting to learn about turns and angles in Maths, subordinate clauses in English, Plants in Science and Shell Structures in D.T.

A joke for the weekend:

What do you call Santa's little helpers?

Subordinate Claus's


Plate painting for the Jubilee!

Jubilee artwork!

This week we practised using different techniques to shape and mark clay with our hands and tools.

What a strange week! But we still managed to squeeze some fun - and medals - in!

We started reading our new class text - The Boy who grew Dragons! It's really exciting so far and we are looking forward to finding out what happens next!


Have a lovely holiday and I'll see you all in 2 weeks smiley

Miss Baines 

Food based learning in 3B this week! We made sandwiches and mummified tomatoes!

This week has been Shakespeare week and we have enjoyed basing our reading and writing lessons on the story of Romeo and Juliet.

Today we celebrated Red Nose Day and planted our sunflowers and nasturtiums which formed part of Science Week.

We have been experimenting with flavours in DT as we look to design a healthy sandwich, and with cars and ramps in Science to see which surface makes the cars travel furthest!

Another busy week with World Book Day, a visit from author Ian Billings and a session with a BCFC coach!

On Wednesday we went on our trip to the River Rea. We were proper geographers; measuring the depth, direction and speed of the river!

We have had a very busy week in 3B this week! We made toilet roll monsters in English, concertina Chinese Dragons in Guided Reading, the girls played Cricket and the boys played Benchball on Wednesday and yesterday we made mold fossils! We were so busy we forgot to take photos of everything!

We had an amazing morning travelling back in time to Ancient Egypt with Professor McGinty today. We learnt lots of facts and saw some amazing artefacts.

This week we used the chrome books and atlases to locate rivers, and improved our skills in directing the Probots!

A busy week in 3B learning about Rivers and Fossils!

We started reading our new class book - The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. Ask us what has happened so far!

This week we learnt about Climate Change and how different things can cause changes in our climate. These things include changes in the tilt of the earth as well as human activity. We made posters to show what we learnt!

This week we have been rehearsing hard for our Christmas performance! Please ask us to sing our songs for you and if we have lines, can we remember them? We have been working on projecting our voices and singing in time with the music.

We hope you are looking forward to seeing the end result!

We've been making our Moving Monsters this week! We learnt how to incorporate a pneumatic system so they all have a moving part. They will be coming home at the beginning of next week so you can enjoy them too!

We have started reading Stig of the dump and are enjoying learning about where Stig lives. Today we discussed what we know about the characters so far and are looking forward to finding out more next week.

Formal written methods in Maths. We have begun learning how to use the column method for both addition and subtraction in maths. We still need some more practise but we are definitely getting better!


We have had a great week in 3B, including African Dancing, a shadows experiment, writing a diary entry from the perspective of a Stone Age child and completing our unit in PE where we have been practising different movement patterns. 

Enjoy a break next week and I look forward to seeing you on Monday 1st November!

As part of Black History Month, we have been studying the poetry of Benjamin Zephaniah. We ended the week by writing our own versions of his poem, A day in the life of Danny the cat.

In Art we have been looking at drawing techniques and using layering in our artwork. Here are a couple of examples of our Sgraffito pieces.

We had a visit from Farmer Baines on zoom this week. He told us all about the crops he has been harvesting and what those crops are used to make. We even found out that one of the fields of potatoes he is harvesting will make around 4 million medium packs of McDonalds chips!

In Science this week we learnt about Light Sources. Can you find any at home that we didn't think of? Are they natural or artificial?

Homework and reading books have gone home today. There are also spellings to learn for a test on Thursday!

We have been very busy at school this week and started reading our class book. Ask your child what has happened already!


Hello 3B. My name is Miss Baines and I am going to be your teacher this year. I am really looking forward to meeting you all on Monday and starting to get to know you all. Please remember to bring your best smile - you've got all weekend to practice!

I will be teaching you most of the time, except on Tuesday afternoons, when Mr Barton will be your teacher. Mrs Baillie is our teaching assistant in Year 3 so you'll get to meet her on Monday too.

Our PE day is Wednesday so please come to school in your PE kit on that day. That means a plain white t-shirt and plain black or navy blue shorts (or plain black or blue jogging bottoms if it's cold).

Have a great final weekend of your holidays and I'll see you on Monday.

Miss Baines


House Points

House Points

  • Oak Spring Term Winners
  • Ash
  • Elm Autumn Term Winners
  • Pine



  • 3H 92%
  • 3B 95%
  • 4S 93%
  • 4W 95%
  • 5T 96%
  • 5B 93%
  • 6D 94%
  • 6H 96%

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