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What is darkness? (16-9-21)

We carried out an investigation to see how the ABSENCE of light affects our ability to see with our eyes!

By covering up one small hole in a shoe box, we were trying to see if the absence of light (darkness) stopped us from seeing hidden, mystery items in each shoe box. It turns out that it DID!

The, once we had uncovered the small hole and let a little bit of light into the shoe box, abracadabra! We could see a little bit more!

What fun it was when we revealed the contents of the shoe boxes!

Science: what is darkness?

Jigsaw - Identifying feelings and learning to manage them (15-9-21)

We had a lot of giggles when we acted out some feelings using facial gestures and body language to signal the way we were feeling inside. Can you guess (from looking at the pictures of children at work) which feelings they were acting out?

It's only when you really start to be able to understand HOW you are feeling that you can learn to manage those feelings.

Feelings - can you identify them?

Our week so far (9-9-21)

We've been incredibly busy this week getting stuck into lessons! We especially had fun when we met Jigsaw Jino, who is going to help us to learn about PSHE.

Jigsaw (9-9-21)

Welcome 3H! (2-9-21)


It's the beginning of a new school year and I can't wait to welcome you to Year 3. 

On Monday, I'll introduce you to your new classroom and tell you how to order toast and fruit at morning play time, where to go for your lunch and describe some of the lessons you'll be having soon. If you'd like to order tuck in the mornings, bring some change. For example, 1 slice of toast is 30p and fruit is 40p. (Parents: for other items like school water bottles, you can order and buy these online through the school office).


I'm Mrs Hewitt and I teach you from Mondays to Thursdays. Mr Barton teaches you on Fridays. (Parents: phone the school office on 464 1717 if you have any urgent messages for us. Alternatively, you can email the Year 3 team on - emails are monitored when we are not in class, so please direct urgent messages to the office).


3H has PE on Fridays. Please come to school wearing your PE kit on Fridays. PE kits include plain black shorts (or jogging bottoms on cold days), a white T-shirt and trainers. You can wear a plain, black or blue jumper as well.


I look forward to seeing you on Monday!

Mrs Hewitt

House Points

House Points

  • Oak
  • Ash
  • Elm
  • Pine



  • 3C 95.44
  • 3M 99.08
  • 4S 95.68
  • 4SW 94.68
  • 5B 97.01
  • 5G 95.43
  • 6D 93.45
  • 6H 92.65

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