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Coronation Fun!

We have had a fantastic day celebrating the King's Coronation :)

Happy World Book Day from 4W!

Spring Fun

4W have been working so hard this half term in all of their subjects. Here are a few photographs to show you what we have been up to......

  • The children took part in a cricket session delivered by a specialist sports coach. They 'wowed' us with their ball skills. 
  • In science, we have been learning about 'changing states'. We all enjoyed investigating the melting points of different types of chocolate.
  • We have been learning about the Romans in history. We even had a visit from a Roman legionary to tell us all about life on Hadrian's Wall (it wasn't me - I promise!).
  • In English, we have been reading Charlotte's Web, which is set on a farm. The children made farm dioramas and then wrote their own fantastic stories, set in a barn. 
  • In maths, we used equipment to learn about factor pairs. 


Keep it up 4W. You amaze me every day with your hard work and determination.

You are super stars! smiley

Ancient Greek Pots


We've had a lovely afternoon learning about Ancient Greek culture and making our own Ancient Greek pots out of clay. We hope you like them! 

Welcome back 4W! 

What a lovely start to year 4 we have had already! Here are a few photos of us food tasting as part of our bonfire descriptions in English. Delicious hot chocolate and marshmallows were enjoyed by all!  In maths, we used the abacus to add and subtract 1000s, 100s, 10s and 1s. 


You have worked so hard so far 4W. Keep it up :) x



House Points

House Points

  • Oak Spring Term Winners
  • Ash
  • Elm Autumn Term Winners
  • Pine



  • 3H 92%
  • 3B 95%
  • 4S 93%
  • 4W 95%
  • 5T 96%
  • 5B 93%
  • 6D 94%
  • 6H 96%

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