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Lovely to hear voices on the phone this week. Thank you all for letting me know how you are and what you have been up to. Had some photos this week off a birthday boy and an artist!


Have a lovely weekend! x

A sweet reminder...


Hi guys,

I'm working in the 5D classroom today and it feels so weird without you all.... so quiet ;)

I thought you might like to see a picture of our wonderful classroom as it has been so long since we were all here!

Of course, as always, I have my coffee keeping me company and I'm sure I might treat myself to some sweets from the raffle prize box later on...hehe!


Miss you all x

Half Term


Well, it is a strange one but it is half term... so try and relax and take a break from your home learning.

Don't stop reading though!!!


I hope you are all well, 5D? Please email me to let me know how you are and what you  have been up to in lockdown. I have heard from lots of you and it really cheers me up because school is not the same without you all. It would be lovely to hear from more of you.


See below some pictures of the 5D crew and what they've been up to at home...

Home Learning


It's been lovely to receive more pictures of 5D recently.

Here they are working really hard at home.


Keep them coming!


Miss Drennan x



Oh 5D, I miss you all so much.


It's been lovely to see some of your smiling faces this week (see below) it's really cheered me up.

We've had such fantastic weather to make up for this horrible time, so I hope you are all well and enjoying the outside as much as you can. Please continue to send pictures of what you are busy doing.


I would also love you to email me and let me know what you are reading... I feel so tempted to pick up Harry Potter again, but I think you will all tell me off for reading ahead without you, so I'll try and wait patiently until we are back together again...


Love, Miss Drennan xxx

World Book Week!


Such a fantastic week!

I couldn't possibly do this blog without posting all of the amazing pictures from Thursday's dress up day.


We have thoroughly immersed ourselves in books and stories this week and it has been the best book week, so far. Let’s continue to read, read and read, 5D.


So proud of you all for receiving Rosie this week, I have noticed how well you line up and glad it’s been noticed by all the other staff in school too! Second time this half term- how good are we?


Have an amazing weekend,

Miss Drennan x


Letters, letters and more letters!


On Monday, the postman delivered a variety of letters to our classroom. The silly postman was in such a muddle because the letters were all jumbled up. We had to sort the letters into piles by thinking about the purpose and audience of them. To do this, we had to closely look at the language and layout. We particularly loved reading the old fashioned love letter!


During the week, more and more letters were delivered to us. We enjoyed reading the anonymous, historical letter that was received by Lord Monteagle. This letter was the reason that the Gunpowder Plot was foiled and that Parliament was searched and Guy Fawkes arrested. The archaic language was so hard to understand, so we role played the scene where the letter was delivered to King James 1. So much fun!


5D have developed such a love of reading this half term! It's amazing to see. I took these pictures while they read silently, I really didn't want to stop them. They should have all brought their books home today and it would be lovely if they could spend some chilled out time reading this half term.


Have a fantastic break 5D- we deserve it :)


Miss Drennan



Time to Talk Day 2020 is taking place on Thursday 6 February. Choose to talk about mental health and help change lives.

We did not use PENS PENCILS OR ANY WRITING TOOLS all day to allow us time to talk!!

  We were given the theme ‘Space’ and some materials.

We worked in teams to be as creative as possible. What do you think?

A Fantastic Day!

I'm sure the children have already told you what a fantastic day we had on Monday.

We went to the Think Tank museum and took part in a workshop and had  a look around.

We returned to school very tired, but we had found out so much that has helped in our Science and English lessons this week!

Take a look at the pictures from our day!


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Drennan x

A 'Space' Themed Day!

Without intention, today seemed to be very 'Space' themed.

First, we were treated with 5M's assembly all about Space and enjoyed a sing-along to 'Starman'.

Then, when we were reading our class text 'Jamie Drake' we got very excited when his teacher asked the class to "IMAGINE AN ALIEN WORLD', 5D then all asked if they could do the same during their golden time, so out came the paints and we had a great time!

During our Science lesson, we found out the definition of the word 'orbit' and found out that Earth orbits the Sun and the Moon orbits Earth!  We discovered that 'a year' is very different on other planets. so we would be very old on some planets!

Fun day- See you Monday :)

An Alien Invasion?


In 5D we absolutely love reading about what’s going on in the world. But goodness me, we couldn’t believe it this week, when slime and possibly a UFO was found on our school grounds!!! 

We knew straight away we had to report this, so we have been drafting a newspaper report and we will post some finished articles next week, so you can find out about these strange events at Broadmeadow ;)

A fantastic return back to school.


5D have had a really positive return to school.

They've impressed me by remembering all of the maths skills we learnt before Christmas and were absolute wizzes at a fraction and percentage game in maths today- well done!


In English, we have started to look at newspaper reports and they thoroughly enjoyed sitting and enjoying reading newspapers in groups. They have also asked me to subscribe to a children's newspaper, so that is something that is on the cards- thank you guys!


We have started our new topic 'Stargazers' and today we painted in the style of Peter Thorpe. Take a look at some of our artwork below. Once they have dried over the weekend, they will be decorating our classroom for the half term.


Have a great weekend!




A very Merry Christmas to my lovely class, 5D and their families!

I hope you have a wonderful time and get to spend lots of time together eating chocolate and watching films.... Bliss!

See you in 2020!!! xx


Miss Drennan

Christmas Golden Time!!!


A well-deserved golden time today!


A Christmas singsong, word searches, mosaic maths and of course a few games to finish.


5D really deserved their golden time today!


Everyone was so proud of their singing in the Christmas production. The original plan was to sing 'We Three Kings' with a backing track, but because they sounded so beautiful without it, we changed it on them last minute and they really pulled it out of the bag- lots of people had tears in their eyes!


A busy Christmassy week next week! We have a party of Thursday, so remember to pack suitable party clothes and donate some party food if you can :)


Thank you! Have a fantastic festive weekend :)

Lovely Afternoon


We had a lovely afternoon of Christmas crafts and decorating today in 5D. Miss Drennan couldn’t get the knots out of the lights so passed on that job to someone else- thank you! :)


Watching the children work as a team to decorate the tree was lovely and definitely got me into the Christmas spirit. Roll on the Christmas Fair :) We would love to see you all there on Friday after school! 

Yaga Delights!


Today we visited Baba's restaurant and tasted some Russian foods.


Baba is the grandmother of the main character in our class text, 'The House With Chicken Legs' and she seems to always be cooking, so we thought we must try some of her best dishes.


We will also be writing up some of her recipes in our writing lessons. While the children all thought food tasting was fun, I'm not sure they'll be sending parents out for rye bread in a hurry!

Children in Need

As promised the photographs taken of our assembly.

Thank you, Miss Harris

Anti- Bullying!


A great workshop on Wednesday with the lovey ladies from Malachi talking about the importance of being a “green school” and using “green words”- ask your children to explain this to you! It’s very interesting. The pictures below are all from our Malachi workshop and as you can see we had great fun. 

It was also 5D’s class assembly today all about Children in Need. It was such a beautiful assembly and was completely written by the children and they decided how it would look on stage. Miss Harris kindly took all the pictures for us, but that means I will have to upload them on Monday ... so keep checking the blog! 

Happy weekend! 

A fantastic wow starter!


A great start to our topic ‘Home and Away’ today. We walked down to Kings Norton Green for a morning of really getting to know our local area. Our topic is going to focus on the geography and history of where we live and then we will compare it to a place in Europe. 

On our walk, we looked at the buildings and green spaces and what they are used for. We also did a traffic survey to see how people travel in Kings Norton. We were really lucky as St Nicholas Church were running an exhibition about Druids Heath and it’s history so we had a wander around the church and were warmly welcomed which was lovely!


.....5D also managed to convince me that 10 minutes on the playground would really help their geography skills...? Not sure about that, but they definitely deserved it!


What a great Monday :)



Well, what a half term, 5D. We are finishing on a high as we have Rosie in our classroom (the bear we get for such brilliant lining up after lunch!) and we also had the most OUTSTANDING records last week- well done!


It has been a wonderful half term ; I have loved getting to know you all and I feel we have definitely become  a little 5D dream team. You're so loyal and supportive of one another. I hope (I'm sure it will) continue into Autumn 2.


Homework grids will go home tomorrow (Thursday 23rd), please remember to do as many of the tasks as you can. Our homework grids are accessible for everyone and allows you to show off your creative talents. I have loved the homework received this half term.


On then first Monday back, we will be walking around Kings Norton for our new topic, 'Home and Away'. Please remember to wear warm coats and an extra pair of socks that day!


Read, chill and relax this half term- we deserve it :)


Miss Drennan xx


Miss Drennan and Mrs Brotherton are flabbergasted!!!


We are soooo impressed with 5D and the amount of homework that has been produced this half term! Mrs Brotherton is almost running out of pins!!!


We set aside only one display for our homework and we are now half way down the corridor. 

Keep it up 5D- ‘Homework Hero’ will be announced on Tuesday, but I think everyone deserves a special treat next week too- watch this space ;)


Have a fantastic weekend...x

Painting our pendants

A treat!


Thank you to these three girls today who entertained us with a beautiful dance. It ended up with us having a little song song. A lovely start to the week :)

National Poetry Day!


On Thursday, we celebrated National Poetry Day by watching, listening to and enjoying a variety of our favourite poets. As you can see from the pictures, we particularly enjoyed Michael Rosen and his fantastic poems and stories! 

Royal Tea Tasting 


In English we have been reading a book called ‘Cloud Tea Monkeys’ about a little girl who works on a tea plantation. She gets bullied by the boss because she cannot pick the best tea leaves, but then some magical monkeys help her... and a royal guest is amazed by her tea leaves! We found it hilarious how the Royal Tea Taster tasted the tea so tried it ourselves with different flavours. Lots of slurping, gurgling and snuffling in 5D today! Amazing lesson :)

Guided Meditation 


5D loved spending some time relaxing this afternoon. 


We did a guided meditation about a beautiful garden. 


I love having the time to do this but it’s not always possible. However, 5D were so good today and completed their work, so I thought we’d give it a go. It was amazing to look around the classroom and see everyone focused. 


I think it is so beneficial to calm ourselves down after a busy, hardworking day and it helps the children feel more relaxed and peaceful. 


Afterwards, we all said one thing that made us happy today and the most common answer was “our relaxation time” alongside “library time” :) 

A fantastic week in  5D


I don’t know about the children, but I am very tired today after a fun and exciting week in the 5D classroom.

We started the week learning about Roman Numerals. I was shocked by how much the children loved this lesson! As you can see in our pictures from the week, two children would not leave the classroom at break time until they worked out their Roman Numeral challenge.

On Thursday, we were treated with some Mexican food from a homework task and we thoroughly enjoyed eating and having a little Mexican dance.

Friday was BIG WRITE and the children sat writing away for a full hour while some soft music played- they even moaned when I tried to make them put their pens down for assembly. Such a hardworking lot!

Have a fab weekend in the sun!

Miss Drennan J


Wow Starter


Today was our WOW starter for our Mayan topic and we had so much 'choclatey' fun!!!


Mayan hot chocolate!

Only the rich and noble members of Maya society drank hot chocolate – it was a very special drink! We made our own version of Mayan hot chocolate using cocoa powder and hot milk. We whisked it up to make it frothy and to make it authentic we added chilli powder and cinnamon for extra flavour!







5D have settled in so well and I am really excited to have a fantastic year togther. Take a look at the picture to see all the happy faces on their first day in Year 5!


What do you need to know?


Homework grids will be sent out this Friday (6th September) please encourage your child to do the homework as soon as they can so that we have enough time to showcase and show them off in the classroom before the end of a half term/ start of a new topic.



Home reading journals should be in daily, but will be checked on a Tuesday (Mr Barton) and Friday (Miss Drennan) to ensure children are reading at home. It would be amazing if parents could also comment.



Spelling tests will be on a Thursday. To get children used to unknown words sometimes we won’t send a spelling list out and we will instead test using the Yr 5 and 6 common exception words (or something we think they need that week). However, other weeks we will send out a spelling list- chat to me if you're ensure each week.


PE is on a Friday.


Can you please make sure all children have a water bottle in school as we have longer mornings than Year 4 and it’s important they keep hydrated for all the hard work we have to do J



Welcome to the new school year. Miss Drennan will soon be filling this page with lots of exciting

class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.


Do you have any ideas for this page? If so, then let Miss Drennan know!

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