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The Build-up:

The children have been working hard this year to create a project with the Infants. Firstly, the children came up with initial ideas for the project. It was later decided that we would work with the Infants on a jigsaw style project. The jigsaw had the themes of anti-bullying and friendship. The pieces represented the joining of the two schools to promote these two things.  Here are some pictures to show the initial planning stages. A sketchbook has also been created to document the entire journey from start to finish!

Planning and Presentation-

In the second part of the project the children created a PowerPoint presentation which was presented to the head teacher of the Infants school.  The aims of the project were explained to her and she even had the chance to see the journey that the children had undertaken to create their ideas. 

It was decided from here that the School Council would work with Year 2 children. The children then planned the project and prepared any resources that would be needed. 

The Project!

Over a two week period, children from both Year 2 classes in the Infants school worked with the school council to produce some brilliant artwork about anti-bullying and friendship. Many of these pieces have since been framed. 

House Points

House Points

  • Oak
  • Ash
  • Elm
  • Pine



  • 3B 95.44
  • 3H 99.08
  • 4W 95.68
  • 4S 94.68
  • 5B 97.01
  • 5G 95.43
  • 6H 93.45
  • 6D 92.65

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