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Homework - Which tasks will you choose?


The new homework grid (see below) for this half term is being sent home today and there are lots of different tasks and activities for you to choose from. Some are linked to our History topic about the Anglo-Saxons and some are linked to our Geography work about Europe and North & South America. This term we are reading Brightstorm by Vashti Hardy - we are already up to Chapter 6 and the whole class have really enjoyed it so far so one of the tasks is linked to our class novel. You can be as creative as you like when completing your tasks. They can be completed on paper, on a computer or PowerPoint and be emailed to the year group email and don't forget that you can send photos too!


There are some website links below that might help:

Have a great weekend!



Amazing Art and Super Science! (9.9.20)


We started our new Year 5 timetable and curriculum this week and had our first 'proper lessons'. As well as working incredibly hard on our Maths and English, it has been lovely to start our new topics in Art, Science, Geography and History.


In Art, we will be be developing our drawing techniques. We learned about different shading techniques, such a scumbling, stippling, hatching and cross-hatching and practised them by making observational drawing of acorns.  In Science, we started our new 'States of Matter' topic by observing what happens when raisins are dropped in lemonade. We were able to observe a solid in a liquid that contains a gas - can you remember what happened to the raisins?


Spellings and homework grids will be sent home by the end of the week.

Have a lovely weekend smiley




What an amazing 2 days! It was so lovely so see our class back together again on Thursday and Friday. I have missed seeing you all so much and I feel so lucky that I have been able to move to Year 5 and be your teacher for another year!


School is different now but you all coped amazingly well and I'm really proud of you all. Our classroom was full of smiles, chatter and happiness and it was was great to hear you all say how happy you were to be back at school.


One on the first things we did on Thursday was choose our new class reading books. Unfortunately these can not go home with you at the moment but don't worry - there'll be plenty of opportunity for you to read in class every day.


Parents - with the changes to how children are now dropped off and collected,  if you have any concerns, worries or anything you need to let me know about, please continue to use the year 4 email address that we used during the school closure (this will be updated to a Year 5 address shortly) or contact the school office.


Have a lovely weekend and see you all on Monday!

Mrs Bendle and Mrs Brotherton

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