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The winning team! 


Well done 3E, not only were we the termly attendance winners, winning Sven for the second time but we were also awarded a certificate for Times Tables Rock Stars. We won this for being the class with the most regular users. A huge 97% of the class played TT Rock stars regularly! We'll done, Mrs Elmore is very proud of you all! 

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11.07.19 -


It's been an action packed, event filled few days in 3E.  Yesterday we went for our picnic in the park to celebrate the end of our topic "How does your garden grow?".  It was lots of fun, we sketched plants and views, took tree rubbings, ate our delicious picnics and even managed to have a play on the children's play area.


Today the fun continued with our sports day.  It was very exciting showcasing our sporting skills to all the parents, friends and relatives that were lucky enough to join us!  It was an amazing afternoon and everyone showed good sportsmanship.  Well done to the winning house Oak!


What a fabulously, exciting and busy day we've had today! 


First, this morning we worked with Year 6 to complete some Maths booklets which they had made.  The thought and planning that had gone into them was amazing and we had great fun!


During our Jigsaw lesson we looked at stereotyping and at how we perceive different jobs around the house.  It was interesting to see what jobs some of the children thought we only male or female!  We then had a go at designing a duvet cover for a target audience.  The girls had to design one to appeal to the boys and the boys one to appeal the girls.  When we reviewed and evaluated them.  It actually turned out that some of the boys would "buy" the one aimed for girls and vice versa!






What a fabulous and extremely busy two weeks we have had!  We have had a fabulous no pens day where we debated whether we should plant more trees on the school grounds.  We then used this debate in a follow up to write a persuasive letter to Mr Barton to explain our thoughts and opinions on the idea.  We have also carried out research on trees and why they are important and have used this information to start writing non-chronological reports.  We will complete them next week but they are looking fabulous so far!


In Maths we have been working on our time skills, multiplication knowledge and have ended this week with a restaurant booking enquiry.  Well done to Annabelle, Clara, Ethan, Emily, Gracie and Max who managed to solve the problem!  (Have a look in the photos to see if you can solve it!)


In Science we have continued looking at plants.  We have been continuing with our on-going investigations to see which conditions are best for plant growth and have also looked at parts of a flowering plant and also which parts of different plants we can eat.


Finally we have sketched out some of our own examples of still life art using flowers.


Have a lovely weekend, enjoy the sunshine!


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This week has been assessment week so the children have been incredibly busy revising and completing various Maths, reading and SPaG tests.  They have all worked incredibly hard and Mrs Elsmore is very proud of them all for trying hard and completing them, even if some questions were a little tricky!


We have also started our plant investigations as part of our How does your garden grow topic.  We are trying to find out what conditions plants need to grow strong and healthy and are investigating the effects  light, air, room to grow, soil and water have on a plants grow.  We will be monitoring our plants over the next 3/4 weeks and recording our findings ready for our report writing.


What a fabulous week back we have had!

Our new topic "How does your garden grow?" has got off to a flying start as we carried out research using the ipads to look up some very interesting plant facts. We used these facts to create leaves ready for a classroom display and to help us with our plant topic over the next few weeks. 

During our English lessons, we have started studying the book The Promise by Nicola Davies. We have used our inference skills to try to understand how the main character felt, worked with a thesaurus to improve our vocabulary choices as well as created some fabulous free verse poems about the  setting of the city. These were done as a group initially to generate ideas and then independently. 

Our Maths lessons have been taken up with revision of a variety of skills in preparation for our tests next week. 






As part of our Urban Pioneers topic, we have been looking at the famous artist Lowry. We learned about what inspired his artwork as well as the colours and techniques he used. We even listened to the 1978 number 1 hit "Matchstalk Men and Matchstalk Cats and Dogs", which was written all about him. 

Inspired by what we had learned, we then created our own Lowry style art using Birmingham landmarks.  I think you'll agree there are some fantastic budding artist in 3E!


The final week! 

Our final week of term was full of fun! To celebrate the end of our scrumdiddlyumptious topic we visited Cadbury World. It was amazing! The children got to taste lots of delicious chocolate, learn about how the Cadbury brothers founded the factory and how chocolate is made. They also had a ride on the Cadabra ride, watched a short film in the 4d cinema and played on the adventure playground. What a day! 


Have a happy Easter! 



This week we have been focusing on persuasion and adverts.  We have looked at the variety of techniques used by companies to advertise their products including persuasive language, celebrity endorsements, rhetorical questions, slogans and powerful adjectives.  We even created new slogans for existing products! We then got to work designing our own new, chocolate bar and created advertisements for them.  

I think you'll agree that they are great!

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29.03. 19


What am I? 


This week we have continued with our poetry work and used instruments to add interest and rhythm to performance poetry as well as writing riddles. We had fun creating metaphors, similes and rhyming words we we then used in our own food inspired riddles. The children were really creative and Mrs Elmore enjoyed reading them! 



A fabulous class assembly! 


Today was the day when all our hard work paid off as we finally got to perform our class assembly on healthy eating and the five food groups. The children have been working incredibly hard over the past few weeks learning lines and the words to a song. 

A huge thank you to everyone who managed to attend, I hope you enjoyed it as much as the children enjoyed performing!


Well done 3E, you were all simply amazing!


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Inspire workshop 14/03/19


Thank you to everyone who managed to attend our English Inspire Workshop, it was lovely to see so many of you there! The children really enjoyed working with their family members and showing you how much progress they have made with their writing in Year 3!

A quick reminder that our class assembly is next Friday (22nd) at 10am, we hope you can join us! 

World Book day 7.3.19


Wow, the children in 3E seemed to have been replaced today by a whole new class full of strangely, familiar faces. Things weren't what they seemed however, and it turned out that everyone had come into school dressed as a book character for World Book Day.


We had a whole host of characters including Mary Poppins, Alice in Wonderland, Willy Wonka, Hermoine, Goldilocks amongst many other wonderful characters!


During the afternoon grown-ups were invited to come and join us in the hall to share a story.  Thank you to everybody who managed to attend this event.  Also a big thank you to every single parent for ensuring the children came to school looking so fabulous in their costumes!

Pictures from World Book Day


We have been looking at persuasive texts this week in our English lessons. We have looked at their features and what a good one looks like. Everyone had a go at writing a persuasivepe letter to try to convince Mrs Elsmore that they should be the lucky winner of 20 house points and a dip in the lucky box. Everyone did a fantastic job which made Mrs Elsmore's job of deciding the winner very difficult! Well done Ellie, Aleena and Max who all won as Mrs Elsmore couldn't choose just one winner! 


This week was another a busy week in 3E. We have been letter writing our English lessons and have been focusing on writing formal letters. We have looked at structure and layout and even wrote our own letters reviewing our class text Stone Age Boy.

In maths we have been focusing on time, remember to keep practising at home 3E!

During our topics lessons we have looked at different types of rocks and investigated which type of rock is the hardest and most suited to tool making. We also looked at surviving the Stone Age and what life would have been like. 


Just a reminder to children to bring in a plastic bottle ready for our Jigsaw lesson on Friday. 


09.01.19 – superb starter

Today, Year 3 had a fabulous arts and crafts day to introduce our new topic “Tribal Tales”. 
Our morning activities included looking at a range of cave paintings and the techniques used to create them. We then used the information we had learnt to create our own Stone Age inspired cave paintings.
During the afternoon we designed and made Stone Age inspired jewellery using clay and string then created Stonehenge silhouettes. 

What a week! 

This week has been full of highs and lows and action packed! 

On Monday we held our robot exhibition to showcase the fabulous work we have created. Both year 4 and parents came which was really exciting! Thank you very much to everyone who was able to come! 


On Tuesday we went to St. Nicholas Church for our annual carol services The children sang amazingly! 

 We were busy making calendars and cards on Wednesday, they look really great! 

Thursday was party day and we had lots of delicious food kindly donated by the parents. Lots of fun  party games were played too! We had enough food left over to have another party on Friday too! 

Whilst we were really excited that Friday was our last day it was tinged with sadness that Mrs Sargent was leaving. We have lots of fun memories and have been lucky to have her working with us! 

14.12.18 - getting ready for our exhibition


3E have been completing the final tasks on our "May the force be with you" topic this week, in preparation for the festivities next week!

We used junk modelling materials to make our robots and have made posters and fact sheets to explain them.


This week we have also been kept busy with the Christmas performance, (which was truly fantastic!) as well as writing an explanation text about how Santa delivers the presents.  The children had some very creative and imaginative ideas just how he manages this!


Just to reminder that our robot exhibition will be held on Monday afternoon, in the classroom, at 2.45.  We hope to see you there!




It's hard to believe that yet another week has passed so quickly!  Not surprising really when we have been so busy.


This week has seen us rehearsing our part of the Christmas performance.  Anyone coming to watch are in for a real treat!  As well as rehearsals we have been rewriting Chapter 5 of the Iron Man.  The children were very creative and even put a Christmas spin on it!  Mrs Elsmore was very impressed with the stories the children had produced!


We have continued with fraction work in our Maths lessons.  Children have been adding fractions, comparing them and looking at equivalent fractions too!


We ended our week with designing a robot which we will be making next week.  Just a reminder to bring in any cardboard boxes or junk modelling materials you have at home on Monday.  We can then use them to make our robots.




Yet another really busy week has flown by!  We have been looking at fractions in Maths and in English we have been creating new settings and characters for a new version of Iron Man.

During Topic we have focused on friction and magnet forces.  We managed to complete two investigations one where we looked at how different surfaces cause friction and how this acts to slow down and stop cars from moving.  We also looked at magnetic force and how it is a force which doesn't need contact for it to move some objects.




This week the children have been working incredibly hard with their assessment tests.  It hasn't been all tests this week though as we have also been creating our own robot inspired dance during our P.E lessons and wrote newspaper reports about Curiosity's incredible landing onto the surface of Mars.

We have also been practicing our songs for our upcoming Christmas performance.  Children have be given the words to both songs to practice at home and a link has been added to the blog for the music.


Enjoy a restful weekend!







































































3. SONG Walking in the Air.wma

2. SONG Winter Wonderland.wma



It has been an extremely busy week this week in 3E. We have been newspaper reporters during our English lessons, reporting on the Iron Man and Space-bat-angel-dragon battle of strength. In Maths we have been focusing on our multiplication and division skills.

We have also looked at how robots have changed our toys as well as how they may help to shape the future .  Our PE lesson has seen us develop our dance skills by creating our own robot dances to help tell the story of the Iron Man.

To end the week we had non-uniform day and a delicious cake sale to help raise money for Children in Need.  Thank you to everyone for supporting this!

6.11.18 - WOW Day


Yesterday,  the children celebrated the official launch of their new topic- May the force be with you!


During the morning, the children participated in a forces workshop where they thought about what a force is as well as looking at examples of different forces being used in a practical way. The children had fun working together and completing all the different stations such as looking at how  a rubber duck floats, what makes Sycamore seeds fall to the ground? How does a car stop and does the surface it travels affect the speed it travels? 

In the afternoon the children watched the Iron Giant, a film based on our class text The Iron Man by Ted Hughes, they then completed a film review about it. Well done everybody, great work! 




Wow! What a fabulous ending to our Ancient Egyptian topic.  3E was transported back in time to 51 BC and the reign of Cleopatra.

The children took part in different "apprentice" workshops.  During the morning the children got their thinking skills to work to work on  pyramid building and working out how many limestone blocks they would need to build pyramids of various heights. Next the children got to experience real embalming and attempted to mummify sardines.  It smelled pretty horrid, was gruesome but lots of fun!

During the afternoon we learned how to "Walk like an Egyptian" as well as learning how to"Write like an Egyptian". 


Thank you to all parents for putting so much effort into the fantastic costumes, your children looked fabulous!


Enjoy half term.  Mrs Elsmore is looking forward to welcoming you back ready to embark on our next adventure based on the theme "May the force be with you"!



3E have been busy thinking scientifically this week, and have investigated how light travels and what materials are opaque, translucent and transparent.

We today, we planned an investigation to find out which material we could use to make a sundial.  We learned that Ancient Egyptians didn't have clocks and possibly used the sun to tell the time.  We will be conducting our investigations next week, so what this space!


Carrot car racing??


Yes that's right, 3E held their very own carrot car race today! 


As part of our Jigsaw lesson, we designed and built our own car using only carrots and cocktail sticks.  The most successful cars were the ones built by teams who worked well as part of a team and shared ideas and job roles.


The children were very creative with their designs and most of the cars moved on their own with just a pull or a push to get it moving!

Well done 3E!




Wow! What a fabulous week 3E!

Not only have we been working really hard in all our lessons this week, we also won BJ for our great attendance, Rosie for our fantastic lining up and we also were top of the leader board for behaviour points!


Mrs Elsmore is very proud of you all!


We had lots of fun in our jigsaw lesson this week.  Not only did we have Rosie and BJ to join in the fun but we played some games which helped us think about the importance of working together.  We also thought about rewards and consequences as well as thinking of new ones we would like in our dream class. 




We have been very busy again this week and have had lots of fun!


In Maths we were continuing with our place value work and we are getting very good at number and place value now!  We also tried out times tables rock stars which we thoroughly enjoyed!


In English we wrote stories inspired by The Time Travelling Cat and then looked at a new genre of writing; Diary entries.


In our Topic work we have looked at being safe in the sun, which is particularly important in countries such as Egypt!  We have also began to look at pyramids, which we will continue with next week.


During our Jigsaw lessons we thought about our dream school and compared it to our school.  We discovered Broadmeadow is very close to actually being our dream school!

Pictures from our week!

Pictures from our week! 1
Pictures from our week! 2
Pictures from our week! 3

What a fabulous end to the week, 3E  won Rosie!!

We are all so proud of ourselves for being the winning class!

Picture 1

The children have had yet another exciting week which was capped off with an amazing Wow Day! We started the day with a delivery of a briefcase from Doctor Rison! The children were given the task of finding out about Egyptian artefacts through looking at an excavation site. Children were given different jobs to do whilst exploring the site.

The children then produced a detailed report for Doctor Rison explaining what they found, where each of the items came from and the measurements of the artefacts they had found.

In the afternoon the children produced a sketch map of the excavation site, and learnt about Egypt and the River Nile.

The children enjoyed an action packed day!

Well done everybody, have a lovely restful weekend!

WOW day!

WOW day! 1
WOW day! 2
WOW day! 3
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WOW day! 11
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WOW day! 18
WOW day! 19
WOW day! 20
WOW day! 21
WOW day! 22
WOW day! 23

Welcome to Class 3E      (4.9.18)

Welcome to the new school year.   I hope everyone has had a lovely summer break and are ready to start your time here in the Juniors! 


I will soon be filling this page with lots of exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.


Do you have any ideas for this page? If so, then let me know!


I look forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday 5th.


Mrs Elsmore

A Fabulous Week!


Well done 3E, everyone had a fabulous week this week and have settled into the juniors quickly, it's as if they have been here for a long time!   3E picked up the school routines quickly and effortlessly, Mrs Elsmore is very proud!


Next week we will be starting our fantastic topic "Tomb Raiders".


Remember to use the strategies we learned in school this week to help learn your spellings, test will be on Thursday!

House Points

House Points

  • Oak 1
  • Ash 2
  • Elm 4
  • Pine 3



  • 3E 95.00%
  • 3S 92.67%
  • 4C 95.71%
  • 4S 93.33%
  • 5B 97.04%
  • 5S 96.07%
  • 6D 95.00%
  • 6H 97.67%

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