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Goodbye, Good Luck and Thank you!


Today was a very special last day of term for everyone in 5B as we have all been together for 2 years - and what a 2 years it has been! It has been an absolute pleasure to teach every single one of you in Year 4 and Year 5. It has been a very difficult 18 months for all of you but you have all done so incredibly well and I am very proud of you all. Through both lockdowns, your emails, photos, messages and chats on the phone or via zoom calls were what kept me going, when the only place I really wanted to be was in school with my class. You genuinely are a very special class and I know that you are going to be a very special Year 6 too! 

I hope all of you have a wonderful summer holiday!smiley


It was Sports Day on Wednesday and we were all incredibly excited because we missed it last year due to Covid-19 so our last sports day was is Year 3! It was a great morning and although we really missed our parents and family being there to watch, we still had a fantastic time! Every house team worked so hard together and there was so much cheering, applause and encouragement no matter who won each event - we were really proud of every single one of you!


Don't forget that the children can wear PE kit next week, due to the hot weather - parents should have received a text, so shorts and T-shirts to keep us cool as it's forecast to be very hot again next week.  Have lovely weekend! 

Comparing Life Cycles (8.7.21)

Over the last few weeks, we have been learning all about the life cycles of mammals, birds, amphibians and insects. This week, we used everything we have learnt about the characteristics of the different life cycles to compare and contrast them using Venn diagrams. Great work 5B!


Our trip to Longbridge

On Wednesday, Year 5 went to Longbridge for the morning as part of our History and Geography topics. After studying maps of the local area and photos of the Austin factory, it was great to visit Longbridge and see it for ourselves. We visited the retail park, spent some time in Austin Park and walked around the area looking for the special red plaques which link to a special website showing photos and giving information about what the area was like when the Austin (and later Rover) factory was still there. There is a link to the website below if you want to find out more! It was a really interesting trip - enjoy the photos!



We love reading!

It's been a busy week in 5B but we always find time to read a chapter of our class  book, which we love! Here's a few photos of the class about to enjoy today's chapter. Have a great weekend! 😁

Perfect Pomegranates!

There was more food tasting in 5B this week as we sampled a fruit that features in our current class reader: The Boy at the back of the Class. In the book, the narrator wants to welcome the new boy in her class (a refugee called Ahmet)  by giving him his favourite fruit from home - a pomegranate. Ahmet and our narrator love them so I thought it would be a good idea to taste one to help us understand why they like them so much. They were a big hit and got a definite thumbs up from 5B!

Food Tasting 😋 (11.6.21)

We started the week off on Monday with a fantastic food tasting lesson in preparation for writing recipes. We tried 2 recipes from our last class text (The House with Chicken Legs)  - Borscht (beetroot soup) and Shchi (cabbage soup) served with black rye bread, sour cream and dill. It was great to see everyone joining in, being adventurous and experiencing the flavours of the recipes we’ll be writing next week in English 😊



This week I am really proud of how hard you have all worked on your non-chronological reports on an animal of your choice. It has been lovely to see how enthusiastic you have been and how much you have enjoyed this week's English lessons. The finished reports are outstanding - well done 5B!

Where exactly is Longbridge? (21.5.21)

We have continued our Local Study this week by using different maps to locate Longbridge. We discovered that you can't find Longbridge in an atlas or on a globe so we used Ordnance Survey Maps (OS maps) of different scales to look at where Longbridge. We also investigated the different symbols that you can find on these maps. We even looked at Longbridge on Google Earth, which was very exciting!


Here's a link if you want to try it at home! Can you find where you live?




How will it end?


This week, we have loved our daily Read Aloud sessions even more than usual as we near the end of the wonderful, House With Chicken Legs. We only have 3 chapters left now and we can't wait to find out what happens to Marinka. Does Baba come back? Does Marinka become the next Guardian of the Gate? Does she ever meet Benjamin again? 


Don't forget to bring in magazines for our Art lesson on Monday. We will be starting our collages based on the work of Megan Coyle and her technique of 'painting with paper'.

Here is a link to her website if you want to do some extra research:


Have a great weekend!

Can friction be useful?

There was more great science in 5B this week as we investigated friction. We talked about how friction affects us every day and what life would be like without any friction. We then investigated which surface around school  has most friction.

Well done 5B!

What is gravity? (30.4.21)

We have had a great week, developing our understanding of fractions in Maths and more letter writing in English. In Science we have been learning about the force of gravity. I demonstrated an excellent trick called 'gravity defying water' to help us understand what a balanced force was. Then we practised measuring gravity in Newtons using a force meter and found out the difference between mass and weight. Well done 5B!

Welcome back 5B!


It has been great to be back in school again this week after the Easter holidays. The whole class have been working really hard all week looking at decimals in Maths and letter writing in English. We have started our  new Science topic about Forces and I was very excited to start our new Music topic today as we will be learning to perform the theme song from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air - it was a great way to end the week this afternoon! Have a great week and enjoy the sun smiley

Friday animations!


We finished off another successful week with a brilliant Computing lesson today where we continued to develop our animation skills. Inspired by Morph, we made models and created a short film using stop animation. It was great fun and a great way to end the week!

What a wonderful week!


I am so proud of 5B and the brilliant, positive attitudes they have come back to school with. We have all been working really hard this week and produced some work to be very proud of. In English we have been doing some work based on the picture book, Escape from Pompeiii. We have continued reading our class text called The House With Chicken Legs. It is a great book so far and I know the class loved having their own copies to read (Thanks Miss Drennan!)

I am also very impressed with the excellent behaviour and it makes me so proud that the whole class finished in OUTSTANDING today - what a great way top end the week!

Finally, we will be starting to build our CAM mechanism toys next week, so it would be great if anyone can bring in a shoe box or a small cardboard box of a similar size for out DT lesson next week. 


Have a great weekendsmiley


Back together again!


WOW - what a brilliant week 5B! It has been fantastic to be back in school this week with all of our class after a very long 11 week break. It was wonderful to welcome everyone back on Monday and to have a classroom full of chatter, smiles and happy faces. We have eased ourselves back into the routine of school and lessons and I am really proud of how everyone has come back with positive, enthusiastic attitudes. Today was our belated celebration of World Book Day and we celebrated with a day of books, reading and hot chocolate (with marshmallows - thanks Annabelle!)  while relaxing in our PJs or cosy clothes, along with teddies, slippers and blankets! We also had a mini parade of all the toilet roll book characters that were created at home and school last week.


Have a great weekendsmiley



It's been a very different term this year but together we have made it to the end of term, missing only 3 days of school. I am so proud of our class - 5B you are all amazing and you have worked so hard since coming back to school in September. I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and New Year. See you all in January! 

Something to celebrate! (16.12.20)


There was a lot of excitement in 5B this afternoon when Mrs Brooks delivered the 100% attendance certificates and celebration bears to our classroom because there were so many! A whooping 19 of you have achieved 100% attendance this term which is just amazing and I am so proud of you all.  Frankie, Patrick and Oscar also received 99% certificates after missing just 1 day. As you can see from the photos, we had some very proud and happy children blush

More Science!


We're coming to the end of our current unit now in Science  - Changes and Properties of Materials. We spend this week's lesson investigating whether some changes are irreversible because a new material is made. We had great fun mixing bicarbonate of soda and vinegar in a bottle with a balloon attached to the top. The materials react together and a a nee materials (Carbon Dioxide) is formed and this new gas makes the balloon inflate! It was so much fun to watch what happened - be warned, this is something they might want to try at home!

How can we separate mixtures?


There was a lot of excitement in Science this week as we investigated how to separate different mixtures. We had 4 mixtures: salt and water; sand and water. rice and paper clips and flour and raisins. Then in a tray we had a funnel, a piece of filter paper, a magnet and a sieve and we had to try and work out how to separate all the mixtures. It was great fun and as always, I was really impressed with everyone's work! Well done 5B!

What wonderful writing!


5B have been hard at work this week and everyone has produced some work to be extremely proud of. We have been writing diary entries based on our class book, Brightstorm and we have also completed some excellent topic writing based on what we have learned so far about the Vikings. I have been so impressed by how hard everyone has worked and I can't wait to read them all - Well done 5B!

Building bridges and investigating dissolving!


This week has been packed full of lots of STEM activities as we continued with our new Science and DT topics. In DT, we are looking at bridges and this week 5B were given a challenge to build the longest and strongest bridge with just one piece of A4 paper, a pair of scissors and some multilink cubes. In Science, we investigated dissolving by finding out which materials dissolve in water - can you spot any materials dissolving at home?


Have a great weekend smiley

Children in Need!


Here are a few pictures of 5B dressed up today to celebrate Children in Need. Thank you to everyone who contributed to our collection today. Best dressed award has to go to Oscar, who was 5B's very own Pudsey Bear! Have a great weekend everyone!

Un, deux, trois, allez!

On Tuesday, we started our French lessons for the half term by learning how to count to 10! We played bingo and did lots of fun games to practise counting and recognising the numbers written in French. We even practised saying them backwards! Tres bien 5B! 

Amazing artwork!


On Monday, we completed our Drawing topic by creating a piece of artwork based on the pictures by the artist, Paul Kenton. Throughout the topic, we have developed our drawing techniques and for the last couple of weeks we have been looking at the idea of perspective in drawing by learning about how to create a vanishing point. On Monday, we studied 2 pieces by Paul Kenton and used our technical drawing skills to produce an artist's copy. I am really proud of everyone's work and you can see that the results are very impressive - Well done 5B!

I can't wait to start Design&Technonlogy with 5B after half term!



This week we started a new unit in Maths, all about statistics. After a quick recap of pictograms and bar graphs, we studied line graphs for the first time.  In Wednesday's lesson, we worked in pairs to read and interpret a range of different line graphs and had a go at drawing them too. As always in 5B, there was great team work as the photos show - well done everyone!

Marvellous Melting! (8.10.20)


On Tuesday afternoon, our classroom filled with the amazing smell of melting chocolate as we investigated which type of chocolate (white, dark or milk) melted the quickest. Everyone worked really well in their groups to observe the chocolate melting and record how long it took. We discovered that white and milk chocolate melt more quickly than dark chocolate. If you enjoyed this lesson, why don't you try researching the melting point of different materials for homework?


What is the melting point of......






How does water change? (2.10.20)


This week in Science, we continued with our States of Matter topic by investigating the question - How does water change? We observed water in the 3 different states of matter: a liquid, a solid and a gas. Who knew that watching an ice cube melt could be so much fun?! We then investigated how quickly ice melts on different materials. We put a Lego man made from ice on different materials (wood, plastic, metal and cardboard) and watched to see which one disappeared first. Next week, we'll be investigating how quickly a different (and very yummy) material melts!


If you're enjoying our Science topic, don't forget that some of our homework is linked to our Science. 


Have  great weekend!

 Another busy week! (24.9.20)


We've had a fantastic week in 5B! We finished off our Place Value work in Maths by learning about negative numbers and Roman numerals. We created self portraits in Art, in Geography, we've been researching the human and physical features of North America and in Science, we grouped materials according to whether they are solids, liquids and gases. We've been reading more of our class novel, Brightstorm and starting to think about the newspaper reports we'll be writing about the disappearance of Ernest Brightstorm. I really enjoyed reading it over the summer holidays and it's been great to share it with the class during our daily 'read aloud' time.  I can't wait to read on next week so you can find out what happens next! 


Have a great weekend!

Homework - Which tasks will you choose?


The new homework grid (see below) for this half term is being sent home today and there are lots of different tasks and activities for you to choose from. Some are linked to our History topic about the Anglo-Saxons and some are linked to our Geography work about Europe and North & South America. This term we are reading Brightstorm by Vashti Hardy - we are already up to Chapter 6 and the whole class have really enjoyed it so far so one of the tasks is linked to our class novel. You can be as creative as you like when completing your tasks. They can be completed on paper, on a computer or PowerPoint and be emailed to the year group email and don't forget that you can send photos too!


There are some website links below that might help:

Have a great weekend!



Amazing Art and Super Science! (9.9.20)


We started our new Year 5 timetable and curriculum this week and had our first 'proper lessons'. As well as working incredibly hard on our Maths and English, it has been lovely to start our new topics in Art, Science, Geography and History.


In Art, we will be be developing our drawing techniques. We learned about different shading techniques, such a scumbling, stippling, hatching and cross-hatching and practised them by making observational drawing of acorns.  In Science, we started our new 'States of Matter' topic by observing what happens when raisins are dropped in lemonade. We were able to observe a solid in a liquid that contains a gas - can you remember what happened to the raisins?


Spellings and homework grids will be sent home by the end of the week.

Have a lovely weekend smiley




What an amazing 2 days! It was so lovely so see our class back together again on Thursday and Friday. I have missed seeing you all so much and I feel so lucky that I have been able to move to Year 5 and be your teacher for another year!


School is different now but you all coped amazingly well and I'm really proud of you all. Our classroom was full of smiles, chatter and happiness and it was was great to hear you all say how happy you were to be back at school.


One on the first things we did on Thursday was choose our new class reading books. Unfortunately these can not go home with you at the moment but don't worry - there'll be plenty of opportunity for you to read in class every day.


Parents - with the changes to how children are now dropped off and collected,  if you have any concerns, worries or anything you need to let me know about, please continue to use the year 4 email address that we used during the school closure (this will be updated to a Year 5 address shortly) or contact the school office.


Have a lovely weekend and see you all on Monday!

Mrs Bendle and Mrs Brotherton

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