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This week, we have really started to explore our History focus of World War II.

To begin with, we pieced together the events that led up to the outbreak of war, and put these in a timeline.


Creating an evacuee’s suitcase helped us to understand how little children were able to take with them when they left the cities for the safety of the countryside.


We took on the role of an evacuee and shared our stories and experiences with the rest of the class - some children had a wonderful time but, unfortunately, others did not have such welcoming host families. 


Please remember, homework must be returned to school on Monday. 
This week, children have been asked to complete pages 6-8 in their Maths books and pages 4-7 in their Grammar books. I have included a reminder of the dates and pages we will be setting the children to complete between now and SATs week. 

Have a great weekend!

Miss Harris ☺️

Welcome back! 07.01.22

Welcome back, Year 6! It’s been lovely to have you all back in class after our Christmas break. You’re definitely all ready for our next term, which will be one filled with lots of hard work but also a lot of fun! 

To ease us back in, we’ve been warming our brains up with lots of Maths games this week - have a look at the photos where we might have got just a little competitive playing a times tables game!


This term, our PE day has moved to Thursday, so please remember to come in your kits (dark shorts/joggers, white T-shirt and a dark coloured hoody) on a Thursday and not a Tuesday!


Have a great weekend!

Miss Harris ☺️

After working incredibly hard all term, we have lots of fun in our final week of Autumn Term! Have a look at the photographs of our party day, complete with Christmas Quiz and dance-off in the hall, and today’s Games Afternoon!


I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas - see you in 2022! πŸŽ„πŸŽ‰πŸŽ†


Miss Harris x

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! 03.12.21

We’ve had a new memeber of 6H join us this week - Stanley, our Elf! He’s helped us get in the Christmas spirit by delivering a fabulous tree that we’ve enjoyed decorating this afternoon! 

Have a look at the photos of our Science investigations, trying to find an answer to our question ‘how can we change a shadow?’ 

We are filming a special Christmas video next week so please remember to bring something Christmassy - our theme is ‘giving gifts’ so a Santa hat, Christmas bow, or anything related to that would be perfect!


Have a great weekend!

Miss Harris x

Writing, baking and mirrors! 26.11.21

London Bath buns.mp4

Still image for this video

We have been really enjoying our writing over the last few weeks, which has been inspired by 'Oliver!' - a musical based in Victorian England. Today, we have been independently trying out some of the sentence structures we have looked at in our last few lessons. We then worked together to edit and improve our writing.


In Science, we investigated how we can manipulate reflections using mirrors at different angles, which meant we *obviously* had to crack out the Christmas decorations because what else were we going to use as props in front of the mirrors?! We continued our investigation by looking at the polygons that were created using reflections of triangles with different angles.


I know lots of you have been busy earning stars for this half term's homework grid. I'm loving seeing the different ways you're coming up with to present your work - the cookery program (check out the video!) has to be one of my favourites! Please don't forget, we have print outs of all of the tasks on the homework grid at the back of the classroom.


Have a brilliant weekend!

See you on Monday,

Miss Harris x


Our week started with Odd Sock Day - chance to think about the theme for this year’s Anti-Bullying Week, ‘One Kind Word’. In our Guided Reading, we thought about this theme and chose one kind word to base our own short stories and comic strips on. 
On Friday, we had a brilliant day celebrating Children in Need 2021. It was lovely to hear why you’d chosen your outfits and how they made you happy!

We found a Children in Need dance-along, which was lots of fun to have a go at, and watched possibly the most tense sporting event ever - The CiN Biscuit Build! 🀣

Thank you to everybody who joined us in raising money for this fantastic charity!


Miss Harris x

Next week is Anti-bullying Week, and to kick it off we will be taking part in Odd Sock Day on Monday 15th November! It's so simple to take part and show your support - just wear odd socks!


This week, we have been exploring the history of Calypso music, creating colourful posters and timelines showing how this exciting and energetic style of music developed.


Lots of you have already started bringing in your homework - well done! I have included an image of our current homework grid with this blog in case you have mislaid yours!


Have a super weekend, guys!
See you on Monday x

Debating & Painting 15.10.21

The main character in our book, “Pig Heart Boy”, is the first person in the world to undergo a xenotransplantation (transplanting organs across species, in case you were wondering!) but is it right to use another species’ organs for our own benefit? Well, opinions in 6H were split, so we held a debate to try and come to a resolution on the matter. We adhered to the rules of listening to others, taking turns to speak, and acknowledging others’ opinions, and had to think carefully about how to articulate our opinions. I’m still not sure I know which side of the debate I’m on, perhaps your writing next week will help me to decide!


We finished our week with the most calming Art lesson I think I’ve ever had the pleasure of being in! Relaxing music, water colours, and some absolutely spectacular final pieces! Well done everyone πŸŽ¨πŸ–Œ


Have a fantastic weekend, and I’ll see you all on Monday!


Miss Harris x

Outside-the-box thinking in Maths! 01.10.21

Our Maths lessons at Broadmeadow all start with an anchor task - a real-life problem that gives us the chance to really explore a mathematic concept. On Wednesday, we looked at a problem where we needed to work out how many marbles each child in a group had. Sounds easy, but we soon found we had to really think outside the box and apply all our addition and subtraction knowledge to find an answer. And even then, our job wasn’t done - have a look at the different ways we found to represent the problem!


In our geography lessons, we have been studying desert biomes and asking ‘what can survive the desert?’ We began by thinking about how camels are adapted to survive the harsh conditions. As a treat, on Friday, we watched a bit of David Attenborough’s Planet Earth! 

Miss Harris x

More super work in 6H! 24.09.21

This week in Maths, we have be getting to grips with negative numbers. To help us with this, we played a game using a number line from -13 to 13 and battled against our partner to roll two dice, add the digits and move that many jumps in our direction (either positive or negative). We tried the game lots of different ways, adding our own rules in such as bouncing back from the end with however many jumps were left on your go, allowing doubles to throw again, but throwing two doubles having a forfeit and choosing whether to add, subtract, multiply or divide the numbers rolled. And we promise, we only got a little bit competitive!


To recap the events in our book, Pig Heart Boy, we had a go at creating an emotions graph for our main character. He’s certainly had some ups and downs already, and we’re only four chapters in! With so much of the book left, and Cam’s decision already made that he’s going for the pig’s heart, I wonder where our story will take us?


I hope you all have a lovely weekend! 
See you on Monday. 

Miss Harris x





Suspense writing in 6H - 17.09.2021

This week, we have been thinking about how our language choices can help us create atmosphere and build tension in a narrative. We began by thinking about words and phrases that could describe an eerie door, before playing around with different sentence structures to add detail and interest to our writing. Take a look at the fantastic short narratives we have then written this week - talk about leaving you on a cliff-hanger!


A reminder that PE is Tuesday, so please keep coming in your very smart-looking PE kits. 


As the weather seems to be a bit unsettled at the moment, I just wanted to remind you that we are still keeping all windows and doors open to ensure adequate air-flow in the classroom, and so the classroom may get a little chilly. Children are encouraged to bring a plain hoody or extra jumper to wear over the top of their school jumper/cardigan if they get cold.


Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend!
See you all on Monday.


Miss Harris x



A fabulous first week back! 10.09.2021


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

I have been so impressed by how fantastically well everybody has come back to school! You are already all showing what fabulous, mature and sensible role models you are going to be as the top of the school!


We are incredibly excited to be able to vote for House Captains again this year, so start thinking about whether it’s a role you’d like to put your name forward for - I can already think of lots of names I would suggest as brilliant candidates for the role!


I’ve already had you all working hard, and, wow, you have all risen to the challenges I’ve set this week! So, it’s been lovely to spend a couple of afternoons starting our new unit of work for Music, all based on the song ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams, and beginning to experiment with creating colours in Art. 

We really have hit the ground running in Year 6, so I imagine a few of you are feeling rather tired this evening! I hope you all have a lovely weekend (and maybe a bit of a lie-in!) and I will see you all well-rested on Monday morning, ready for another action-packed week!


Miss Harris x


Hello 6H! 


I hope you have all had a good break this summer, and are as excited as I am to get into the classroom on Monday morning! Year 6 is a very important year of school, but I think it's also the most fun! I can't wait to get started on our adventure together!


Our PE day is Tuesday so please remember to come into school wearing your PE kits. Just a reminder, PE kits should be dark (black / grey / blue) joggers, leggings or shorts, a white t-shirt or polo shirt and trainers suitable for outdoor sports.


Looking forward to seeing you all bright and early on Monday morning!

Miss Harris x

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