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Painting in art


Art lessons this half term are all about painting techniques. This week we focused on creating warm and cool colours using primary block colours and mixing them. It was a really lovely calm lesson. Next week we will be moving on to looking at tint and shade. 6D really look forward to Tuesday afternoons.

If anyone has any old shirts that the children could use as aprons that would be brilliant. :)


Super Science 


What a lovely end to a busy week as we started our new Science topic- forces.

We started the lesson recapping previous knowledge of forces from year 3.  I was shocked by everything you had remembered so we got cracking on lesson 1 and it was all about gravity and how it acts upon the objects on Earth. We had lots of fun measuring with a force meter as the pictures show. 

I have been so impressed by 6D’s presentation in all of their work this week, but in particular our History lesson about Queen Victoria- please keep it up. As a treat, we watched a 6D fav- old school Mr Bean and of course we had a game of.... you guessed it.... Silent Ball! 

A special mention to two children in 6D who will be taking their 11+ over the weekend- the very best of luck to you both! 

Have a lovely weekend! X

Welcome back 6D!


It was wonderful seeing you all back together this week. We had lots of fun and numerous games of silent ball (you guys are still obsessed...) before the hard work and lessons start on Monday... eeek I can’t wait for us to get our teeth into some really fun yet challenging work!


I think we all left school Friday very tired but happy to have our routines and structure back. 

See you Monday! X

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