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Goodbye and good luck!


Well, 5D/6D- what can I say? You’re all growing up and off to secondary school and I wish you all the luck in the world. It feels like we’ve been a team for so long- our own little Broadmeadow family. I have watched you all grow taller and more confident over the last two years and I’ll miss you all lots and lots!

You’re a great bunch and I will truly miss: “Tidy up Rhumba”, “Get Fit with Rick”, the debate over who the Newsround presenter will be each day, “Please can we play Silent Ball?”, the constant hands up and.... of course all of the learning and laughing we’ve done together! You all put your hearts and souls into learning and it’s been such a pleasure to be your teacher.


Sadly, it wasn’t the end we wanted for you or the end to your time at Broadmeadow that you deserved, but even on the last day you all made me so proud. You have been through so much as a year group and you have always been so grown up and sensible even when COVID ruined lots for you- Thank you! 


Keep in touch guys and please let me know how you all settle into your secondary school, but having known you all for two years I KNOW you will all smash it and continue to be the amazing young ladies and gentlemen that you are! 


Check out some pics of our time together below xxx

What a week!


Such an amazing week- the fun really is starting in Year 6 as we head towards summer and we are loving having some joint activities with 6H. 

The football game was fantastic today and apologies to the children (I kept giving corners which should have been free kicks?!) but we had a great laugh and we definitely got into the mood for Sunday! 

It is Year 6 activity week next week, so they can come to school in PE kit and snazzy new hoodies all week :)

Have a fantastic weekend and....... IT’S COMING HOME, right?!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video



Well, what an exciting end to Tuesday we had. We were working hard on our production when all of a sudden Miss Drennan and Miss Harris walked us out onto the staff carpark! We really had no idea what was going on....even when we spotted the random ice cream van!!! Then the ice cream man asked us all what we would like and the cheering started! It was fantastic! Take a look at some pictures of the afternoon!



What a lovely week...


Wow! Look at the fantastic work produced in 6D this week?! I think you’d agree they’re certainly ready for secondary school with this presentation!

Happy half term!!!


We’ve had a great end to the week.

We have spent lots of time in the hall singing along to our production songs and had a read through of the script.

We have also been spending lots of English lessons focusing on Michael Rosen and wrote some in his style- take a look!


Also, our Art lesson took a funny turn... it seemed to turn into a music lesson- some videos below. 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

What a fun week!


We have debated junk food being banned in local shops, cooked pizzas, eaten pizzas and produced an argument in our writing lessons. Take a look at our pictures. I’m going for a sleep! Have a lovely bank holiday weekend x

We got ready for Easter in 6D this week with our lovely decorations and bunting made by a very kind young lady- thank you!


We have started a beautiful, yet sad book in Year 6 about the meeting of two young boys. A son of a Natzi and a Jewish boy. Today we wrote a diary in role as Bruno (the main protagonist) and as you can see from the pictures everyone worked so hard. Talking of working hard, most children in class this week have received Outstanding daily. It’s such a lovely piece of news to share with you. They have certainly settled well this week so we had a little lollipop treat at the end of today. 

Have a nice weekend x

Such a lovely afternoon in 6D. We decided to be like The Victorians and make our own Christmas decorations and we are so pleased with the result...

It is starting to look like Christmas in 6D...


The frosty mornings that we have had this week got 6D questioning where our Christmas decorations are. I have been asked daily when we are going to add some festive cheer to our classroom, and....I couldn't resist! After a Christmassy DT lesson sewing buttons onto our Christmas themed cushions, we worked together to add some sparkle to the classroom. What a lovely end to the week!


Have a great weekend!

Miss Drennan 



I have uploaded lots of pictures this week to show you all how busy we have been in 6D.


We have totally immersed ourselves in Oliver Twist and have been using lots of descriptive techniques to build up and up level our writing- take a look!


After our 'Victorian' school day (where Mr Barton was our Victorian teacher for the afternoon) we researched what life was like in Victorian schools and have started to write a report- look at the fantastic presentation! These will be completed next week, so I will add them all on here for you to see!


In D&T we recapped different types of stitching (most of us are MUCH better than Miss Drennan at stitching) and researched and made a mood board (like real fashion designers) for our Christmas cushions. The children are absolutely loving D&T and it is lovely to see them working so hard!  


French was learning how to greet people and ask how they are feeling- we have really enjoyed doing the register in French this week and telling each other how we feel.


I've had a lovely week 6D and I hope you have enjoyed it too.

Have a great weekend and I will see you Monday, 

Miss Drennan x

A Super Week!


It has been a super week in 6D, many children have had a full house of 'Outstanding' awards and we also found out our Curriculum Champions for Maths, English and Computing, so I am sure they are very proud tonight. 


We started the week watching snippets of the musical- Oliver! and the children were so transfixed by it- I could have heard a pin drop in my classroom that day. Sadly, as tempting as it was (I think I had to cover my mouth to stop myself!) we cannot sing the songs in the classroom, but we are using Oliver! in our writing. We have experimented with descriptive sentences this week and next week we will be writing a retelling of Oliver's journey to London 'to find his fortune'. I cannot wait to read these...


Have a lovely weekend :)


Miss Drennan hasn't been very well this week, which meant I (Mr Barton) was lucky enough to teach the class for 3 days. We had a no pens Wednesday and a Victorian afternoon, this meant the children got to experience what it was like as Victorian child in all - they all agreed it would not have been enjoyable. All in all, a fantastic week in 6D. Thank you all for being amazing, I hope you have a good weekend.

Mr Barton

More Friday Fun!


A (few) puppet shows, an independent write, a spelling test AND a Science experiment-what day!


All children should have received a user name and password yesterday, this is for our new online learning platform- Purple Mash. I have put a few '2Dos' for the children to have a go at. This is not additional homework it is just a 'check and see' you can use it at home activity.. As far as I can see my side, most children have logged on and I have lots of messages sent to me- well done!


Enjoy your weekends everyone!


Miss Drennan :)

What a week!


What a fantastic week we have had in 6D.


Pretty much everybody has been in OUTSTANDING and I am sure there will be lots of certificates going home next week reflecting this.


We have had such fantastic homework coming into school and class has been absolutely lovely with you all eager to learn and participating in every lesson. My plan for this blog was to upload all the photos from the week, but they are not working :( I will make sure I do this Monday morning, The photos show what a busy week we have had: a fun music lesson- we can pretty much all play the middle section of 'Happy' using the glockenspiels now (I say we....I totally can't), a science experiment, a spelling test and a beautiful art lesson focussing on Monet, I have had a great week- see you Monday!

Friday Fun!


Due to Covid restrictions, we are unable to gather for school assemblies, so each Friday we celebrate in class. Today was super special because we watched a puppet show live in our classroom. Apparently, Queen Victoria loved Fortnite (?!) AND constantly told people to be miserable... lots of laughs to start our Friday morning. The puppet show is a task on this half term’s homework grid. We’ve had some fantastic homework so far and one lucky  girl was sent to show Mrs Gaynor her amazing work on heart surgeons! She arrived back to class with a lovely award sticker! Keep it up 6D.


Children are still receiving certificates too, so please make sure they’re showing you these as I can’t upload pictures on here!


Have a lovely weekend and let’s hope this rain stops!

Music Lesson


What a fantastic lesson we had this week in music.

So far this half term, we have been listening and appreciating songs that make people happy: Pharrell Williams- Happy, The Carpenters- Top of the World and Don’t Worry, Be Happy. 


Today we did some breathing exercises, copied the pulse and rhythm  of a song using our hands and feet and then we used the glockenspiels to recreate part of the song- Happy!


Take a look at our pictures and videos to see us in action.


Just to let you all know, the class email accounts have been updated so you can now contact me on 

This should help us keep in contact throughout this strange time when we cannot see each other on the classroom door as we would have before.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Painting in art


Art lessons this half term are all about painting techniques. This week we focused on creating warm and cool colours using primary block colours and mixing them. It was a really lovely calm lesson. Next week we will be moving on to looking at tint and shade. 6D really look forward to Tuesday afternoons.

If anyone has any old shirts that the children could use as aprons that would be brilliant. :)


Super Science 


What a lovely end to a busy week as we started our new Science topic- forces.

We started the lesson recapping previous knowledge of forces from year 3.  I was shocked by everything you had remembered so we got cracking on lesson 1 and it was all about gravity and how it acts upon the objects on Earth. We had lots of fun measuring with a force meter as the pictures show. 

I have been so impressed by 6D’s presentation in all of their work this week, but in particular our History lesson about Queen Victoria- please keep it up. As a treat, we watched a 6D fav- old school Mr Bean and of course we had a game of.... you guessed it.... Silent Ball! 

A special mention to two children in 6D who will be taking their 11+ over the weekend- the very best of luck to you both! 

Have a lovely weekend! X

Welcome back 6D!


It was wonderful seeing you all back together this week. We had lots of fun and numerous games of silent ball (you guys are still obsessed...) before the hard work and lessons start on Monday... eeek I can’t wait for us to get our teeth into some really fun yet challenging work!


I think we all left school Friday very tired but happy to have our routines and structure back. 

See you Monday! X

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