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Welcome back!

Our first week back as been full of fun filled activities all linked to our new topic Tribal Tales.

On Wednesday we had an Art and DT day where we explored cave paintings and created our own Stone Age inspired art. We also learned about Stone Henge and used this landmark to create a silhouette landscape. 

The final countdown


Our last week has been full from start to finish with Christmas excitement and activities!

We have written an extra page explaining how Santa delivers the presents for our class reader "How Santa really works" by Alan Snow. The children had some really fabulous ideas and we think we have finally solved the mystery!!

We have also made Christmas cards and calendars, had an amazing party with lots of delicious food and today we will be watching a pantomime!

All that's left to say is have a wonderful Christmas enjoy spending time with your families!

Merry Christmas! 

It's beginning to feel very festive in 3E! We have had a busy few weeks completing lots of Christmas themed tasks. We made some delicious Christmas biscuits to sell at the Christmas fayre, took part in a lovely Carol service at St Nicholas' Church and even played a staring role in the whole school Christmas production! 


Yet another exciting week in 3E has passed. We have planted trees, took part in an anti-bullying workshop, learned lyrics for our Christmas performance as well as managing to fit in lots of other learning! 

We also managed to win Rosie again for the second week for our fantastic lining up!! Well done 😊


What a busy first week back it's been! 


Our "May the force be with you" topic was launched on Tuesday with our "Wow" day. During the morning we worked alongside 3S to complete some forces investigations. We then conducted a friction investigation using ramps and cars. We found out that a rough surface caused more friction than  a smooth surface. 


We ended the week on a high by winning Rosie for fantastic lining up for the very first time It looks like she is busy catching up on our class reader The Iron Man by Ted Hughes, ready for Monday!

Halloween Hullabaloo


How fantastic to celebrate our last day of the half term with a Halloween Hullabaloo! 

We wrote autumnal poetry, solved who ate the cake in our Maths problem and then finished the day with a fabulous disco and costume parade in the hall! 

Everyone who came in fancy dress looked amazing!


Have a lovely half term break, Mrs Elsmore is looking forward to welcoming you back on Monday 4th November

Egyptian school


The children in 3E were replaced by children from a bygone era and seemed to have time travelled from Ancient Egypt!  Luckily Mrs Elsmore was prepared and had organised a day filled with Ancient Egyptian themed activities.

Our first task put our knowledge of the mummification process to the test as we had a go at mummifying sardines.  It was a bit  gruesome and quite smelly but lots of fun!

We then held an Egyptian catwalk show where we could walk down the catwalk and model our fantastic outfits.  This was followed by learning how to "Walk like an Egyptian" (showcase our dance moves to The Bangles' classic hit)! 


Our afternoon was packed also packed full of more Ancient Egyptian activities and we tried to solve a Maths puzzle to work out how many blocks we would need to build pyramids of various heights.  We then  tried our hand at Egyptian writing and wrote our name in hieroglyphics. 


Thank you so much for supporting your children with this, they came to school dressed in the most amazing costumes!



Carrot car racing!


This week in our Jigsaw lesson we were looking at teamwork and how working together improves the chances of success. 

We worked as a team to create a carrot ready to race.  It came as no surprise that the teams that worked well together were the ones that managed the task successfully!


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7



Mummified children?!


This week we learned all about how to mummify a dead body, which some of us found pretty horrific!  Despite this we bravely became Egyptian Embalmers and attempted to mummify one of our own members of the class!  We acted out the removal of organs and placing them into canopic jars as well as the removal of the brain! (Don't worry we used some string and a pen in our role play!)  Finally, after leaving our "body" to dry out in Natron, we then used bandages (Mrs Elsmore didn't have any linen strips!) to wrap him up whilst remembering to place amulets between the layers.

It was great fun and the children wrote some fabulous instructions just in case they ever need them again!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3



Our Tomb Raider work continues!

We are starting to become experts with our Egyptian topic now and our knowledge was deepened even further this week. 

We designed and constructed pyramids and also thought about how light is reflected.  We did this by entering our own "tombs" and used torches to investigate if light travelled in straight lines.


In our English lesson we finished writing our time traveller story and have started a new genre of writing newspaper reports.  As part of this new genre, we studied a newspaper report detailing Tutankhamen's gruesome death.


In Maths we have continued to consolidate our place value knowledge and have been ordering and comparing numbers as well as counting up and down in 50s.  We even managed to link of 5 x tables to our 50 x tables!


Well done for a fabulous week 3E!


Fabulous homework!


The children in 3E have been enriching their learning by completing their exciting homework projects based on our Tomb Raiders topic.


The classroom is starting to resemble a museum with all the fabulous "mummies" and pyramids on show!!


Well done to everyone who has managed to complete some of the star challenges and have brought their creations into school.

Remember you need to achieve 10 stars in total by the October deadline.  


What an amazing week it's been in 3E this week!  


On Wednesday we took part in lots of exciting activities as part of our "Wow Day" to introduce our topic.  We investigated an "excavation site" to look for hidden artifacts left by Dr Rison from the National History museum.  There were lots of exciting things to be discovered including a mummy, skeleton, statues and jewellery! We then wrote up reports about our findings and created sketch maps of the are ready to be sent to Dr Rison.


In addition to the excitement on Wednesday day we have been recapping on nouns and verbs in English and used a thesaurus to improve our vocabulary choices.  We have also been continuing reading extracts from "The time travelling cat" ready for lots of writing next week.


In our Maths lesson been continuing with our place value work and problem solving and reasoning skills.


Our first week


It's been a fun but busy first week in 3E and as well as getting to know the school routines and each other better, we have also managed to fit in a huge amount of learning in too!


We have focused on grammar and punctuation in English and place value and number in Maths.  We have also started our new topic "Tomb Raiders" and have looked at maps to locate Egypt and learned about the equator and how it impacts the climates of the countries close to it.


Just a few reminders:

Our PE lessons are on Friday so please ensure you have your kit with you.

Reading books need to be brought into school every day along with your reading records.  Mrs Elsmore will be giving out house points and stickers to the children that read every day and have their record signed by an adult at home!




Also, homework grids were sent home today, if you need a new copy, Mrs Elsmore has spares or it can be accessed online.


Enjoy the weekend!

Welcome to the new school year. Mrs Elsmore will soon be filling this page with lots of exciting

class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.


Do you have any ideas for this page? If so, then let Mrs Elsmore know!

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