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Keeping busy! 19.06.2020

One member of 6H has been keeping incredibly busy recently, and has sent me lots of fantastic photographs of the things they have been up to. They've been cooking, gardening, sewing and even finding time to practice her times tables! Well done!


If you have been keeping yourself busy, please remember to drop me an email at and let me know what you've been up to. Even if you haven't - email me to say hi!


I hope you are all keeping well.

Miss Harris smiley

Our First Week! 12.06.2020

And that's the end of our first week back! What a whirlwind! I am so proud of the maturity and calmness I have seen from the children who have been back in school this week. You have all taken onboard our new bubble rules and have shown true Broadmeadow spirit as you've got on with what school and lessons now look like. I am so proud of how well and how quickly you have all adapted to the changes and settled back into school-life.


I'm so happy to have received some lovely emails from children who have not come back to school. It's great to see you have been keeping busy with improving your spellings, developing your artistic talents, and enjoying a good book! Please do keep sending your emails to - it absolutely  makes my day to see your smiling faces!


Have a great weekend - fingers crossed for a bit of sun!

Miss Harris smiley

Feeling excited! 05.06.2020


6H, I am SO excited to be welcoming some of you back on Monday. It has been far too long, and I have missed you all so very much!


As I'm sure you can imagine, school is going to be a little bit different to what you were used to. For a start, we won't actually be in our normal classroom. We've moved into Mr Martin's room for a while, so make sure you head to the right classroom on Monday morning! We've set you all up with your own work-stations, where you will have everything you need in your very own named pack. The kitchen will not be selling tuck, so try to remember a nice healthy snack to eat at break-time and of course your water bottles so you can stay well hydrated.


I'm sure some of you are feeling a little bit nervous about coming back, and that's absolutely understandable - it's been such a long time since you've been to school! But there will be lots of familiar faces around to help you settle back in, and I'm sure we'll soon feel like we've never been away! I'm putting up some photographs of Mr Martin's room (we'll call it 6H's room from now on!) so that you can familiarise yourselves with our new environment.


For those of you who are not coming back on Monday, we will continue to upload weekly home learning grids for you to be having a go at. Please keep sending me your emails, I love receiving photos of the things you have been up to.


Whether you're getting ready to return to school or not, I hope you are all keeping safe and feeling well. Take care of yourselves and your families and, fingers crossed, we'll have all of 6H back together soon.


Miss Harris smiley

Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 - 18.05.2020

It is Mental Health Awareness Week 2020, and this year's theme is all about kindness and looking out for each other - something that, given our current situation, is even more important than ever! 


As we continue to follow Government guidelines about social distancing, staying at home and staying safe, sharing kindness is a brilliant way of helping and supporting others. 


So this week, I challenge you all to complete at least one random act of kindness - it doesn't have to be a big act, even the smallest gesture can mean the world to somebody else 


If you're feeling super-kind, why not try this 7 Day Kindness Challenge?


Stay safe, be kind, look out for each other.


Miss Harris smiley

Fab to see some of 6H keeping busy! 15.05.2020

It has been lovely to receive photos of what a few of you have been up to. You've been keeping busy by having a go at some of activities from the home learning grids, as well as some delicious-looking baking. I hope we can all be back together soon so you can bring in some of these tasty creations for us to try!


Please keep an eye on your email inbox for updates following recent Government announcements.


I hope everybody is keeping well and looking after each other.


See you soon,

Miss Harris smiley

Great work from 6H! (04.05.2020)

As we start another week of home learning, it has been lovely to see what some of you have been getting up to! 


New home learning grids have been emailed to parents and are available on this website, under 'Children' and 'Home Learning'. We have lots of activities you can try online as well as tasks to complete away from the computer screen. 


Please send photos of any of the work you have done to:


Stay safe, keep in touch!
Miss Harris smiley

Important Log-In Details for Classroom Secrets Kids! *6H and 6C* (22.04.2020)


In order to give children access to more high-quality online learning, we have created an account on Classroom Secrets Kids for each child. We will be using this website in the coming weeks for activities on our home learning grids so please check you are able to log in by following these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Log in with your username, which is 29746 followed by your child’s first name and the initial of their surname. For example, the username for Sarah Jones would be 29746sarahj (no spaces or capitals). For children with hyphenated first names, such as Mary-Jane Smith, please type both names without a hyphen (29746maryjanes).
  3. Use the password: broadmeadow1

Home learning grids will direct children to specific activities on Classroom Secrets Kids, however please feel free to explore the different games currently available.

Any problems, please email us at

Miss Harris smiley

Mary Berry, watch out! (21.04.2020)

I was thrilled to check our Year 6 emails this morning and find some wonderful photographs of the delicious bakes you have been making this week. Please keep these coming! Ask your parents to email any photographs to and we can keep our blog updated with lots of lovely pictures. 

Stay safe and keep smiling!
Miss Harris smiley

Happy Easter! 03.04.2020

Although school is a very different place at the moment, those of us in school have still managed to have some fun today with an Easter egg hunt around our playground! 

I hope everybody at home is feeling OK and making the most of your daily exercise!

Keep smiling, guys, we’re one day closer to things getting back to normal!


See you all soon.

Miss Harris 😊

Miss Harris Checking In!

Hi guys!


I hope Week 2 of home learning has started well. It's a strange time, 'unprecedented' (great word, 5 house points for anybody who can give me a definition!), and I'm sure some of you are starting to miss our classroom - I know I am!


Whilst there are lots of activities for you to be having a go at in your Home Learning Packs, now is also the time for you to be discovering new skills and interests - maybe you could practice your baking, or plant and grow some vegetables. Have you ever fancied learning to sew, or maybe building something from odd pieces of wood in the shed? 


Having said that, I know lots of you want to get your teeth into some academic learning, so I've got a few websites for you to have a look at:


I would love to see how you are all getting on, so please feel free to email us at the Year 6 address: 

Please also let me know if you have any specific questions or if anything pops into your mind that you think might be useful from us.

Keep in touch and stay safe!

Miss Harris πŸ˜Š

World Book Week and a Wow Starter! (06.03.2020)

We have had a fantastic World Book Week at Broadmeadow! We've had parents in the classrooms, an incredible production in the hall, all sorts of book characters appearing in the corridors on Thursday, and children from the Infants sharing stories with Year 5 and 6. 

And in the middle of all of that, 6H have managed to find time to start their new topic, Darwin's Delights, with a fantastic session using clay to recreate fossils (although you'll have to wait until next week for the final reveals as they are still drying out!)

We were lucky enough to get to hold a real fossil, brought in by a member of our class, whose step-dad unearthed the possible prehistoric fossil whilst working on a building site! 


Have a great weekend!
Miss Harris. :)

Welcome back! 28.02.2020

Welcome back! 
And, I can hardly believe it, I’ve already had some amazing homework for our upcoming topic Darwin’s Delights (I can’t wait to get started on that next week - prepare to get a bit messy on Tuesday!)
We’ve really hit the ground running in Year 6, working hard on our own enquiries about how electricity works and the effects different components have in a circuit. We have planned, carried out, and evaluated our enquiries over the last few days. 
In Jigsaw, we have started our new piece - Healthy Me. We began today by discussing some of the responsibilities we have towards ourselves and at home, as well as thinking about some of the things that can have an impact on our health. 
Don’t forget, next week we are celebrating World Book Day all week! Lots of fun events happening throughout the week and, of course, dressing up as a character from a book on Thursday!

Have a great weekend.

Miss Harris 😁

Happy Half Term! (14.02.2020)

We've made it! Half term is here! And, wow, have we earned a break! This week, my English group have planned, drafted and written fantastic short narratives, thinking carefully about how word choice affects the atmosphere of a piece. Our Maths learning has concentrated on angles - the angles around a point add up to...? And we have been getting to grips with circuits in our Science lessons, considering the effect changing the voltage in a circuit has on the components. 

We have also celebrated our Homework Stars (which was quite a tricky task to choose!) who have been busy creating really imaginative artwork and a truly incredible life-jacket full of gizmos and accessories to help a refugee on their dangerous journey across the sea.


In 6H today, we have set up a buddy system. Each child has chosen a name at random, and will be that person's secret buddy. Their job is to make that person feel happier by completing random acts of (secret) kindness. That might be a little note with kind words on, doing a good deed such as helping them find their pencil case, or even just opening the door and smiling at them. Whatever it is, we want 6H to be a place where everybody feels valued, and everybody is treated kindly. So get your thinking cap on over half term, guys, what can you do that will make somebody else smile?


Have a great half term!
Miss Harris :)

For our No Pens Day, we spent time reading, discussing and reciting a poem called “Home Was Your Refuge, Now They Call You A Refugee”. This moving poem reflects on how life changes for people who are forced to flee their homes. My English group were incredibly mature in their response to the poem, and did a fantastic job of learning verses in their groups to perform in front of the class. Well done!


Our Science work is all about electricity, and this week we have been thinking about what a circuit needs and how a circuit might be affected when we add more components. 

Have a great weekend!

See you on Monday. 😊

A musical afternoon (31.01.2020)

We had a noisy afternoon on Tuesday, recreating the story of a refugee’s journey to safety through music. We thought about the most appropriate instrument to express the part of the journey we were on, and how we could play this in different ways to create a sense of tension or to build emotion within a short piece of music. We had some very imaginative ways of showing a perilous journey over the sea, as well as a very calming change in tempo to recreate the welcoming waves lapping on a shore. 

Feeling Proud! 24.01.2020

Well done, 6H, for your fantastic lining up at lunchtimes. You have impressed the lunchtime supervisors so much that Rosie has come to stay in our room! I’ve been having great feedback from other members of staff about what super role models you are being in assembly and around school, too - keep it up!


A huge thank you to everybody who made it to our Inspire Maths Workshop on Thursday. It was a great opportunity for parents to see exactly what we do and I know a lot of parents were really impressed with the super mathematicians we have in Year 6!


A letter came home last night with details of the SATS revision books that we are, once again, opening orders for. The bundle of 5 books is available at the heavily discounted price of £12.50 - payable on our School Money site. The closing date for orders is Friday 7th February. The children who ordered them before Christmas are already finding them incredibly useful, so they’re definitely worth considering! Any questions, please ask!


Have a great weekend!

See you on Monday. 
Miss Harris 😊

Year 6 had a fantastic day at RAF Cosford on Wednesday. We experienced a real community Anderson Shelter, had chance to try on replica gas marks and authentic WWII uniforms, and had chance to explore some amazing WWII artifacts. And that's not even mentioning all of the different military planes and vehicles, weaponry and missiles that we saw in the hangars! I'm sure all of 6H would agree, it was an incredible way to really consolidate our learning about WWII and help us as we move on with our learning about modern conflict and the impact it has.


Well done to everybody for being really sensible and mature throughout the day!

Miss Harris :)

Welcome back! 10.01.2020

It has been wonderful to see so many enthusiastic, happy faces come back after the Christmas break. I hope you have all recharged your batteries ready for a busy half term!


A few important dates for your diaries:
Wednesday 15th January - Year 6 trip to RAF Cosford.
Still a few payments and/or consent forms outstanding, please can I have those on Monday morning? Children will need to wear school uniform and, unless a lunch has been requested from the kitchens at school, will need a packed lunch on the day. Please ensure your child brings drinks (nothing fizzy!), and a coat as the plane hangers can get a little chilly on cold days!

Thursday 23rd January - Maths Inspire Workshop (9am - approx 10.20am)
Further details to follow for this one!


Homework grids have come home today, with lots of nice activities to have a go at. Please remember, you are expected to complete activities to earn 10 stars before 7th February. Since the revamp of the Library, we have had a whole new selection of amazing books stocked in our Book Corner, which you have been able to choose your reading books from, so get stuck in to your books this weekend, and remember to ask a parent to sign your reading diaries!


Have a great weekend,

See you all on Monday!

Miss Harris :)

Merry Christmas! πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸΌβ˜ƒοΈ

After a fun-filled week, we've made it to half term! This week, we've had Timestables Mastermind, Christmas crafts, our Christmas party, an amazing panto and a fun afternoon of toys and games. What a way to finish our Autumn term!

Have a fantastic Christmas, enjoy spending time with the people you love, and will see you all in 2020!


Miss Harris πŸŽ„πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ…πŸΌ

No Pens Day (06.12.19)


We had great fun this afternoon playing lots of circle games; I think my favourite was Conductor, even if some of our conductors were a little bit too energetic for me to keep up with!


Well done on a fab rehearsal this morning, Year 6. Please do remember to bring in something sparkly next week - if you're really stuck, a bit of tinsel will do to make you shine like superstars! Please also remember reply slips for performance tickets and trip letters!


Have a great weekend,

Miss Harris πŸ˜„

Check out some of our incredible homework! (29.11.19)

With the deadline for this half term's homework fast approaching (Friday 13th December, in case you had forgotten!), I thought it would be lovely to share some of the fantastic homework we have already had in. I always get amazing pieces of homework, but this half term I have been especially impressed with the artistic talents of 6H - well done! Remember, guys, it is expected that you collect at least 10 stars each half term. If you have misplaced your homework grid, I do have some spare copies, or there is a digital copy available on the school website.


Have a great weekend.

See you on Monday.


Miss Harris :)

Tree Planting (19.11.19)

After being rained off last week, today 6H finally got chance to plant our trees on the field. Although the soil was a little wetter than we would have liked, we still managed to get the last of our saplings safely planted. Now we wait with bated breath for the Broadmeadow Forest to grow!

Anti-Bullying Week (15.11.19)

This week has been Anti-Bullying Week and we have shown our support for this on Tuesday by wearing odd socks to show that being different is not a bad thing - in fact, it's exactly what makes us unique and individual! We also took part in a workshop led by the ladies from Malachi, where we thought about what we could do to stop bullying in school. We talked about red actions and words (those things that are hurtful and unkind) and how we should replace them with green actions and words (positive, helpful things that make our school such a fantastic place to be). Year 6 were incredibly mature and sensible throughout our workshop, and I think there was a lot that we have learnt that we can take forward to really make this year our best year at Broadmeadow!


A huge thank you to everyone who attended our Inspire Workshop on Thursday - the children loved getting a chance to show off what they can do, and I know lots of parents found it really useful to get a glimpse of exactly what is expected of our children in their SATs. You are still able to order the bundles of revision books on our School Money website; if you aren't sure which bundle to go for, please come and catch one of us.


I have had lots of requests for copies of our homework grid and I will get some more printed out, I promise! In the meantime, I have put a digital copy on here. We have already had some amazing model Anderson shelters, and fantastic letters from evacuees. Please keep bringing it in!


Have a great weekend!
See you all on Monday.

Miss Harris smiley

A Fab Start To Our New Topic! (08.11.19)

Year 6 started our 'Conflict Part 1: A Child's War' topic by watching the moving, sometimes heart-wrenching, story of Goodnight Mr Tom. The film, set during World War II, follows young William as he is evacuated from London. It gave us a glimpse into what life as an evacuee was like during the war, and got us thinking about the impact of war on the home-front.


Our English lessons have been focussed around our new key text - Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. Although we are only just getting into the book, we have already used it as a stimulus for creating some incredibly high-level writing, thinking carefully about word choice and sentence structure. We know Bruno is not exactly a fan of the new house at 'Out-With' but I wonder where his adventures will lead him...


Have a great weekend!
See you on Monday.

Miss Harris smiley

Beating Hearts Fab Finish Quiz 22.10.19


This afternoon, we held a Year 6 house quiz where children worked together to answer in three challenging rounds: multiple choice subject knowledge, TV & Film and Music. Teams were also able to earn bonus points for great team-work and cooperation, and for making great behaviour choices. The winning team got a dip in the prize box, along with a number of individuals who stood out as being fantastic team players and role models.


Well done Year 6, it was a great way to finish our current topic. 

I can't wait to see what fun our next topic brings!


Miss Harris 😊

WOW WOW WOW! 18.10.19


Oh my goodness me, 6H you were absolutely incredible this morning - what a brilliant Harvest Festival assembly! Incredible prop-makers; phenomenal song-writers; children willing to stand in at the very last minute and take on pretty big roles with half an hour’s notice - you should all be so proud of yourselves. 

And it was all in aid of a very worthwhile charity food-bank, so a massive ‘thank you’ to everybody who managed to bring in a food donation. I know when B30 Food bank come to collect it on Monday, they will be as thrilled as I am. You are helping to support members of our local community who are finding things a little difficult and I’ve no doubt they are incredibly grateful for your generosity. 


Have a great weekend, see you all on Monday for the last week of this half term. 

Miss Harris 😊

What a week! 10.10.19


I can’t wait to see all of the fantastic photos from Kingswood. I caught up briefly with Mrs Hankinson and Mr Barton, who sang the praises of everybody that went!


The children who stayed at school have been busy creating art inspired by the Pop Art movement, and have certainly brightened up our cloak room with their incredible self-portraits. Can you work out who’s who?

National Poetry Day 2019 - 03.10.19


To celebrate the 25th anniversary of National Poetry Day, we watched poets performing pieces all with the theme of Truth. Although, 'truth be told', we did get a little side-tracked and ended up watching some hilarious poetry by Michael Rosen and some incredibly moving poetry by a man who I think might be my new favourite poet - Tony Walsh.

We really felt the difference when listening to poetry being performed, compared to just reading it from a book. The words came alive and more than a few children talked about feeling goosebumps, being really touched by the words of the poems.

I overhead one child say it was, and I quote, "The best English lesson ever!" and I think I might have to agree!


Miss Harris smiley


We have had a busy week in Year 6 (nothing new there!)

In Maths, we have been looking at division, recapping bus stop division and moving on to long and short division by two-digit numbers. I was so impressed with how everybody persevered and tried their best! Well done!

Our hard work has also paid off in English this week. After planning and drafting, today was the day that we wrote our diary entries from the perspective of a character from our book, Pig Heart Boy. Everybody has shown a fantastic understanding of the character they have written as - it's like the character themselves was sat in my classroom telling me about their day!


A quick reminder that we do ask, even in Year 6, that children read at home to a parent or responsible adult a few times each week. Children can record this is their reading records, and we ask that you just sign to confirm. It's really important for their own writing, and to develop their vocabulary, but also just so they understand the value and enjoyment in a good book!


Have a great weekend,

See you all on Monday!
Miss Harris :)

Another great week in 6H!

We have continued learning about our hearts this week, and have spent time researching the ways in which smoking and drinking alcohol can effect our health. Working in groups, we put together short presentations and made leaflets and posters to accompany them.


Our morning group have been looking at a news article about Count Scarpa, a rich Brazillian man, who decided to bury his very expensive car so that he could enjoy it in the afterlife. But all was not as it seemed, as Count Scarpa was actually making a point about the importance of organ donation. Our Guided Reading session became slightly more philosophical as we considered the impact of his stunt, and also the value of the message he was trying to convey.


Have a great weekend!
Miss Harris. smiley

This week, we have continued our learning about the human heart by thinking about what our blood is actually made from. To help us with this, we made a model of human blood using water, food colouring, cheerios, marshmallows, salt and pom poms. I wonder if anybody can explain to their family what each thing represented?πŸ€”


Miss Harris ☺️



Welcome to Year 6!


We have had a fantastic start to Year 6, I have been so impressed with everybody's mature, hard-working attitudes this week. 


As you may already know, children work in three groups for English and Maths, and they are doing a great job of getting used to where they need to be and when. My morning group have brought home spellings, looking at different rules for changing singular nouns into plurals. Please make sure you learn these rules because you will be tested on the 5 spellings you have taken home AND 5 unseen spellings that follow the same rules.


We are continuing with our Homework Grids this year, and I am excited to see all the wonderful activities you choose to complete from them at home. Remember, you need to earn a minimum of 10 stars by completing different tasks on the grid. Children did bring home a copy of the grid today, but if anybody has misplaced theirs, they are available on the school website or I have spare copies!


A quick reminder that PE is on a Wednesday. Whilst the weather is still reasonable (touch wood!) we will be going outside if we possibly can, so please make sure you have suitable footwear for outdoor and indoor PE.


Although it has been a busy week of testing and getting used to new routines, we have found time for a bit of fun! Check out the photographs below of my morning group getting up and active as we practiced our times tables with Super Movers! 


Have a great weekend, guys!
See you all on Monday.

Miss Harris :) 

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