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Another great week in 6H!

We have continued learning about our hearts this week, and have spent time researching the ways in which smoking and drinking alcohol can effect our health. Working in groups, we put together short presentations and made leaflets and posters to accompany them.


Our morning group have been looking at a news article about Count Scarpa, a rich Brazillian man, who decided to bury his very expensive car so that he could enjoy it in the afterlife. But all was not as it seemed, as Count Scarpa was actually making a point about the importance of organ donation. Our Guided Reading session became slightly more philosophical as we considered the impact of his stunt, and also the value of the message he was trying to convey.


Have a great weekend!
Miss Harris. smiley

This week, we have continued our learning about the human heart by thinking about what our blood is actually made from. To help us with this, we made a model of human blood using water, food colouring, cheerios, marshmallows, salt and pom poms. I wonder if anybody can explain to their family what each thing represented?🤔


Miss Harris ☺️



Welcome to Year 6!


We have had a fantastic start to Year 6, I have been so impressed with everybody's mature, hard-working attitudes this week. 


As you may already know, children work in three groups for English and Maths, and they are doing a great job of getting used to where they need to be and when. My morning group have brought home spellings, looking at different rules for changing singular nouns into plurals. Please make sure you learn these rules because you will be tested on the 5 spellings you have taken home AND 5 unseen spellings that follow the same rules.


We are continuing with our Homework Grids this year, and I am excited to see all the wonderful activities you choose to complete from them at home. Remember, you need to earn a minimum of 10 stars by completing different tasks on the grid. Children did bring home a copy of the grid today, but if anybody has misplaced theirs, they are available on the school website or I have spare copies!


A quick reminder that PE is on a Wednesday. Whilst the weather is still reasonable (touch wood!) we will be going outside if we possibly can, so please make sure you have suitable footwear for outdoor and indoor PE.


Although it has been a busy week of testing and getting used to new routines, we have found time for a bit of fun! Check out the photographs below of my morning group getting up and active as we practiced our times tables with Super Movers! 


Have a great weekend, guys!
See you all on Monday.

Miss Harris :) 

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