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Going out with a blast!!

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We finished the year on an absolute high, with the best trip I think I've ever been fortunate enough to take part in to Weston!! It was a joy to see every single one of you have fun and spend quality time with your friends. Keep those memories as you move forward with your journeys through life.

You are all special, unique, amazing individuals and I will miss each and every one of you. I am so proud of how you have all grown this year - keep being incredible and always stay true to who you are. I know you will all go on to do fantastic things and I really wish you all the luck in the world at secondary school.


But for now... 


Have an amazing summer, stay safe, and I'm sure we'll see some of your faces around school next year!


Miss Harris 😊❤️☀️

What a week!


Everybody's hard work and dedication well and truly paid off on Tuesday, when Year 6 put on the most phenomenal end of year production. I'm sure everybody who managed to watch it would agree, you are all superstars and 'Broadmeadow Does Cinerella & Rockerfella' should be a West-End musical!!


This afternoon, we all enjoyed our leavers' disco - eating lots of sweets, drinking far too much fizzy pop, and having a go at the Macarena!


Children have brought home their reports today, which include a page detailing their SATS results. If anybody isn't sure exactly what the numbers mean, there will be opportunity to chat with me at our celebration of work evening, next Tuesday.


Have a great weekend. See you next week, for your final week of Junior School, and our amazing trip to Weston!! 🏖️☀️😎

A quick reminder!

As we head towards our penultimate week of term, we are all very excited to be performing our end of year production this Tuesday - we hope to see as many of you there as possible! Just a quick reminder to those children who have yet to bring their costumes in: townspeople just need their own clothes, and in this heat I would suggest a summery outfit would be best as the stage lights can get super hot to work under! We have our dress rehearsal tomorrow, so please bring your costumes in the morning!


If anybody hasn't yet brought in a photograph of them as a baby or in the Infants school in, please could you try and do that this week as well please!


And finally, Sports Day is on Thursday this week, so please make sure you have PE kit with trainers, and a t-shirt in your house colours (if possible!) in school.


See you in the morning!

Miss Harris :) 

A busy week at Broadmeadow!


Well done to everybody who entered the Science Fair on Tuesday, and thank you Mrs Bendle for your hard work organising it - and cleaning up after it! It was great to see so many different experiments and exhibitions! You all worked really hard and certainly taught me a few things about chemical reactions, friction and oobleck!

Wednesday was 'No Pens Day', so we took the opportunity to play some great Maths games and work on our acting skills ready for our Leavers' Production (but shhhhhh! Don't give away any secrets about it!!).


Please remember to start bringing in your baby or Infant School photos!


Have a great weekend!

Miss Harris ☺️

6H are on a roll!!

For the third week in a row, BJ Bear - our school attendance bear - has been with us because we have had THE BEST attendance in the school! Well done, guys! Let's keep it up!


Just a reminder to return the letters that have gone home recently - one about our end of year trip to Weston and the other about our leavers' production and assembly.


Have a great weekend, 

See you on Monday!


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Celebrating the end of SATS (just a little bit late!)

We had a brilliant afternoon at the park today, and the sun actually came out to play as well! It was fantastic to have some time to run around, climb, swing and have fun! I was so impressed with how sensibly you all walked there and back, and how well you shared the equipment with each other and the small children who were there. You were an credit to the school and really showed what mature, sensible children you are.


Miss Harris laugh

Well done, Year 6!!

You have all worked your socks off over the last few months preparing for this week, and YOU'VE MADE IT! SATS are done, you survived!! And actually, you were all fantastic throughout it all. You should be incredibly proud of your achievements - I certainly am!


After a stressful few days, it was lovely to see your artistic sides coming through as we designed our own extreme environments on Friday. More interesting things to come from those in the near-future!


I hope you are all enjoying a well-earned rest this weekend!

See you all on Monday! 😊

SATS - we are ready for you! 💪🏻

We've worked hard this week (just like every other week, actually!) preparing for next week. But revision doesn't have to be boring! We've played Hangman, pretended to be the teacher and marked a SPaG paper, took part in team quizzes, used iPads and competed in a Pointless-style grammar quiz!


All this hard work means you are ready for this! ​​​ So this weekend, go and play at the park or play a board game with your family; bake a delicious cake or watch your favourite film. Get a good night's sleep on Sunday, wake up refreshed, enjoy a good breakfast and come to school ready to show off everything you can do!


You are all amazing. You've got this 👍🏻🏅🐱

Welcome Back! (03.05.19)

To our final term of Year 6! And it looks to be an incredibly busy term!


I was really impressed with the fantastic attitudes everybody came into school with yesterday - all the children worked fantastically hard in their small groups, well done! A really worth-while morning!


Today, we were visited by a police officer, who spoke to Year 6 about the importance of making responsible and sensible choices in our lives. The children really took on board the message of the talk, and I'm sure will reflect on it as they prepare for Secondary School and beyond.


It has been lovely to see lots of fantastic homework from over the Easter break - I especially love the mindfulness jars, and the amazing natural art!


Enjoy a long weekend, see you all on Tuesday!

Great to see some fab homework (and I've actually managed to get some stars for our chart too!!!!!)

Great to see some fab homework (and I've actually managed to get some stars for our chart too!!!!!) 1

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! 1

What a half term! Year 6 have worked SO hard, you have all definitely earned a good break!

Homework grids have come home today - they include lots of nice ideas for activities to promote mindfulness and a positive mental attitude. We have also sent home packs that the children might like to have a go at in preparation for after the holidays (I'm banning THAT word for the whole half term!!)


Year 6, you should be so proud of how well you are all coping with what we know is a very demanding year. Keep doing what you're doing, you are amazing!


Enjoy your break, stay safe, have fun!


See you in a couple of week!
Miss Harris :) 

Dali Inspired Sculptures

Taking inspiration from 'Space Elephant' - a sculpture by Salvador Dali - we have designed and made our own animal-based sculptures. We used clay to create the animal, which represents robustness and strength, and lollipop sticks for legs, symbolising fragility. 

The pupils become the teachers!

Today in our Maths group, we had a go at marking an Arithmetic test that had been completed by 'James Smith'. He had made lots of silly mistakes and so didn't score very highly! The children did a fantastic job of working in pairs to find and explain his mistakes!

Super Star Writers! (29.03.19)

I have been absolutely blown away by the fantastic writing my English group have produced this week! It has been a long process from initially planning our ideas for a modern fairy tale but, my goodness, it has been worth the wait! You should all be so proud of yourselves for working so hard and persevering to write such amazing stories! J. K. Rowling had better watch out - Year 6 might have some future best-selling authors among them!


Miss Harris :)

Friday 22nd March 2019


After an eventful week last week, we have had a slightly quieter one this week - although that's not to say we haven't all been working incredibly hard as usual! Our modern fairy tales are coming along fantastically, and I was very impressed with the balanced arguments you all wrote about whether graffiti is art or vandalism!


I'm off to the supermarket this weekend because I owe a quite a few of you some homework stars for our grid! Unfortunately, there are a few names with no stars next to them yet. Remember, you can  bring it all in at the end of this half term, but it's nice to see what you've been doing as you complete activities. I've attached the homework grid to this post in case you've misplaced yours.


Have a super weekend!
See you on Monday!

Miss Harris smiley

Picture 1

A fun twist on traditional tales! (15.03.19)

We have all been working hard in our English groups this week creating our own modern fairy tales. We've spent some time thinking about classic fairy tales and have thought of some fantastic ways we can bring them up-to-date, including Cinderella going ice-skating or losing her sun glasses at a festival!

As our Golden Time treat, we chose an anti-fairy tale to watch. My favourite was Shrek - who needs Prince Charming when you've got a grumpy ogre?!


Have a great weekend!

See you on Monday!

Miss Harris 😊

A busy week! (08.03.19)

Most of Year 6 have had a fantastic week at Kingswood (in fact, as I write this, there are still some children climbing rock walls, driving quad-bikes, and abseiling down walls!)

It has also been World Book Week - another year of fantastic costumes, amazing stories and brilliant books. This year, we had a special treat with the opening of our brand new library. A huge thank you to all our Year 6 helpers who stayed and helped set it up for the grand opening!


As promised, here is the link to the Ultimate SATs Organiser : -this is filled with fantastic resources to revise your Maths, with helpful video links to YouTube if you're finding something tricky. 




Have a great weekend  guys!

Miss Harris.smiley



Stinky Science!

This post comes with a health warning - those with weak stomachs are advised to look away now!!


Before half term, we set up an investigation into the best conditions for mould growth. And we were not disappointed by the results! Two weeks after placing strawberries in various locations around school, 6H can officially declare that mould grows best in damp and warm conditions. We can also confirm that mouldy strawberries smell rather strange!


Next week :

  • Kingswood!!
  • World Book Week - book swap onTuesday, dressing up on Thursday. 


Have a great weekend.

Miss Harris 😊


A Puzzling Friday...

After working hard all week, 6H exercised our brains with some word searches, crossword puzzles and sudokus this afternoon. A great way to end a fantastic half term, marking the half-way point of our Year 6 journey!

After half term, PE will be on a Tuesday afternoon so please make sure you bring your kit!

Have a great half term, see you in a week's time!

Miss Harris 😃

Another Arty Afternoon

This week, we had a go at drawing self-portraits - although not all turned out 100% true-to-life! We had fun looking at the strange proportions of the human face. Who knew our eyes actually sit half-way down our head?!


Have a great weekend!

Miss Harris 😊

Thank you!

A huge thank you to all the parents who managed to make it to our Inspire workshop this week! We hope we've given you a real insight into what our Maths looks like in Year 6 - some of it isn't easy!!


Remember to keep bringing in your amazing homework. My star chart is filling up nicely, although I still have some gaps! If you're hanging on until the end of the topic to bring in your work, our deadline is Friday 8th February. I wonder who our Homework Heros will be this half term?


Miss Harris 😊

An Arty Afternoon

We have been working so hard in Year 6 this week, so we thought we deserved a nice afternoon of Art - and, wow, do we have some fantastic artists in our class! Take a look at the wonderful sketches we have created!


A quick reminder: letters came home this week about our next Inspire workshop, which will be held on Thursday 24th January. Please head to the hall after you drop your child off and grab yourselves a cup of tea, we will be starting just after 9am.


Have a great weekend!
Miss Harris smiley

A Wonderful Wow Starter!


We are all feeling green-fingered after watching The Secret Garden and trying our hand at designing our own perfect secret gardens full of all the things we love, including one or two swimming pools, a couple of football pitches and even an outdoor dance floor!

This afternoon, we had a go at planting herb garden, so watch this space for updates on how our plants are coming along!


I am really excited to get into this Imaginative Learning Project - there's lots of great Science coming up, as well as some really interesting writing opportunities!

Welcome back!

We have had a busy start to 2019 in Year 6 - we've had a shuffle round with teaching groups for English and Maths, so that, even with fewer staff, we are still able to support every single child through this incredibly important year. And I have to say, I am so impressed with how well everybody has managed the changes! 


6H have been enjoying sweets this afternoon (obviously in a super serious Science-y sort of way!) We have been looking at classification, and decided the best place to start was by creating our own classification keys to identify the different sweets! And then, of course, we got to eat them!


I have already had some fantastic homework brought in by a few children, so a huge well done to them! Remember, you do have until the 8th of February to bring in anything you have done, but it's great to have pieces as you complete them so that we have time to display your amazing work!


My English and Maths group: your spellings came home this evening, please learn these and have a think about other spellings that follow the same rule - remember, you have five unseen spellings in your test as well!


Have a great weekend! See you on Monday.

Miss Harris smiley

Merry Christmas!!

It's been an emotion end to the term, having to say goodbye to four very well-loved and valued members of our team. Year 6 did them proud with a fabulous rendition of 'So Long, Farewell' from The Sound of Music - a huge 'well done' to every single one of you for standing up and performing like absolute professionals! During our assembly, we also celebrated the fantastic homework that has been produced over the last half term. Well done to Katherine and Rylee, 6H's homework superheros! 


I have uploaded the new homework grid for next half term, if anybody wants to get a head start over the holidays. 


After an assembly filled with mixed emotions, we enjoyed a morning of board games and biscuits with 6D. And Miss Harris beat Miss Drennan in a head-to-head Rubix Race challenge! (Not that we like to boast...)


We've all worked incredibly hard this term, and next term looks set to be even more challenging. But I know you fantastic lot will rise to the challenge and blow us all away with your hard work and perseverance! Enjoy a well earned rest, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. See you in 2019!!


Miss Harris 🎄☃️🎉

Christmas party fun!!      (20.12.18)

The children have had a fantastic afternoon dancing, playing games and eating lots of lovely party food (thank you for all the yummy donations!) 6H are well and truly in the Christmas spirit!


Just a reminder, tomorrow is Christmas-themed own clothes day, for a £1 school fund contribution (to be paid online). Children can also bring a board game in, however please ensure this is named to avoid any confusion at the end of the day!!


5 days to go!!! 🎉🎄🎅🏼


Miss Harris 😊

What a Fab Finish!      14.12.18

A huge thank you to everyone who made it to our fab afternoon of crafting and singing! The children had a brilliant time, and it was wonderful to be able to share some of the amazing work we have been doing this half term!

Have a great weekend, 

Miss Harris 😊

A special invitation!

Your child has brought home an invitation for you to join our Fab Finish celebrations this Friday, 14th December @ 1:45pm.

We will be showcasing some of the fabulous work children have been doing as part of our 'A Child's War' imaginative learning project, as well as getting adults involved in some make-do-and-mend Christmas crafts. 


We will also be making our annual trip to St Nicolas Church on Kings Norton Green for our carol service next Tuesday, 18th December, starting at 10am. If any parents wish to attend, please meet us at the Church by 9:45am.


Miss Harris smiley

Picture 1

Are you feeling inspired?    (4.12.18)

I know I definitely am after our visit from George Rosling, the author of "The Four" series of books. It was fascinating to hear his journey from a security guard to celebrated author, and I loved the message behind his talk - if he can do it, anybody can!

Children have brought home a leaflet from George, with a link to his website if you would like to read more about him and his books. 

Picture 1


A visit from an evacuee


We were incredibly lucky today to have Auntie Edna come in to talk to us about her experiences as an evacuee during WWII. The children were able to ask lots of questions and really enjoyed listening to Auntie Edna's memories of her childhood.

Such a fantastic opportunity for us to really understand what life was like during the war! 

Even MORE incredible homework!    (27.11.18)

I just had to share this amazing scrapbook full of tonnes of information about World War II, created by a very clever member of our class! The time spent, and the detail that has gone into it is incredible! 

Homework Superstars!   (22.11.18)

The introduction of our new homework grids seems to be a very popular choice! I have already received lots of fantastic homework, including these phenomenal model Anderson shelters and gas mask! Well done, girls!!

What a week!   (16.11.18)

From a delicious carrot cake, baked by Toby, and following a real war-time recipe, to our fabulous Inspire workshop, to winning Rosie for being the best class lining up on the playground, not to mention raising money for Children in Need with possibly the biggest cake sale ever seen at Broadmeadow, it's been another non-stop week!


And things don't look set to quieten down any time soon - next week is test week, so I want you to all have a good rest over the weekend, and come to school on Monday ready to show off how fantastic I know you all are!


Miss Harris smiley

Picture 1

Welcome back!          (9.11.18)

And what a welcome we've had, with a fantastic WOW starter to introduce our new topic 'A Child's War', We watched the film Goodnight, Mr Tom (complete with cinema-worthy snack!), which is about William, an WWII evacuee from London, who finds unlikely comfort and kindness in grumpy, old Mr Tom. Then, we tried our hand at baking biscuits using a real war-time recipe - mixed reviews there, but I thought they were delicious!


Saving Jeffery!   (26.10.18)


We have a class of life-savers!


Today, on our visit to Kings Heath Boys School, we learned how to administer CPR - and it was much harder work than we first thought it would be! We were shown the steps we need to take if we ever find somebody unconscious, and then all had a go at trying to keep Jeffery's heart pumping.




Jeffery was the model... in case you were wondering!!


 A Few Quick Reminders:


Our English Inspire workshop will be held on Thursday 15th November - we'd love to see as many parents/grandparents/aunt/uncles as possible!


A letter has come home today about a change in our homework policy. At the end of each half term, your child will bring home a grid of activities related to the topic we will be doing when we return after the break. They should complete tasks to earn at least 10 stars by the end of the new half term (so the grid they brought home today must be complete by the Christmas break). We have sent them out before the break as we know lots of children like to get a head-start on projects in their time off, however children can bring their work in whenever they complete a piece or can bring their portfolio of work in before we break up for Christmas.


PE will remain on a Tuesday - please make sure children have a complete PE kit in school on the first week back!


We do still expect that children will be reading at home through the holidays and filling in their reading records for you to sign. 



I hope you all have a fabulous break! See you in a week!

Miss Harris smiley

This week...        (19.10.18)

We have been thinking about our class text, Pig Heart Boy, and how our main characters are feeling now that Cam has had his heart-transplant. We role-played a press-conference to help us understand their thoughts and how their feelings might have changed since the start of the book.



In our Beating Hearts topic, we looked at a poem about love by Emily Bronte. We talked about the imagery used and what the similes represented. Then we had a go at learning the poem by heart, and performed in our groups to the rest of the class!



You've all worked super hard this half term, keep it up for the last week!


  • PE is on Tuesday
  • Homework is due on Thursday
  • Spelling test is on Thursday
  • You should be asking parents to sign your reading records each time you read at home (ideally 3 or 4 times each week) so that I can see them on Friday.

Have a great weekend!

Miss Harris smiley

What a fantastic Friday!        (12.10.18)


A huge well done to everybody for a brilliant Harvest assembly! And thank you for all the kind donations - the B30 Food Bank are extremely grateful for your generosity.

I think Harvest Shark will be in everybody's head for a good while!!


This afternoon, we were very lucky to have been invited to Kings Heath Boys School to watch and participate (for those who dared!) in heart dissections. I can't think of a better way for us to develop our knowledge of how the heart works than real, hands-on experience! We were shown the different chambers and learnt how the organ functions.

We are all very excited for our next visit!

Quick word of warning: do NOT scroll down if you are squeamish!!!!








A Fantastic Start to Year 6!           (5.9.18)


I have to say, I am seriously impressed with the wonderful attitudes every single one of you came through the door with this morning! You are all clearly going to be fabulous role models to the rest of the school. I am really looking forward to our journey through Year 6! 

Early nights all round, I'll see you bright and early tomorrow for lots more learning and fun!

Miss Harris smiley

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Welcome to the new school year. Miss Harris will soon be filling this page with lots of exciting

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