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Baking Roman Cakes

We've had great fun baking Roman cakes today. We enjoyed them with sweet, sticky honey and dried apricots - just like the Romans! Delicious!

Congratulations 4SW!

Congratulations to all of the children who were awarded with certificates this week. There were 5 children who had 5 Outstanding awards last week. That's incredible! I am so proud of you all. Keep up the good work. 

Science- Changing State

In science this week we have been thinking about solids, liquids and gases. Children sorted pictures of different items to aid our discussions about the properties of each state, Good work 4SW!

Children in Need!

Everybody looked fabulous in their bright clothes today. Thank you everyone for taking part in our fundraiser for Children in Need. Don't forget to make your donations online if you haven't done so already.


River Scavengers!

Today in Geography, we became 'River Scavengers' looking for clues about world rivers. At the end of the lesson, we presented the information that we discovered. 

Autumn 1 Homework

Thank you for your fabulous homework this half term 4SW. 

Still Life Art

We have started a still life drawing in art this week. The children first made a composition using some fruit and flowers.  Next week we will be painting it using some of the techniques we have learnt this half term. I can't wait to see the finished work!

This weeks' certificate winners. Who will it be next week?

We have a plant!

Some of our seeds have germinated. Hooray! We have learnt that a seed needs water to germinate but that it can germinate in the light or dark. In fact our biggest shoot was the one kept in the dark! It must be trying to reach the light in order now to stay healthy and alive.




Thank you for all of the super homework that has been coming in. It is of a very high standard. We are very impressed. It's lovely to see the passion that the children have for their learning.

Well done everyone! Keep it coming! smiley

Let's Celebrate! 


What a fantastic week in 4SW. We have had so much to celebrate. Have a look at some of our members holding up their certificates. Well done to the whole class who managed to get into 'Outstanding' on Thursday. Superstars! 


On Wednesday, children started to learn a song on their Ukuleles. Mr Matthews is really impressed with how children are progressing. 


In Geography this week, children learned about hills and mountains. Can you remember what the differences are between them?


Thank you for a lovely week 4SW. smiley

Ukulele Lessons

We've been having a great time learning all about the ukulele. Did you know ukulele originates from Hawaii? The word ukulele translates as 'gifts to come.' We have learned all of the parts of the ukulele and how to hold it correctly. We can't wait to start playing!


What are the best conditions for seeds to germinate?


Our topic this half term in Science is plants. We have already started an investigation to find out what conditions will be good for a seed to germinate...... Does it need light? Do we need to water the seeds?

We have planted seeds in different conditions to make some comparisons. 4SW have made their predictions and now we are going to watch and wait to see happens to our seeds!


Welcome back! 



We are very excited to welcome you back on Thursday. We have lots of lovely activities planned to help you settle back in. 


Don't forget your water bottles (with your name on) and a snack for break-time.


Enjoy your last couple of days off. 


See you soon,

Mrs Weston, Mrs Sheldrick and Mrs Baillee. 

House Points

House Points

  • Oak
  • Ash
  • Elm
  • Pine



  • 3C 95.44
  • 3M 99.08
  • 4S 95.68
  • 4SW 94.68
  • 5B 97.01
  • 5G 95.43
  • 6D 93.45
  • 6H 92.65

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