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On Thursday, Year 4 had a very special visitor, Dr James Bendle, who works in the Earth Sciences Department at the University of Birmingham. James came in to tell us about some the expeditions he has been part of to the Arctic and Antarctica! James told us about the work he does to study the effects of climate change and what it is like to travel on research ships to different parts of the world and even meet polar bears!


Remember that if you are interested in Science, especially rocks, fossils, volcanoes, earthquakes, and even dinosaurs, James suggested visiting the Lapworth Museum of Geology at the University of Birmingham - it's free to visit and I've included a link below if any of you would like to go!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!


4B have had a brilliant last week of term - it was a busy one with card and calendar making, times tables mastermind, lots of special end-of-term assemblies and our class party yesterday! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and new year. You have all worked so hard this term and I can't wait to start the term with you all in January!

It's Showtime!


This week on Wednesday afternoon and Friday morning, it was finally time to take part in the Broadmeadow Christmas Show performance. Both year 4 classes have worked really hard to learn their lines and practise the songs and actions. You were all amazing in the performance on Wednesday afternoon and I know you will have been brilliant today too! Well done 4B! 

Preparing for the Christmas Fair!


This week we have been busier than elves in Santa's workshop as we designed, made and decorated Christmas tree decorations to be sold on the Year 4 stall at the Christmas Fair. The decorations are amazing and I was so impressed with the finished results! We have also been busy rehearsing for our Christmas performance next week - remember to bring in any props or costumes on Monday.

What a busy week! (28.11.19)


We have certainly packed a lot into Week 4 of this second half term! We spent a busy afternoon on Monday researching facts about Asia and China. On Wednesday afternoon we had a great PE lesson, where we practised creating the perfectly controlled balance. On Thursday we carried out a Science investigation to see which materials were conductors of electricity and which were insulators AND we listened to a traditional Chinese folk song which left us feeling very calm and relaxed. In between all of that, we were fitting in as much practise as possible for our Christmas production. Well done everyone - keep up the hard work! 


Splendid Switches! (19.11.19)


In Science this week, we have continued our work about electricity by investigating the effect of adding a switch to a circuit.

We explored 3 different types of switches and then we made our own using split pins and a paper clip! We also thought about how useful switches are in our everyday lives.

A new addition to our active breaks! (18.11.19)


There was great excitement today when we went out for our active afternoon break because of a new addition to the playground! A new track has been painted on the playground to help us try and achieve our daily mile. We loved taking part to get our bodies active - it's certainly been a big hit with 4B!

Change starts with 4B!

On Wednesday afternoon as part of Anti-Bullying Week, 4B took part in a workshop run by Malachi in which we discussed how we can make sure that the things that we say and do don't cause anyone to be upset or hurt. Ceri and Athusha worked with the children to understand how to be GREEN in the classroom. Being green means always being kind and caring in the things we do, say and how we behave.


For times when we need some help, Ceri  talked about making a helping hand - with 5 people who can help us wherever we are - everyone's will be different. We talked about the negative effects that RED behaviours, words and actions can have on our classmates and everyone finished the workshop by making a pledge to work together to be GREEN!


Remember change starts with 4B!

An illuminating start!

This week we have begin our new topic called 'ILLUMINATE'.


We started off by watching some amazing videos of firework displays on the big screen in the hall and thought about how they illuminate the night sky at this time of year. Then, back in the classroom, we explored how we could make circuits that could light a bulb, spin a motor or sound a buzzer. We had some real WOW moments when we got them working!


Then, after watching some videos of Catherine wheel fireworks, we used paper plates, motors and different components of a circuit to create our own moving fireworks. The results were very impressive!


Still image for this video


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A Revolting Fab Finish!


We had a wonderfully revolting end to this term's REVOLTING topic on Thursday. In the morning we made (and ate) some revolting pizzas and had our Halloween Hullabaloo disco in the afternoon.  It has been a great half term and we have learned so much about teeth and the digestion system. We are also experts in sound and vibrations after finishing our SOUND mini-topic earlier in the week. Your homework has been wonderful and I can't wait to see what you come up with next half term.


Have a great half term! 

A very important reminder!


We have all been working hard this week, particularly in Science as we continue our Sound mini topic. We have made string telephones to see how sound travels, investigated volume with the help of rice and a very large drum and finally on Thursday, we investigated how to change the pitch of an instrument.


Next week is the last week of this half term, which will see us celebrating the end of our Revolting topic with some spooky 'revolting' activities on Thursday morning followed by our Halloween Hullabaloo Disco in the afternoon. Please remember come to school dressed up in your Halloween costumes - it's going to be a lot of fun!

Picture 1

What makes sound?


This week we began our Science mini-project about 'sound'. We discovered that all sound is made by vibrations which travel  from the source of the sound to our ears. We can sometimes see objects or instruments vibrating but we can't see the sound waves so we did an investigation to see exactly what vibrations or sound waves can do. With a metal tuning fork, a bowl of water and a cup covered in cling film with some rice on top, we were able to observe the water rippling and splashing up and we all got very excited when the vibrations from the tuning fork made the rice 'explode'  It was a lot of fun to see what happened!

Researching tummy rumbles!


In topic this week, we finished off our work on teeth and digestion by having a iPad research session to find out the answers to a few lingering questions:

Why does our tummy rumble?

What does the liver do?

What and where is our appendix?

We all worked really hard to find and share the answers and then we tested our knowledge of digestion by completing a quiz. I've included a link if you want to impress someone at home with everything you have learned!


Really Revolting Science!


This week, we carried on our topic work by learning about the digestive system. At the start of the week we learned about the different parts, their names and the order that food passes through them. Then to understand more about what each part does we created our own digestive systems using a plastic bag (the stomach) and the leg of a pair of tights (the intestines)!

We began by each eating a cracker so we could understand how digestion starts by food being broken up by our teeth and mixed with saliva before being pushed down our oesophagus by our our tongue. We discovered it takes around 6 seconds to reach our stomach. Then we mixed a banana and some crackers along with orange juice (stomach acid) in a plastic bag which represented the stomach. This really helped us to see how the stomach squeezes, churns and breaks down our food. Next we squeezed this mushy mess through the tights which showed us how the nutrients and water are taken out by our body as they pass through the small and large intestines Finally we pushed what was left through a cup with a hole - and then yes - you've guessed it we had made poo! It was a very revolting lesson but a great, messy way to find out what the digestive system does with the food we eat! Be warned - some of the class are saying they want to try it at home!

Week 3!


On Monday our new representatives for the school council were announced in assembly and I'd like to say a huge well done to Ellie and Isabella - I know they'll do a great job for 4B! Well done to everyone who put themselves forward, especially Rio, Ezickel and Jamie who were all close runners-up!


We have been working very hard in Maths to master the skills of rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 and its been quite a challenge with up to 4-digit numbers but we all persevered. You can see by the happy smiling faces that everyone was very pleased with themselves and keen to show off the correct answers! Well done 4B!





Learning more about our teeth! (12.9.19)


On Tuesday afternoon, 4B were visited by staff from the Bells Lane Dental Practice.  They explained and presented lots of information to the class which included:

  • What is a dentist?
  • What happens at the dentist?
  • What are teeth for?
  • What types of teeth there are?
  • What can go wrong with teeth?
  • What are safe and unsafe snacks?
  • How to prevent decay?
  • How do you brush your teeth properly?

It was a really interesting visit, we all learned a lot more about how to look after our teeth and everyone received a good bag to take home!


On Thursday afternoon, we were finally about to take the eggs out of the drinks they have been in all week and inspect the eggs. We were trying to find out how different drinks affect our teeth. We used eggs because eggshell is very similar to tooth enamel. The result really were quite revolting and surprising too! We discovered that orange juice can do a lot of damage because it contains a lot of sugar and acid. The cola, energy drink and diet cola all cause decay too.  So remember water is the best drink for our teeth but if you do drink any of the other liquids, make sure you remember to clean your teeth!



What a great start to Year 4! (5.9.19)


We have had a brilliant start to the year and it has been a pleasure to get to know all the members of our new class. Even though we have only had a few days back at school, we have been working incredibly hard already; learning about place value in 4-digit numbers in Maths and in English, reading and discussing Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes version of Cinderella. In Science (as part of our 'Revolting' topic) we have starting learning about teeth and we have set up an investigation to find out which drink can do the most damage to our teeth. We will find out the results next week!


Tomorrow (Friday) new homework grids and spelling sheets will be coming home. I can't wait to see what some of you will be bringing in over the next few weeks. Have a great weekend!

Welcome to the new school year. Mrs Bendle will soon be filling this page with lots of exciting

class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.


Do you have any ideas for this page? If so, then let Mrs Bendle know!

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