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Goodbye and have a lovely summer! (21-7-21)

Dear 3C

You have been a wonderful class and I've enjoyed this year immensely (a lot)! You are all such lovely children and have so many strengths. It has been a very odd year, but we've stuck together in our little 3C family and smashed it! Well done!

I'm going to miss you very much, but I know how ready you are for Year 4. Mr Shore and Mrs Weston are very lucky teachers to be having you next. Lots of virtual hugs...

Miss Case xxx :)

Have a great summer!

Sports Day! (14-7-21)


Everyone was a winner today. 3C took part in the school sports day and it was fantastic weather for it! I loved the way the class participated in a supportive way, encouraging their friends to do their best at each activity.

Congratulations to Pine, who walked away with the trophy. 

Sports Day

Sports Day (8-7-21)

Weather permitting, we'll be having Sports Day on the morning of Wednesday 14th July (for children and staff only), so please make sure you are wearing your PE kit on both Monday (for our normal lesson) and Wednesday next week.

Thanks! :)



3D shapes (1-7-21)

We've been learning about 3D shapes today and children explored games on Purple Mash. What fun!

3D shapes

Collecting data, mapping and celery! (24-6-21)


We've had a hands-on week! I've been watching the celery from the Science investigation to see if it turns blue (children are investigating how plants transport water). Then there was sketch mapping (following our fab field trip last week)! Plus, the class collected data about favourite crisp flavours or colours (children's choice) and made pictograms using the information. 

A hands-on week!

Kings Norton Field Trip (16-6-21)

Yesterday, we visited Kings Norton Green to carry out some Geography fieldwork in our local area, We took measurements, drew sketches and collected data. I think it was a lovely morning and the children all enjoyed it.

Kings Norton - our local area

Pro-bots programming

Reading and robotic cars! (10-6-21)

We've been extra busy with pro-bots (robotic cars) and DEAR time (Drop Everything And Read) this week. Take a look at children busily at work...

This week in 3C (27-5-21)


In Maths, we've been doing more on fractions (finding fractions of sets of objects).

In English, we researched information about dragons and wrote some reports.

We sang a school school during assembly time with Mr Johnston.

We also had a special treat yesterday afternoon and watched a film!

Next week, it's half term. We'll see you on Monday 7th June!

Stagons and Fractions! (20-5-21)

3C learnt about a fictional creature, stagons, through piecing together an information text. We've looked at ambitious vocabulary and the helpful nature of adverbials / conjunctions within the text.

In Maths, work on fractions continues. We can now find fractions of amounts by using bar models and counters, as well as label fractions on number lines. Would you know what goes where...? (see picture below)

Fractions, dragons and Saxons - oh my! (13-5-21)

In English, we're writing stories about dragons, Perhaps your dragon hatched from a dragon fruit, or caused chaos on a dark night! 

In Maths, we have learnt to identify unit and non-unit fractions using different representations. I've been really impressed with the drawings that children have produced!

In History, whilst we're still thinking about our locality, we've looked at reasons why Saxons might have settled in Kings Norton. Great job, everyone!

Kings Norton (29-4-21)

We're learning about Kings Norton. This week, we asked the question, "Did the Romans occupy Kings Norton?"

We looked at a range of sources to try to find out one way or another whether the Romans were here! Children were excited by the contents of some of the sources (see pictures below)...



Kings Norton - sources of evidence of Romans

Dragon egg discovered! (20-4-21)


In English, we did some drama and imagined that a possible dragon egg had been found in our playground. We even visited the site of the discovery, where it had been coned off! We paired up and asked one another questions about the incredible discovery. This is all because we've started to read 'The Boy Who Grew Dragons'. Let's hope our dragon egg (or is it?) doesn't hatch!

Time for Easter (1-4-21)

In class, we've been looking at the creative things children have been making at home (Easter bonnets). We had a go at designing an Easter egg hunt in a magical garden setting! Can  you spot any eggs? (see the pictures below)

We'd like to wish everyone a Happy Easter and hope everyone manages to recharge their batteries.

See you after the break!


Easter fun

Kindness is key (25-3-21)

The message has always been the same for Year 3: kindness is key. We have some wonderfully kind, thoughtful children in 3C, who have been working hard to support people in need. Just take a look at the photos of children working for good causes...

This week

Back at school: 3C busy bees! (18-3-21)

It is absolutely great to be back at school. We've been back for nearly 2 weeks and children have settled in brilliantly. It has been fun pulling together all the things we know about ancient Egypt! We've also been recapping place value, addition & subtraction skills in Maths. In English, as you can see from the pictures below, we've been recapping drafting and editing sentences with accurate punctuation. Well done everyone for being so brilliant!




English - descriptive sentences

Happy New Year, 3C (4-1-21)

Hello everyone! Happy New Year.

No doubt you will all have heard the Prime Minister's news about staying at home for a little while.

Please keep an eye on Purple Mash (particularly the 'Alerts' Bell) for any tasks that are set for you each day. 

If you have any problems at all with logging in to Purple Mash, email the Year 3 team at and we can send you a reminder of your username and password.


Bye for now!

Miss Case :)

Happy Holidays, 3C! (18-12-20)

The Moving Monsters are finally finished! The carols have been sung!

Have a wonderful break - you've all earnt it!

I will see you back at school on Tuesday 5th January 2021.

Lots of love, 

Miss Case :) 

This week in 3C (10-12-20)

We've received some more lovely homework from conscientious members of 3C (see pictures below). Well done to everyone who is managing to find a little bit of time at home to explore our curriculum. We've had an assessment week this week. Children took a few tests in Maths and English and we're using the outcomes of those tests to plan for future learning.

If children would like to bring in Christmas cards for the rest of their class bubble, the last day to bring these in will be Tuesday 15th December. All being well, these can be handed out before we break up for Christmas.


New homework grids and spelling lists for the Spring term will be on their way home to you soon.



More lovely homework!

Home Reading Books (3-12-20)

Hello! Please look out for home reading books in children's bags!

Reading at home is so, so important to children's enjoyment and understanding of texts.

Try to spend 10 minutes listening to children read aloud every day.


Some nice activities (depending on how much time you have) might include:

* chatting about new words that children find

* role playing (a particularly fun thing to do with stories)

* drawing and labelling pictures about the text

* seeing if you can find books/ films with similar themes

* writing a sequel!


I will help children to change home reading books on Thursdays. There is a class box for children to pop their books / book bags into.

This week in 3C (26-11-20)

We've been tapping out rhythms for 'talking drums' in our World Music unit. In DT, work will continue on children's moving monsters.

We've begun a new White Rose unit of work in Maths on Multiplication and Division and I'm already loving getting the cubes, coins and counters out to make groups! In English, we wrote a set of instructions on how to wash a woolly mammoth!


Brilliant homework!

This week in 3C (19-11-20)

We've been busy trying out different instruments known well in African music and making 'odd socks' to raise awareness of diversity, as part of Anti-bullying week. Children began making their moving monsters in DT today, too. How exciting!

The week in pictures...

This week in 3C (12-11-20)


In RE, we've discovered what happens in the Hajj. We also marked Remembrance Day with 2 minutes of silence yesterday at 11am. We watched a moving clip of the Military Wives Choir singing 'Abide with me' and looked at photographs of the ceremonies from previous years, In Jigsaw, we've been discussing 'conflict' and how this is a normal part of family life. It is important for children to know that they are safe at home, and that they can talk about how they feel at home when they don't necessarily see eye to eye. In Maths, work continues on adding and subtracting. In English, we've begun a unit of work all about instructions.

A busy week, as always!


This week in 3C

No Pens Day Wednesday (4-11-20)

It was an exciting day yesterday because we had No Pens Day Wednesday!

We painted a Stone Age animal in Reading, we drew spellings in the playground with chalk during English, we played Maths board and card games, had a computer lesson about times tables and much, much more! 


No Pens Day - spellings

Hi 3C!  (21-10-20)


Are you all OK? I've been busy marking all the work that you are 'handing in' on Purple Mash today! What a good job it is that we practised logging in at school. Whilst you're there on Purple Mash, why not add a post to the new messages board that I've just created? It's just for 3C. You could let me know what you're up to or shout if you're unsure about any of the tasks that I've set. Or maybe you just want to tell me how your pets are! Go on - give it a try! 


You should aim to complete your work each day this week - today, Thursday and Friday. As we have moved the teacher training day to Monday 2nd November, you won't have to complete any work on that day. I'm excited to see you on Tuesday 3rd November. 


Bye for now!

Miss Case wink


Parents - if you experience any problems with log in details or task expectations, please send the year 3 team an email at (we monitor this account from 8.30am to 5pm on school days). We appreciate your support with ensuring that your child continues to access a broad and exciting curriculum, tailored to their needs.

Home Learning (20-10-20)


Hello Year 3 parents and children! We hope that everyone is safe and well. We have emailed you this afternoon with the following information. If you didn't receive the email, please email us on 


Whilst you are off, we have set a few tasks for you to complete in Purple Mash.


You should have received a letter from school a couple of weeks ago containing your Purple Mash log in details. Children were also reminded to bring home their passwords before they left us on Tuesday 20th October, but if there are any log in problems, please get in touch using the Year 3 email address. Remember to select ‘Broadmeadow Junior School’ and then you will be asked to enter a user name and password.


This week, we would like children to complete some ‘safe internet use’ tasks (a quiz and a brainstorm), as well as an English, Maths, Reading and wider curriculum task each day. Tasks for each day will be set on Purple Mash by the Year 3 teachers on the evening before.


Remember to complete tasks, save and ‘hand in’ work wherever you see the button.


Then, Mr Martin and Miss Case will mark your work. Good luck Year 3!

Fantastic Homework! (15-10-20)

Take a look at the fantastic Stone Age settlement models that have been coming in to school this week!

They're very impressive. Children have found some inventive ways to build houses.

Fantastic homework!

What is a newspaper? (15-10-20)

This week, we're investigating what a newspaper is. Here are some key questions to be thinking about:


What is the purpose of a newspaper report?

Who is the audience?

What information do reports contain?

What is a headline?

What are time adverbials?





Another week in 3C (8-10-20)

This week, children in 3C have been absolute superstars! They have taken some Maths and English tests and worked really hard to show what they know. Going forward, we will use the tests to help us plan our lessons. In Music, we wrote further verses for the song 'Let Your Spirit Fly' and you can see a picture of these verses below. In Reading, we are reaching the end of 'Iron Man' so will be looking other stories soon. We are also hoping to find children to be our new 'Curriculum Champions' to help teachers create and adapt an exciting curriculum in school.

This week in 3C (1-10-20)

Wow! It's October! How did that happen?

We've been busy learning addition and subtraction in Maths, story-telling in English, reading/ reciting a poem in Reading, painting our cave paintings in History, scratching our Sgraffito drawings in Art, and making up new gestures for sign language in Music. What a busy week we've had! Keep it up!

Miss Case :)

Stone Age Life: Clay Carvings (24-9-20)

3C has been carving into clay this week to try to show what we know about Stone Age animal life. We've carved images of all sorts of animals that lived in the era. Take a look at them so far...


Clay carvings

What have 3C been up to this week? (17-9-20)

This week, 3C has had their first Computing lesson. We learnt to log in using a secret username and password. We have been reading The Iron Man and discussing our predictions for the story's outcome. In RE, we've started to explore the theme of being generous and we listened to the story 'The Rainbow Fish'. In History, we have been asking questions about life in the Stone Age based on evidence from the past (artefacts). In Maths, we are working really hard to understand 3-digit numbers. Well done for all your hard work, 3C!

Miss Case

This week in pictures (17-9-20)

Year 3 Homework (10-9-20)


Hi everyone!

Here's a copy of the homework tasks that can be completed by 19th October 2020.

Aim to collect as many stars as you can and to complete a variety of subjects (Maths, English, Science, Art etc).

Good luck!

Miss C :)



Hello there wonderful 3C! (September 2020)


Welcome to Year 3 at Broadmeadow Junior School. I know things will feel quite different initially, but I have no doubt that we'll soon find a routine that suits us down to the ground, so try not to worry. I'm looking forward to seeing those of you who I met on the transition days in July, as well as feeling excited to meet the remaining children from 2B.

Remember to check the booklet that Mrs Gaynor (Head Teacher) sent to everyone before the Summer holidays; it contains all the information you will need about the timings of the school day as well as what you will need to bring with you.

So, pack those water bottles, healthy break time snacks, lunch boxes (if you are not having school dinners), coats and PE kits, and I'll see you on Thursday 3rd September.



Miss Case  :)

3C and Miss Case

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