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Goodbye 5G! heart


From the bottom of my heart, thank you. You have made my first year at Broadmeadow one that I will never forget. I will cherish these memories and hope you will carry with you some special ones of your own.  


I’m so grateful to have been your teacher. It has been a privilege to watch you all learn and grow from day to day. In a year that has been so strange to us all, I have been inspired by your courage and resilience – your strength and positivity has filled my heart with so much pride! You have all achieved so much and I could not be prouder!


Good luck in Year 6! You’ve brightened up my classroom being the stars that you are – continue being yourselves and shining bright! 

With love and best wishes, 

Miss Gordon and Mrs Brotherton

Fun in the sun! 🌞


We finished a fantastic week by enjoying some extra play in the sun this afternoon! We also cooled down with some ice lollies which I think we were all relieved to have! 


You’ve worked so hard 5G, you thoroughly deserved your treat today! 

Enjoy the photos! 😊🍦

Football Fun! smiley


Today, we celebrated England getting into the Euro Final with some football related activities! From measuring the angles of kicks in Maths to playing football in the afternoon, we've had a fantastic day supporting our boys before Sunday's game.

If you haven't heard already, IT'S COMING HOME!!! cheeky

Enjoy the photos! 



What a fantastic week 5G! We began the week with some food tasting as we tried a fruit which has been featured in our class book

The Boy at the back of the Class. The book's narrator gives a pomegranate to the new boy in her class (a refugee called Ahmet) in a bid to befriend him. See below for photos of the children enjoying this exotic fruit!


We also went on our school trip to Longbridge to explore both the geography of the area as well as its exciting history! I was so impressed with how sensible you all were and so happy to see how much you all enjoyed it!

Enjoy the photos! smiley




This week, we have really been immersed in our new class book, The Boy At the Back of the Class! It has been lovely to see how much you’re all enjoying it and how thoroughly invested you are in Ahmet’s story! We have started to use a moment from our book as inspiration for our own writing. I was so impressed with how thoughtful and creative your writing was after reading your work today!


Enjoy your weekend 5G!


This week in 5G, we finished writing a set of instructions for the Russian delicacies we tasted last week! They were very persuasive and creative;  the language used certainly made me very hungry reading them! 

We also started to read our new class book, The Boy At the Back of the Class. I am so glad to see how engaged you all are with the story! It has already sparked lots of interesting discussions so I’m looking forward to reading on with you all next week. 

Have a lovely weekend 5G! See you on Monday! 😊

Welcome back! smiley


What a fantastic first week back 5G!

In English this week we have been looking at instruction writing and began writing instructions to make some of the Russian delicacies featured in our class book, The House with Chicken Legs. We began this unit by tasting these interesting, quite divisive dishes! Enjoy the photos below...



What a lovely final week! This week, we finished writing our non-chronological reports on wild cats and I am so proud of how informative and well-written they turned out. They were roaring successes! We also finished our collages in Art. It was amazing to see all of your unique styles shining through in each piece, 


While this week has been wonderful, we did have to say goodbye to our lovely classmate, Elah. We'll all miss you lots! Good luck in your new school! 


Have a well-deserved break 5G - you've worked so hard and I am SO proud of all of you. See you when we return! smiley




This week, you began to create your final pieces for Art. I am so proud of how beautiful and detailed your collages are looking already! Remember to bring in magazines next week to complete your masterpieces! If you would like to research Megan Coyle, who we’re taking inspiration from, here is a link to her website:


This week, we also welcomed our lovely new classmate! Welcome to Broadmeadow Imogen! 😊 ⭐️


I hope you all have a lovely weekend! 😊



This week in Art, you created some beautiful abstract, non-objective collages where you experimented with an array of colours, patterns and materials! Enjoy the photos!


Have a lovely weekend 5G! See you on Monday! smiley



What another great week 5G! smiley

This week, you 'painted with paper' and made some beautiful collages in Art inspired by the artist Megan Coyle. You also channeled your creativity in English! I was so proud after reading your descriptive writing  - we most certainly have a few budding writers in the classroom! We ended the week by learning about Friction in Science and investigated which surface around school has most friction. 


See you next week! Have a lovely weekend laugh



This week we defied gravity in 5G! In Science, we experimented with a force that affects us all the time: gravity! We found out what a balanced force is when we observed a 'gravity defying water' trick! After, we learnt about the difference between mass and weight by measuring gravity in Newtons using a force meter. Enjoy the photos! 


Have a lovely weekend!  😊



Welcome back 5G! 


What a lovely first week back! It is so nice to be back in the classroom and see all of your smiling faces again. 😊


You have all impressed me so much with your positivity and hardworking attitudes this week. In English, your descriptions of a desert island beach  were so imaginative and detailed that, along with the beautiful sunshine we had, I felt I was really there! ☀️🌴 In Science, we began our new topic, Forces, and I was so impressed with how much you knew already from Year 3! You were forces to be reckoned with yourselves during our class discussion!  


I hope you have a lovely weekend 5G! See you on Monday 😊



What a great end to the Spring term! You have all worked incredibly hard this week and I am so proud of you! smiley

We've been very creative in 5G - this week we filmed stop-motion animations in Computing and finished making our own moving toys in DT. See below to enjoy some photos! 


Have a lovely Easter! I hope you all enjoy a well-earned break! laugh


Another lovely week 5G! 


In English this week, you produced some excellent work based on the picture book, Escape from Pompeii.  I really enjoyed reading all of your inspired, imaginative descriptions! We are continuing to write based on this book next week and I am so excited to read what you come up with! 


In Guided Reading, we have been exploring our new class book, The House With Chicken Legs which I am so happy you are all enjoying! Next week we shall continue reading and getting lost in Marinka’s spellbinding adventure. 


Have a lovely weekend 5G! I’m so excited to see you all on Monday! 😊



It has been a great week in 5G! It was wonderful to see all of your smiling faces back in the classroom. I am so proud of all of you - you have all worked so hard and eased back into the classroom really well! One of the highlights of our week was celebrating World Book Day! We enjoyed hot chocolate and biscuits in our pyjamas as we completed some fun reading-related activities!


Here are some pictures for you to enjoy. 


Have a great weekend! 😊



What a great first term 5G! I am so proud of how far you have come since September. It was such a joy to be able to give you your awards on Friday for your excellent effort throughout the term. They were so thoroughly deserved! 


We had so much fun listening to Christmas songs, playing party games and just enjoying our last day in school before the new year. I will miss you all over the holiday period but I hope you have a fantastic Christmas and a very happy new year! 


See you in 2021! 

Balloon Blow-up Experiment 


This week we continued our learning of Changes of States and conducted an experiment to explore an irreversible change. Firstly, we poured baking soda into a balloon using a filter. Then, we poured vinegar into a bottle. We then attached the balloon onto the top of the bottle and what happened next blew our minds as much as the balloon! When the baking soda and vinegar mixed together, it created a gas called carbon dioxide. As the gas began to expand, it inflated the balloon! You all had so much fun with this and it was great to see how much you learnt from the experiment! 


See you on Monday to begin our week full of festive fun! 


What a great week 5G!


We finished the week with an exciting experiment in Science! We investigated how to separate different mixtures. Our mixtures were: salt and water, rice and paper clips, flour and raisins and sand and water. After being given a tray with a sieve, a funnel, a magnet and a piece of filter paper, you all had a great go at working out how to separate each mixture. It was lovely to see how much fun you all had as well as the fantastic work you produced when recording your findings! 


Enjoy the rest of your weekend and see you all on Monday! 



It’s been an exciting week in 5G!


We started our new DT project by researching some of the world’s most famous frame structures- the Eiffel Tower and the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Did you know that the icon of the French capital was only intended to be temporary? Yet 131 years later it still stands proudly at 300 metres tall! What other fun facts can you recall from our lesson?


We finished the week by experimenting with everyday materials in Science. We compared and grouped objects based on their properties. Next week, we’re going to build on this and look at why objects are made of certain materials!


Have a lovely weekend guys! 😊

Welcome back!


What a great start to the half term 5G! It was so lovely seeing all of your smiling faces back in school!


We’ve been so busy this week; from finishing our final pieces for Art to completing our own pieces of action writing! I’ve been so proud to see how hard you’ve all worked. I was also really impressed to see how many children have shown me outstanding behaviour this week. How exciting are the new prizes for outstanding behaviour? Remember,  when you reach 100 ‘Outstandings’, you are entered into a raffle for the chance to win a scooter! How cool is that?!


Have a good weekend. See you on Monday 😊

Another great, busy week 5G! 


On Tuesday, we created some beautiful  technical drawings in Art. It was lovely to see the attention everyone paid to drawing the ‘vanishing point’ to capture  perspective in your landscapes. Did you know the concept of the ‘vanishing point’ is believed to have been created during the Italian Renaissance period (1415), shortly before Leonardo da Vinci was born! 


I just wanted to add how proud I am to see how hard a lot of you have worked with your homework tasks; from creating stop-motion animations to writing detailed biographies, I have been so impressed with the hard work and effort shown. 


Have a lovely rest of your weekend! 😊

Scrumptious Science!


We ended our week on a ‘sweet’ note when we investigated which type of chocolate (milk, white or dark) melted the fastest.  I was so impressed with the vigilance you showed when considering the conditions of your experiments. You ensured results were fair and accurate!


In History we learned the terrible truth of how Anglo-Saxon children were treated. Did you know that by the age of 10, children were seen as adults? They had to work as hard as any adult and would be punished as adults if they broke the law! 


Have a great weekend 5G! See you all on Monday! 😊

Another busy week!


This week I was so proud when awarding children for their ‘Outstanding’ behaviour. We ended a great week on a really positive note that brightened my day despite the grey, rainy weather! ☀️ 


We had so much fun in Science this week; we observed water in three different states of matter (a liquid, solid and gas). Throughout our lesson, we watched ice cubes melt on different surfaces to investigate the speed of which ice melts on different materials. Who knew watching ice would be so ‘cool’?! 


I have loved seeing all of your amazing drawings in Art this week. I’m so excited for next week when we will start drawing our self-portraits! Da Vinci most certainly would be proud! 


See you on Monday! 😊

Another great week 5G! 


We’ve had so much fun, from becoming journalists reporting the mysterious disappearance of Ernest Brightstorm in English, to rocking out to Bon Jovi in Music! In Maths, we finished our Place Value work off by learning about Roman Numerals. I, for one (pardon the pun), am so impressed with how hard you worked!


I am also loving to see some of your homework coming in. Please keep it up! 😊


Have a lovely weekend! 

Miss Gordon

What a lovely week 5G! 


You all worked really hard this week. I was especially impressed with how engaged you were during RE. You came up with lots of thoughtful, creative responses when thinking of ways to care for our world. I was also proud to see how hard you worked in History when we started learning about the Anglo-Saxons. I definitely see some future historians in the classroom! 


Enjoy the rest of the sunshine and see you on Monday for another great week! 😊

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House Points

  • Oak Spring Term Winners
  • Ash
  • Elm Autumn Term Winners
  • Pine



  • 3H 92%
  • 3B 95%
  • 4S 93%
  • 4W 95%
  • 5T 96%
  • 5B 93%
  • 6D 94%
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