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An interesting Science investigation this week trying to answer our question “How do we use mirrors in our everyday life?”




Today we had a lovely afternoon sketching Victorian images. They really did take my breath away....


Well, I guess you can tell what we’re looking at in our writing lessons in 6D.

I had serious PROUD TEACHER moments today when I just stepped back and watched 6D really embracing Oliver Twist and our drama based on his first meeting with Nancy and Fagin’s “boys”. I can’t believe that what was meant to be a quick freeze frame of the film ended up in such beautiful acting and singing. I can see some of you definitely on a West End stage. Thank you all for putting in 100% - I’ve had such an a amazing day. 

In DT today, we started to design our bags. We had so much fun looking through magazines and seeing which colours and textures work well together for our final design. 

It is Anti Bullying Week next week so remember to wear your odd socks on Monday!


Happy weekend :)


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African Dancing 


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I have had a fantastic week with 6D this week- I don’t know about you guys, but I am soooo ready for a rest- it’s been so busy!

We had a debate in English this week about whether it is acceptable to use a pig heart to save a human life. Please watch the videos- they are just a few of a very successful and interesting debate. 

In science this week, we investigated pulse and whether or not our heart rate changes throughout the day. We did some chilling out and some dance exercises to check this out and found that when we are active our heart rate is higher- do you all remember the science behind this finding?


Art was very relaxing this week, we painted in the style of Erin Hanson. Such a lovely afternoon made even better by listening to Adele’s new song :) This then resulted in our art lesson also turning into a good old sing song! 

Today we also found out our Year 6 House Captains and many congratulations to you all. Remember, it is the turn of Anti Bullying Ambassadors next week- exciting!

What a week- same again next week!?


See you Monday! X



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Busy Week!


Wow! What a week.

We have been learning about the heart and the blood in Science and their roles within our body- check out some of our information texts and job descriptions below. I can’t believe how much we’ve learnt. 

In geography, we were trying to answer the question “What survives in the desert?” We had a pretend visit to the desert and wrote an email about what we saw that was surviving in this dry biome!

The presentation of work this week has been absolutely beautiful- I’m sure you will agree when you check out the pictures. 


Spelling lists were sent out for most of 6D today for their test next Friday. Some children stuck these into homework books but others left with them on paper, so please do ensure your child has a list. I have lots left over if not. 

Enjoy your weekend! X

Great to be back!


Ah well it’s finally great to be back in the classroom after a funny few weeks in 6D.

We have had a great few days getting our teeth into Pig Heart Boy and we will be exploring this book even more in our writing lessons next week. I absolutely love this book and the children seem to be engrossed too.


In Art today, we studied tint and shade and tried out mixing colours to see how we could make our colours darker and lighter. Massive thank you to the 2 girls who cleaned our classroom so wonderfully this afternoon!


We finished our week with a quiz about things we have learnt this week and I was so so pleased that most children got full marks- what an achievement! Really shows you have listened so well!


Children should have left school with a homework book today. The grid is still where you will find the tasks but it would be lovely to see children using their homework books to complete written tasks now too. Spellings will be sent out next week, but occasionally in Year 6 we do unseen tests in preparation for SATS. Therefore, we won’t always send out a list. Any questions, please ask!


Have a lovely weekend! 


Our First Week Together 


Ah 6D, we’ve had a lovely week getting to know each other and my highlight of the week was definitely our music lesson. Having a boogie to “Happy” by Pharell Williams- what was your highlight?


Pig Heart Boy is our new class text and I loved seeing you all sitting at the edge of your seat as we read chapter 1- next week we will really be getting our teeth into it and it won’t disappoint:)


I have been delighted with how well you have all settled in to the Year 6 role and you have shown you will be really sensible role models. Please think about whether you would be interested in putting your name forward for house captain this year :)


Have a lovely weekend x



Hello to the new 6D!


I am really excited to welcome you back to school on Monday and to begin our journey together :) I do hope you are all feeling ready to start a new year full of fun, excitement and lots of learning! I am sure we will spend next week really getting to know each other and how school will run this year, but a few things you will need to know before we start. 


1. On Monday afternoons, Mr Johnson will be teaching you as this is when I have my English leader time. 

2. Mr Johnson will teach you PE and Computing. 

2. Monday will also be your PE day and you should come to school in your full PE kit- please make sure this is a sensible PE kit (black joggers and a white top!)

3. We are still expected to keep all windows and doors open so as the weeks get colder you may bring in an extra jumper/jacket to wear in the classroom.

4. Please ensure you have fresh water in school each day so we can keep hydrated and our brains ready to learn.

5. I am sure there is lots that I haven't mentioned so please remind me/ask me on Monday!!!


Enjoy the weekend and I really cannot wait to see you all,


Miss Drennan x

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House Points

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