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Secondary Schools (1-7-20)

Please check your new secondary school's website as several of them have 'Year 6 transition' pages, along with tasks that they would like you to complete and take with you in September.

Good luck with all the reflection activities in our home learning pack.



Transition to Secondary School (25-6-20)

This week, we've started thinking about secondary schools. We have begun by reflecting on our time at Broadmeadow and what makes us US!

In between Maths, English and transition work, we've squeezed in some Art, too.




Calling all Broadmeadow Year 6 pupils!


As you know, it’s very tricky to celebrate and commemorate moving on from junior school in the normal way at the moment. So, we’d love it if you could send us a photo of yourself with a clear message for the rest of your year group. We’ll collate all the messages and send you all a copy.


A few tips – keep it heart felt and friendly; make the written message very clear so that it can be seen in the photo (black felt-tip works brilliantly); feel free to add personal touches (decorations) to your message; make sure we can see your face!


To make sure you are included in our compilation, please send your photo to the Year 6 teachers at by Monday 21st June 2020.


We've been getting plenty of fresh air ahead of the predicted thunder and hail for this week. After Maths and English, we got stuck into some art activities.



Look who has been busy again! (16-6-20)

Science: making light spinners and mirror writing (15-6-20)

More home learning! Wow! (15-6-20)

Day 1 - a lovely return for Year 6 (8-6-20)


We welcomed Year 6 back to school today and it really was lovely to see them! Children seemed very well-prepared to get back into things and were keen to work conscientiously on their tasks today. Well done to everyone involved.


I also know that Mr Barton was lucky enough to speak to some of you today on the phone - I hope you are all staying safe and managing to access the home learning grids.


Take care everyone!

Miss Case   :)  xx

Home learning on Countdown

Year 6 Returning to School - Monday 8th June

The classrooms are ready for those pupils who have confirmed that they are returning on Monday 8th June and I can't wait to get started! I am looking forward to hearing about your memorable moments from the past few weeks and I know we'll get back into school routines quickly, so don't worry. Make sure that you've read Mrs Gaynor's letter so that you know what to expect and what to bring.

See you next week!

Miss Case :)



Home Learning (4-6-20)


One of 6C has been gardening over half term and has grown some cress and tomatoes. She's really chuffed that they are beginning to grow this week.


Cress and tomato plants

Wonderful home learning (21-5-20)


Great to hear again from one of the lovely girls in 6C. It really brings a smile to my face.

She has been making candles, observing a crystal experiment, baking sausage rolls and celebrating a younger sibling's birthday. 

Life continues in many different ways at the moment.


Hugs (from a distance).

Miss Case x


More fab things from home!

Instructions - home learning (11-5-20)

A word from Elliot House and some baking! (10-5-20)

More wonderful home learning (10-5-20)


I received some lovely pictures from this week and last week courtesy of one of our fab class members. She has been baking and has heard back from Elliot House, further to writing at this difficult time. I am keeping my fingers crossed to see everyone soon.


Miss Case


VE Day (8-5-20)

I'm marking the 75th anniversary of VE Day at home today. Send me your pictures to share what you're up to!


A terrifying story and some baking at home! (5-5-20)


Here are some super photos of one of 6C doing lots of learning at home. I was a bit scared reading the story... Yikes!


home learning

Amazing home learning! (1-5-20)


Lovely to see all the hard work going on at home! We've got a film review, work from Key Stage 2 books and a perfect score of 31/ 31 on Hit The Button! I smiled very broadly to see you in your own homes - just wish I could be there to pat you on the back!



Home learning this week

Hi from Miss C! (30-4-20)


Hi guys! Gosh, how I miss seeing you all! When I looked at my diary earlier this week and saw that I could have been teaching some of you in SATs revision club, I thought how strange it is that life has taken us down a different path...


I really hope that everything is well with you all - and that your families are safe. I'm being very strict with social distancing and am feeling proud of how my family have managed so far. Even though I'm a grown up, it has been very peculiar not giving my mum and dad a hug for six weeks! 


I've become really good at playing Evie's games - I've never known so much about the i-pad! I'll share a few games with you when we're back. Please send photos to the year 6 email address so that I can see what you have been doing.


Take great care.

Love Miss C xx


Making bread at home! (21-4-20)


It was lovely to see one of the members of 6C busy making bread at home! Well done! Please keep the emails coming...

Making bread

Hi there everyone! (2-4-20)

My goodness! I'm missing you all so much and keeping an eye on what some of you are still up to at school. In fact, I was so inspired by your art work, that I gave my daughter some paint to see if we could replicate your hand print rainbow that is now proudly displayed in the front entrance hall area at school. Here are our versions...

Our rainbows: stay safe

Representing fossils using a variety of art and design techniques (17-3-20)


6C has been working on fossils for our Evolution and Inheritance project. We drew them, sculpted with clay, and used water colour paints to paint them. Very creative!

Clay fossils

Nurturing Talent (11-3-20)

One of our pupils has been painting at home. Just take a look at her fantastic work...



Amazing paintings

English - reports on fictional creatures (11-3-20)

As we're studying Evolution and Inheritance, we thought we'd think about what creatures of the future might be like! We've started planning ideas for a report about some fictional creatures and we'll be writing it next week.

English - reports on fictional creatures (11-3-20)

World Book Week (4-3-20)


We've had a number of exciting events this week in school - all in the name of World Book Week.

I'm sure children will be full of beans tomorrow, as it is time to get into book character costumes!




Beauty and The Beast Production (4-3-20)

Book Week: Parent Reading (3-3-20)

JIGSAW: Puzzle 4, piece 1, Healthy Me (24-2-20)


We've begun a new puzzle in Jigsaw, all about being healthy and making responsible choices for physical and mental well-being.

We worked in groups to role play some Agony Aunt situations, where people might need guidance to make the best possible choices for their health.


Puzzle 4, Piece 1

English: planning a short story with a flashback (11-2-20)

I can't wait for my English group to start drafting their short story tomorrow. We've been building up to it by looking at the language features in a model story, attempting our own description of setting / atmosphere, writing some speech and generating vocabulary for a war-torn street image. I know the group will create some lovely writing.



Lovely work...

What will happen to the bulb or buzzer? (10-2-20)


Do you know what happens if you change the voltage / numbers of cells in a circuit containing either the lamp or buzzer components?

Well, 6C can tell you! The more power/ push of electricity, the brighter the bulb and the louder the buzzer. 

We had a bit of fun seeing how high-pitched we could make our buzzer!


Beautiful presentation!

Building circuits and observing variations in components (5-2-20)


6C did a fantastic job at building circuits this afternoon. We observed how the performance of components changed in different types of circuits containing differing numbers of components. Here we are at work:




Circuit building

Music - A Refugee's Journey (27-1-20)


In Music today, we listened (with attention to detail) to sounds a refugee might hear as they travel from Syria to Western Europe. This included gunshot, shelling, a speed boat, waves lapping, footsteps and fire crackling. Then, we discussed how to use instruments to recreate these sounds and layer them in a composition. Groups came up with their own musical scores, as such, and then performed them.


Music lesson (27-1-20)

Inspire Workshop: Maths (23-1-20)


Thank you for joining us for our Maths Inspire Workshop this morning. We discussed arithmetic, reasoning and problem solving in daily lessons and tests. It was a pleasure to see parents impressed by the challenges that our children are persevering with.

Inspire (23-1-20_

RAF Cosford (15-1-20)


What a superb way of finding out about conflict - a trip to RAF Cosford! The trip marked the end of WW2 studies and our new ILP, Journey to Safety, which is all about the conflict in Syria.


Take a look at what we got up to at RAF Cosford!

Maths: Finding the Volume of cubes and cuboids (13-1-20)


My set has loved building cubes and cuboids. We've worked out a quick was to find out how many cubes you need when you have been given the height, depth and width of the 3D shape.




Volume of cubes and cuboids

Happy New Year! (7-1-20)


Welcome back and Happy New Year!

We're straight back into things, working hard. We're looking at nets of shapes in Maths, Biography features in Writing, a new book called 'Welcome to Nowhere' in Reading and map work in Geography (the route Syrian refugees might take to reach Europe).


Every Thursday - bring your PE kits!

Next Wednesday, 15-1-20 - trip to RAF Cosford

Thursday 23-1-20 - Maths INSPIRE workshop for Year 6

What we've been up to today!

Christmas Art and Craft (17-12-19)


Christmas is the perfect time to hone some of our art skills! This week, we're drawing, printing, painting, sticking collage, tissue papering and all sorts!...



Christmas art

WWII Rock Cakes (11-12-19)


We recently made rock cakes, based on a recipe from WWII, where people had to use food supplies very carefully. We were innovative by trying some different ingredients - who knew that strawberries would work so well!




6C at the church for carol singing (10-12-19)


We had our annual walk to the church on Kings Norton Green this morning for carol singing and Christmas readings.

Lovely to see Mrs Wright there, too! Keeping traditions alive!

Our visit to the church on KN green (10-12-19)

Christmas is on the horizon! (5-12-19)


Christmas is finally upon the horizon in here in 6C, we're busy preparing for the Christmas Fair by crafting some hessian reindeer!

Also, the classroom has had a make-over. We've got a bucket of chocs on the go for the girl / boy of the day who finds themselves in Outstanding!


Christmas is on the way in 6C (5-12-19)

Christmas Crafts (5-12-19)

Blitz Art (4-12-19)

Jigsaw: Puzzle 2, piece 4 - bullying behaviour (27-11-19)


Our work to identify and understand bullying continued this afternoon in Jigsaw. Children worked really co-operatively in groups to make posters tackling different questions, such as:

* Why do people bully?

* How do victims feel?

* What does bullying consist of?

* How do we deal with bullying?


We dug a bit deeper and spoke about the causes of bullying (how bullies might be seeking attention and power) to try to understand someone's reasons for being unkind.


We read a poem about a playground called 'Killing Ground' (Adrian Mitchell) and discussed how glad we were that Broadmeadow playground is nothing like the one described in the poem.


Jigsaw: Identifying bullying behaviour (27-11-19)

Treasures from home (21-11-19)


Thanks to Fin and family for bringing in some family treasures to help us 'touch' our history of WWII.

Children were fascinated by the items.


Conflict - treasures from home! (21-11-19)

English Inspire Workshop 14/11/19


I can't believe its been a whole week since the Y6 English Inspire Workshop. A big shout of thanks to parents and carers who attended. We really appreciated your feedback!


English Inspire (last week) 21-11-19

Anti-bullying: change starts with us! (12-11-19)


6C had a thought-provoking anti-bullying workshop today. The session was run by Malachi and got us thinking about our words and actions. We're getting rid of any negative 'red' words (anger, distress, depression, mean etc) and being 'green'. 

Malachi anti-bullying Workshop (12-11-19)

Conflict: A Child’s War (5-11-19)


It’s a new half term and our new ILP is ‘Conflict: A Child’s War’. 


Children have already begun to bring in super homework (models of an Anderson Shelter) and the classroom display is looking fab, too.


We’ll be having our ‘wow’ starter tomorrow… Watch this space!

Conflict: A Child's War

The Halloween Disco - a distant memory, but such fun! (24-10-19)

FAB FINISH: Beating Hearts Quiz, House Competition (22-10-19)


Year 6 got together to answer questions about the heart. We had rounds on Science, Music, TV and Film and worked in Houses.

It was lovely to see so many children take part with the right spirit and rewards were given to children who made good choices in terms of sportsmanship, co-operation and attentiveness. Take a look at the pics that we took...


Beating Hearts FAB FINISH Quiz (22-10-19)

Tuesday Guided Reading in Set 6C: why we're loving the library... (22-10-19)


We're all feeling so much more 'into' reading thanks to having a chilled out space in which to relax and immerse ourselves in what we're reading. The positive feeling about getting down to the library is definitely something to do with the wide choice of texts. We're also getting much better at exploring and choosing the books we read. Ace!

Guided Reading - why we're loving the library... (22-10-19)

LO: To play and perform in an ensemble. (14-10-19)


We discussed what ‘pulse’ and ‘rhythm’ meant and watched a video of body percussion, using bars of 4 beats.


We considered the human heart beat and how to replicate the sounds using our bodies. After a quick brainstorm of ideas, we got into groups, rehearsed and performed our compositions.

Our ensemble performances (14-10-19)

Taking a Look at Next Week... (14-10-19)

In English, Set 6C will be looking at newspapers. In Maths, we're continuing to broaden our understanding of fractions.

Wednesday - remember to bring swimming kits! 

Thursday - bring PE kits, thanks.

Tuesday 15th and Thursday 17th October - book an appointment slot for parents' evening with your set teacher!

Friday - homework deadline for 'Beating Hearts' topic.

Bye! :) 


Kingswood: children are returning having made memories... (11-10-19)

Jigsaw: Puzzle 1, pieces 2-3

Jigsaw: Being a Global Citizen (1-10-19)

We've been talking about children's needs and wants (understand that sometimes, these are different things).

What do you think a child is entitled to? Shelter, food and drink, safety, love, clothing...




6C Class Assembly (26-9-19)


Wow! What an assembly! 


* you can't expect RESPECT unless you give RESPECT

* we all have the right to feel RESPECTED


Mrs Gaynor and other teachers - as well as a parent, I might add - have all been saying that 6C's class assembly about respect was great fun! I'm so proud of all the kids for their contributions and making it natural and enjoyable.


We had a powerful message to deliver, but we did it in style. :) 

6C's class assembly: RESPECT! (26-9-19)

Guided Reading: brainstorming feelings about 'Pig Heart Boy' (18-9-19)

The Parts of Blood - wow! (9-9-19)

This week, 6C re-created the parts of blood using a variety of ingredients! I never thought I'd see cereal and marshmallows bobbing about in a jar of food colouring this week! It was fascinating to find out that blood is yellow (plasma) but all the platelets make it appear red.

Wow - the parts blood!

And we're off to a great start! (5-9-19)


We're off to a fantastic start in Year 6 this week. Mr Barton and Miss Case have welcomed 6C to the new school year and our first new topic, Beating Hearts, has begun. Look out for the wow starter next week (teaser: human blood!!!). Yikes. Miss Case will be teaching the class on Mon - Thursday morning. Mr Barton takes over for the rest of the week on Thursday afternoons.



Swimming (this half term only): Please ensure children have swimming kits in school on this day of the week.



PE: Please ensure kit is in school.

Spellings Test for Set 6C.



The new homework grid for 'Beating Hearts' will be sent out tomorrow (Friday).


Significant dates

Wednesday 11th September - swimming on Wednesdays begins for this half term.

Thursday 26th September - 6C's class assembly.

Wednesday 9th - Friday 11th October - Kingswood Residential (see Mr Barton with any questions).

Friday 25th October - school closed for a Teacher Training Day.

And we're off! (5-9-19)

Welcome to the new school year. Miss Case will soon be filling this page with lots of exciting

class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.


Do you have any ideas for this page? If so, then let Miss Case know!

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