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It's nearly the end of term... (24-7-23)

Today, we are finishing off bits and pieces, as well as heading out to play some Rounders shortly! It was an emotional assembly this morning, as Year 6 shared some of their memories and sang some awesome songs.


I can't believe the time has come to say goodbye to such a fantastic class. You're all amazing! Thank you for being yourselves, and good luck in Year 4!


Mrs Hewitt :)


Sports Day! (19-7-23)

A big 'well done' to all the Houses that took part in Sports Day! You participated with enjoyment and encouraged one another to do try your best. Certificates for individual contributions will be given out shortly.

Class picnic to test shell structure food boxes! (6-7-23)


It's official: our shell structures DID hold our food safely and looked ace, too!

Design & Technology (4-7-23)

We have built our shell structures to hold a snack. They should contain and protect the contents. Do you like our attractive designs? Look at these photos...


Kings Norton Green - Geography fieldwork (20-6-23)

Year 3 headed down to Kings Norton Green to carry out some fieldwork. We gained a sense of place by observing what was going on and taking sound recordings. We took measurements and tallied the number of customers who entered different businesses. We also made field sketches and followed a mapped route practically.

What does a plant need in order to thrive? (13-6-23)


We've set up an investigation to answer this question. Have a look at the plants we're using and the variables that we are testing.

Sculpture, Shell Structures and Witches! (6-6-23)

In English, we will be reading Anthony Browne's 'Hansel and Gretel'. Children thought about 'witchy' vocabulary and drew their own witch. In Art & DT, we are moving on from clay and beginning to look at shell structures. Two members of 3H have been busy working on Art & DT homework... 

Debating (17-5-23)

Should 3H be allowed to have a pet dragon?

We've been practising our debating skills in English this week. We're turn-taking, listening to a point and responding to it, adding reasons to back up what we think, and remaining clear / calm.

Clay Jewellery (10-5-23)

Children have been busy practising clay techniques and designing a piece of themed jewellery (Stone Age or Ancient Egyptian). They've been so creative! Well done everybody!


Capacity (25-4-23)

Work on capacity continues this week. We've been practising compliments to 1000, so that we can draw bar models to show how 1 litre can be split into parts. For example, 1000ml (1 litre) might be poured into 2 different containers, with volumes of 650ml and 350ml. Clever stuff!



Fun learning in Science and Maths (20-4-23)


3H learnt how to measure the capacity of containers without intervals for ml and litres today! They filled them to the brim with water, then chose measuring cylinders to try and find out how much water each container held.


In Science, we carried out a fair test, changing one variable. We want to find out which surfaces will help a toy car to travel the furthest distance when released from the top of a ramp.


Final week of the Spring term (28-3-23)

It will soon be time to say 'Happy Holidays' for the 2 week break after Friday. Until then, 3H is busy working away, particularly in RE and Music. The Reverend Eliakim gave an inspirational performance of 'He's Alive' by Don Francisco in assembly yesterday. 3H then explored how we could use our voices in creative ways in call & response activities.

Have a lovely break, everyone!


Ancient Egyptians (28-3-23)

We've been brainstorming the most impressive features about the Ancient Egyptians. Now that our work on Ancient Egypt and rivers is drawing to a close, we can reflect on some of the important achievements of this civilisation.

Coronation Art (28-3-23)

Children have been designing their own pieces of artwork in honour of the coronation of King Charles. They will have their designs printed onto items of their choice e.g. tea towels / mugs. Well done 3H! You've created some fab pieces of art.

Class Assembly - School Values (22-3-23)

Well done to all in 3H for a super class assembly today. You explained to parents about some of the work we've done in class and how we learn with our school values in mind at all times.

Pyramid building (March 2023)

We're learning about the achievements and significance of the Ancient Egyptians. 3H made their own pyramids and explored the wonderful artefacts found in King Tut's tomb.

At home, one person even made a Lego pyramid!

Pyramid building!

Science Week - poster competition update (21-3-23)


We're getting some lovely poster entries for the Science poster competition, which is all about making connections. If you'd like to enter, research 'connections' in Science - e.g. connections between parts of the body and how they work / connections between our actions and how they impact the environment - and then get creative. Entries are due by Wednesday 29th March.


Science competition

Trips galore for 3H! (Feb 23)


3H visited Lapworth Museum on 14th February. We met the fossil of Rory the Dinosaur, followed a clue hunt to find out more about geology, and made our own fossils with salt dough.

Later that same week, we walked to Kings Norton to carry out some fieldwork on rivers.

Arrays and cushions! (21-11-22)


This week, we will be working on our sewing and multiplication skills. Not at the same time, though!

In Maths, we began the week with work on arrays. In Technology, we will continue to follow a plan to produce a cushion.

English: exploring and getting experience for writing (2-11-22)

We went outside and found some pebbles. Why? Well, we're going to start a new book called 'The Pebble in my Pocket'. Hopefully, our discoveries today will help us to write about pebbles.

Hard work from first Autumn term! (17-10-22)

Here is a round up of some of the work we've been doing in 3H over the past 6 weeks. Enjoy our pictures!


Stone Age to Iron Age (17-10-22)

We have started to explore what stayed the same and what changed in peoples' lives during the different ages of the Stone Age.

Mrs Hewitt did a 'show and tell' of some things to do with the Stone Age that she has collected!


Mr Medway's times tables shoot out! (13-10-22)


Mr Medway held a times tables shoot out yesterday and posed some tough questions for members of 3H. The lucky winner took home a certificate. Well done to ALL children who are practising their times tables facts at home to improve your recall speed.

Remember, focus on the 3x, 4x and 8x tables this year (once having mastered your 2x, 5x and 10x tables).


Welcome to 3H! (22-9-22)

The school year is truly underway now and 3H has settled into the junior school routines beautifully. Well done, everyone!

Lesson content

We are reading 'Sheep Pig'. We launched the new book by making pig pens! In Maths, we're using concrete manipulatives to build and partition 3-digit numbers. In RE, we're learning about sharing. In Jigsaw (PSHE), we are thinking about setting goals and what a 'dream' classroom should feel like. In Science, we have begun a unit all about light and shadows.



P.E. is on Wednesdays. Please come to school wearing your PE kit (white t-shirt, black tracksuit bottoms or shorts, sensible PE footwear and hair tied back, thanks).

Water bottles should be taken home daily and washed. Water only in the classroom, thanks!

Spellings tests are on Fridays.

Homework for this term needs to be returned by 3rd November.


Mrs Hewitt :) 


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