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Year 6, you are amazing ❀️

It certainly hasn't been the end of year we'd all hoped for, but it has been lovely to see so many of you on our Zoom calls and we hope to see you on Friday when we will be in school 10-11am and 1-2pm so that you can pop in and collect books, certificates and maybe even a little gift!


As a year group, you haven't had it easy over this entire pandemic; between complete lockdowns, remote learning, rule changes, social distancing, huge changes to our daily routines, it really has been a bizarre 18 months. As adults, we have sometimes found it all a little overwhelming; as children, you have bounced back after every hurdle, smiles on your faces, ready for the next challenge. I have so much admiration for each of you, you have persevered through possibly the most difficult time anybody has faced during their education. Never underestimate how strong and utterly brilliant you are. We had a scene all about superheros in our production; actually, every one of you should have been on stage for that because you are all absolute heros.


At the moment, I'm sure some of you are feeling nervous about September - that's normal! I promise you, on that first day, after the butterflies in your tummies have settled, you'll realise you are totally ready for this next adventure! Just keep being the best you can be, make those good choices, be the good person, show your new schools exactly what it means to be a Broadmeadow superstar! And please don't be a stranger - Miss Drennan and I will be right where you left us and we'd love for you to pop back and say hi!


I hope you all have a brilliant summer. Stay safe, make memories, be kind.

You are all utterly incredible and I already miss my amazing 6H.


Lots of love, Miss Harris x

It’s Coming Home! 09.07.21

Apparently there’s some football match happening this weekend? Kind of a big deal? 😜 We’ve had a brilliant day getting behind the England boys before Sunday’s game. 

We’ve also been putting the final pieces of our Leavers’ Production together so watch this space for updates on how and when you can watch that!


And to finish of a fab day, we got our leavers’ hoodies! Remember, you can wear those all next week, along with PE kits, for our exciting activity week. 

Have a super weekend. 
It looks like it really could be coming home βš½οΈπŸ€žπŸ»πŸ†


Miss Harris x

Enjoying the sun! 02.07.2021

Still image for this video

We took our chance to enjoy the lovely weather and went onto the field this afternoon, where we had an impromptu singing rehearsal and an energetic game of kick rounders. Children are coming home a little hot and sweaty but had a fab time burning off a bit of energy and working fantastically as a team!


Please, please, please bring any costumes or props for our production in on Monday as we really need to start filming so we can get it edited and ready to go!


Have a great weekend,

Miss Harris 😊

Our first 75 Outstandings! 18.06.21

A HUGE congratulations to the first three members of 6H to have hit 75 Outstandings this year, and have earned not only another own-clothes day but also a McDonald’s lunch! 

In fact, we had so many children being rewarded for all the fantastic choices they make in school, half of 6H were in own-clothes today so well done! Keep it up and soon we’ll all be enjoying a cheese burger and fries on a Friday! And don’t forget, the next step is a golden raffle ticket to enter the draw to win a scooter!


Have a super weekend, fingers crossed the sun comes back out 🀞🏻

Miss Harris 😊


P.S. Please do remember, PE is on a Tuesday so children should come in  normal PE kit (plain shorts/joggers and a plain t-shirt and hoodie - NO football kits please!). If, for any reason, this changes, parents will be notified via text message. 

Happy Half Term! 28.05.21

We have had a lovely end to this half term - we’ve started practising our end of year production (where HAS this year gone?!), written beautiful poems inspired by Michael Rosen, created stunning art work in the style of John Piper and even managed a cheeky film afternoon to finish off!


I hope you all have a lovely half term, and the weather gets a nice as the forecast promises! See you all in a week, ready for our last half term of Year 6! 

Miss Harris x

Mental Health Awareness Week 14.05.21

We all know our mental health is just as important as our physical health. If we’ve got a broken bone or a bad cut, we know we can go to the doctor’s for help. But what if we’re feeling a bit sad, or angry? We talk about our trusted adults a lot in school, but sometimes we still need a little more support. Today, we had a look at the websites for lots of different children’s mental health charities, and explored the different ways those charities can support us. Some sites had lots of games and quizzes to do, others had really useful tips, articles and videos. We found lots of charities had different ways we could get in touch if we needed a little extra support, or if we wanted to support a friend who was struggling. 

We have also had fun this afternoon (for scientific purposes, of course!) and have carried out our own investigations into how different intensity exercises impact our heart. It was useful to have stethoscopes to hear our heart beating - and made us feel like doctors!


Have a great weekend. 
Miss Harris ☺️


Who needs Pizza Hut? 30.04.21

Year 6 had a fantastic time making their pizzas on Tuesday - the classroom smelt delicious after they had been cooked! Thank you for sending lots of yummy ingredient in! 

In our English lessons, we have been looking at argument writing. To help get us thinking about how we can structure arguments to persuade people, we held a debate: “Should junk food be banned from sale in local shops?” I was so impressed by how well you all explained your arguments, using statistics and research to support your point, and by how respectfully you listened to the opposing side. 

Just a reminder: Monday is bank holiday so school is closed; Thursday is voting day so school will not be open to children, although home learning will be provided to be completed on the day and returned on Friday. 

I hope you all enjoy a lovely long weekend, I’m keeping my fingers crossed the weather report has got it wrong! β˜€οΈπŸ€žπŸ»πŸ™ˆ


See you all on Tuesday,

Miss Harris 😊

Welcome Back! 23.04.21

Welcome back, everybody! It was so lovely to see all your smiling faces on Tuesday morning 😊 You’ve all come back absolutely ready for all of the hard work and fun we’ve got planned this term!


Already this week, we have used our knowledge of fraction and decimal equivalents to piece together a rather tricky puzzle. We have also made a start on our new History topic, looking at Birmingham through the ages. To help us understand the development of our vibrant city, we have started putting together giant time lines dating all the way back to 1000AD.


Next week, we are finishing off our D&T project, so please check bags/pockets for a letter that came home this afternoon. 

Have a super weekend, guys!

See you all on Monday,

Miss Harris 😊

Feeling positive! 26.03.21

Our classroom has been a buzz of energy this week (even if I've made you do a few tests...) and I have been so impressed by the perseverance and dedication everybody has shown. Because of this fantastic attitude to learning, 6H managed to earn enough class points over the week for an extra break-time on Thursday - and with the weather we've had today it's a good thing we chose to spend those points when the sun was shining!

In the classroom, everybody has been working incredibly hard on their WWII reports, and I can't wait to see the finished pieces of work on Monday! Keep an eye out on here for photos of the detailed, imaginative and just plain amazing work!


Have a fab weekend, 

Miss Harris smiley


6H Are Loving Dear Time! 19.03.21

Our Drop Everything And Read (DEAR) time has been such a lovely addition to our timetable. Just ten minutes with a good book has felt like such a treat throughout the week, particularly with how hard everybody has been working since our return!


To help remind us of all our History remote learning, we had a go at creating model Anderson shelters, like those used during the Blitz in WWII. It was a great afternoon of teamwork, problem solving, and a bit of artistic interpretation!


Well done on another great week, 6H! Have a super weekend and I’ll see you on Monday morning, ready for another action-packed week!


Miss Harris πŸ™‚

Welcome back! (12.03.21)

I can't explain how fantastic it has been to be back in the classroom and all together again! Each of you has come back with such a wonderfully positive attitude, having taken months of remote learning in your stride and settled back into school-life like absolute superstars. I am so proud of you all, and you should be proud of yourself because WOW, you're amazing!

I think we've all earnt a bit of a lie-in tomorrow, so have a great weekend and I can't wait to see you all on Monday morning,


Miss Harris smiley

Merry Christmas! 18.12.2020


We have had a fantastic last week of term - we’ve got crafty with more sewing, had fun making dotty calendars and Christmassy-fied (is that a word??) ourselves for our cards. On top of all that, today we’ve had our behaviour assembly on Zoom - and won overall best class πŸ™ŒπŸ» - enjoyed a Christmas film and even managed to have a bit of a Christmas party - including a well-ventilated, bubble-safe dance party with 6D!


Although it’s going to be a very different Christmas to any we have known before, I hope you all have a super break. See you all in the New Year. 

Miss Harris πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸ»β˜ƒοΈ

6H Superstars! (11.12.2020)

We have had so much fun putting something together for a very special Broadmeadow Christmas celebration (more to be revealed very soon!). Since I can’t spoil the surprise by posting the whole thing on here just yet, I’ve taken screenshots of some of favourite moments. I think there might be some future superstars of stage and screen in 6H!


Have a super weekend!

Miss Harris 😊

I hope Miss Harris doesn’t mind...

Hi 6H!


I have had such a lot of fun today! I was blown away by your amazing descriptions in English, the way you used animals to describe a human’s characteristics was incredible! 


I hope you all appreciated my help in organising your zone board this morning! 

I’m already excited for another day of fun tomorrow. Now, what mischief can I cause before then, I wonder?


Lots of love,



Getting Crafty! (13.11.2020)


This half term, we will be working on a textiles project in our DT lessons. So, this week we had a go at hand sewing some different stitches. For some of us, it was the first time we had ever threaded a needle so everybody should be incredibly proud of trying a new skill. I can’t wait to see what your creative minds design and make this half term!


Miss Harris 😊

No Pens Day 04.11.2020


Since our final week of last half term was interrupted, we have today enjoyed a whole day of school with no pens! But that didn't mean no learning for 6H!

We have been busy getting to grips with the ancient Chinese tradition of tangrams, using shapes cut from a square to create other shapes and even some pictures - can you work out what the pictures are? We finished off last half term's Music unit, focussing on the Pharrell Williams song 'Happy', learnt about the different states in the USA and kept up to date with the latest in the Presidential elections currently taking place there. 




Home Learning 20.10.2020

It has been fab to see lots of you logging on to Purple Mash over the last week - and it's a good thing we got our practise in when we did, because now we need it for real! Each day this week, we will be setting some Maths and English work, as well as some 'wider curriculum' activities (History, Science, etc.). Please remember, it is an expectation that this work is completed by all children. 


As detailed in the letter you went home with, we will now be having our Teacher Day on Monday 2nd November. Once you have completed the work we set for Friday 23rd October, you will not be expected to complete any work through the half term holiday or on the first Monday of November.


If parents are unsure of anything, please feel free to email us at


I'm already excited to see you all back on Tuesday 3rd!


Stay safe, be kind, and check your Purple Mash!

See you all soon,

Miss Harris smiley

An exciting new way to work from home! 16.10.2020


Today, you have taken home your log-in details for Purple Mash, which is the way in which we will be sending remote learning home if we find ourselves in a situation that requires it. Having said that, it's such a lovely website, with so many fantastic resources and a really great blogging/message board tool, that I think we might find it becomes a regular feature in our 'normal' learning.

When you log on, please make sure you use the website given at the bottom of your log-in card: Please try to log on over the weekend, and have a go at the activity I have set. Whilst you're there, why not drop me a message on our brand new Year 6 message board? Remember, I will have to review and allow any comments before they will be visible to everybody else in 6H. Don't forget, you can also edit your avatar - I particularly like the banana suit laugh


Have a great weekend.

See you on Monday.


Miss Harris smiley

Super Science - 09.10.2020


This afternoon, we investigated how we can alter the effect of air resistance on a spinner (after having a bit of fun racing them!). We altered the weight or surface area of our spinners and timed the drops using stop watches. 

I was so impressed by everybody’s scores in today’s spelling test - you’ve obviously been practising! Well done!


Our homework display is looking wonderful, please keep bringing in any homework you complete so you can add your stars to our chart!


Have a great weekend. 
Miss Harris 😊



Welcome to October! And doesn't it look like autumn outside? 

It has been a really positive week in 6H, with children receiving certificates for reaching 10 'Outstandings' already this term and for having superb attitudes to learning in the classroom. It is wonderful to see mature Year 6s making good choices at school - keep it up!


As the weather appears to be getting wetter, please make sure you are prepared for indoor and outdoor PE on Tuesday. 


Don't forget to keep your amazing homework coming in too! 


Have a great weekend!

See you all on Monday.

Miss Harris :)

This week, we have been busy artists, historians, writers and mathematicians! We have drafted wonderful setting descriptions that focus on creating lots of intense atmosphere, researched some of the incredible gadgets and machines that were invented during the Victorian Era and played with tints and shades to create beautiful watercolour paintings. 

I’ve been so excited to see some of the fabulous homework you have been working on too, please keep it coming in!


Have a great weekend!

Miss Harris 😊



You should have received your spellings lists for this half term already, but if you've misplaced them here are next week's spellings. We are thinking about the suffix -ably. How does it alter the ending of our root words?



  1. acceptably

  2. adorably

  3. unsuitably

  4. inevitably

  5. regrettably

  6. excusably

  7. considerably

  8. tolerably

  9. capably

  10. comfortably


Our golden spellings are:

  1. occupy
  2. occur


Get pracitising ready for our test next Friday. And don't forget to bring in any homework you have completed so far in to earn your stars!


Have a great weekend.

Miss Harris smiley

What a fantastic start to the year! 11.09.2020


We have had a busy week of getting used to new routines and settling back into school life.

I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed sitting together and having time to really get into our new novel - I’m desperate to read ahead and find out whether or not Cam goes for the pig’s heart but I promise I’ll wait until Monday!

We’ve already been working on our writing too, developing lots of descriptive language to transport our readers to a dark, gloomy forest where we have happened upon an abandoned house. And, wow, some of the ideas you all came up with give me goosebumps!


I hope you all enjoy a well-earned rest this weekend - you’ll need it ready for the busy week I have planned for us next week!


See you on Monday,

Miss Harris 😊



Welcome back!


I have been so impressed with the fantastic, positive attitudes you have all come back to school with! You have settled in to our new routines like superstars, it already feels like we’ve never been away! 


• Our PE day is Tuesday so please ensure you have kit in school as we aren’t able to lend spare kit out.

• Bring a water bottle for in the classroom - a hydrated brain works much better! Only water in the classroom though please, no squash.

• If you would like to bring a reading book from home, it must then stay in school until you have finished it.

• No pencil cases or other equipment should be brought in from home at the moment.


Have a great weekend, see you all bright and early on Monday for our first full week of Year 6!


Miss Harris 😊

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House Points

  • Oak Spring Term Winners
  • Ash
  • Elm Autumn Term Winners
  • Pine



  • 3H 92%
  • 3B 95%
  • 4S 93%
  • 4W 95%
  • 5T 96%
  • 5B 93%
  • 6D 94%
  • 6H 96%

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