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Innovation, imagination, motivation, creativity! Today’s Design and Technology is tomorrow’s greatness!’




At Broadmeadow Junior School, our high-quality Design and Technology Curriculum encourages pupils to think creatively and solve problems both as individuals and as members of a team. It helps pupils develop knowledge and understanding of various skills and processes used when investigating, designing, making and evaluating thus preparing children to become innovators and risk-takers.

Through using technical knowledge children are able to make high quality products that are both functional and practical. They research great designers, supporting their understanding of real-life examples and the world around them. This enables children to create structures, mechanisms, electrical systems, textiles and food products.

Design and Technology provides crucial cross-curricular links, particularly Maths, Science and Art which help to embed knowledge. We want Design and Technology to prepare our children, to give them the opportunities, responsibilities, and experiences that they need to be successful in later life.


Through our teaching of Design and Technology we aim to: -

  • Ensure that every child has the opportunity to study Design and Technology.
  • To design and make prototypes and products for a range of users.
  • To critique, evaluate and test ideas.
  • Develop life skills which will prepare them for secondary school and beyond.
  • Understand and apply the principals of nutrition. To begin to develop an understanding of how to cook.

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House Points

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