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Book Club- 2020


Year 6 have been enjoying a book club this half term.


I can't believe how quickly some of the children have been reading their books!!!


We get together once a week and discuss what we have read. We all started with the book Skellig, but we now take different books and try and encourage the rest of the group to read our book for the following week. Today we enjoyed  a hot chocolate and a good old natter about books- I love our meetings!


Miss Drennan :)

Poetry at Broadmeadow

At Broadmeadow, we believe that the best way to help children to become comfortable with poetry is to make sure they hear a wide range of poetry as often as possible. Creating a poetry friendly school means developing an environment and an ethos where children have the opportunity to listen to, share and see a range of poems in a range of circumstances. We share a new poem with the children in every Monday assembly. We then display this poem in our book corners and refer to it throughout the week. At the end of a half term, we have a bank of beautiful poetry that the children now know!

We also read, recite and write poems during our reading sessions.



High Quality Books at Broadmeadow


The use of high quality books within the reading curriculum is at the heart of our successful approach to engage and support our children to become motivated and independent readers. If children enjoy reading, they read more frequently and become better readers. We believe that teachers at our school know about the best children's literature available and we share these with the children, to encourage them to be inspired as readers and motivated to read for themselves.

Broadmeadow Book Fair

The Book Fair will be arriving in school soon, with hundreds of new children’s books to browse and buy.


Come and join us!

Thursday 7th November

Friday 8th November

Monday 11th November

Opening daily at 3.20pm until 3.50pm.


Enjoy a biscuit and a browse!

Please try to support us. The more books we sell, the more money we get for books in school :)

Miss Drennan

Book swap

The children had so much fun at the book swap this afternoon.

The gasps and wows as they walked through the door was amazing and I've been told we need to do this EVERYDAY :) Such a great thing to hear!!! 


Our biggest ever WORLD BOOK WEEK

4th March- 8th March


The children and staff are very much looking forward to next week's WORLD BOOK WEEK, so we thought we would give you an insight into what is going on during Broadmeadow's biggest ever book week!!!


The theme is #Shareastory and the aim is to get children, parents, friends and foes to join together and enjoy sharing a story.


Monday- We have an exciting assembly in school focussing on sharing stories and the importance of reading. During the day, teachers will also be sharing a story with their class.


Tuesday- There will be a book swap in the hall Tuesday afternoon for the children. We are still taking in books for the book swap, so please if you have any old book/s send them into school with your child and they'll be able to choose a new book/s to take home.


Wednesday- No Pens Day- children and adults in school are banned from using pens today! The purpose of No Pens Day is to enable all children and adults to engage in activities that do not require writing and to explore other ways of showing knowledge and learning.


Thursday- World Book Day- Dress up as a favourite book character. During the day, parents are also invited to the #Shareastory session, a half-hour slot where you can sit and read, discuss books and enjoy a biscuit with you child. 


A reminder of the times:


Year 4- 10.40-11.10am

Year 3- 1.30-2.00pm

Year 5- 2.30-3.00pm


Unfortunately, it was too tricky to set up a session for Year 6 because class teachers are out of school and half of the children will be in Kingswood, so we are in the process of arranging something for Year 6 children and parents- watch this space!


Friday- The unveiling of the new library. We are so excited to announce that we have moved our small library to the huts at the bottom of the playground because our old library was so small it could not fit in a class of children and there was nowhere comfortable to sit. The new library is a much bigger space and has a 'library classroom'. The children have not yet had a look inside, so Friday will be their first visit and from then on lots of reading sessions will be taking place in there- how exciting. Also on Friday, children will be visiting the infant school to read with a buddy.


Wow what an exciting week,


Miss Drennan #Shareastory



A reminder... Please read at home!

A successful book fair!


We raised a phenomenal amount at the book fair this year- the most we've ever raised!!!

Thank you to everyone who attended and all my fantastic helpers from Year 6.


We raised £812.57!!!


This means we earned £427.54 to spend on books for our school. We have decided this year to update our dictionaries as they are a little bit old and tatty and this is all down to your generosity, so we thank you very much!!!


See you next year,


Miss Drennan

Our fantastic book fair!

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