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'Music is a moral law. It gives soil to the universe, wings to the mind and life to everything. Without music, life would be an error.'





Our high-quality music curriculum at Broadmeadow aims to provide all children with opportunities for exploration, expression, teamwork and achievement. We hope children’s passion, confidence, creativity and imagination can blossom as they participate in all aspects of the music curriculum, including listening, appreciating, composing, improvising, performing and singing in solo and ensemble contexts. We embrace everyone’s starting points and celebrate different interests, styles and talents in Music.


We want our children to know that music is for everybody. Music education can nourish a sense of identity. We want children to derive a sense of enjoyment from learning about instrument-specific skills, composers, musical styles and the history of music, which in turn, will inspire them to develop a love of music in a world where music shapes cultures and societies, can change mood, enhance well-being, and inspire change.


Through our teaching of music, we aim to:

  • Ensure every child has the opportunity to study music in a coherent, sequenced fashion to gain an understanding of the inter-related dimensions of music.
  • Give all children musical understanding through developing life skills for memory, accuracy, fluency and critical appreciation.
  • Enable children to recognise relationships between sounds and symbols in preparation for a digital world.
  • Give children opportunities to perform music in school and the wider community.
  • Give all of our children access to learning an instrument with tuition from a specialist Music Teacher: our ambition is for many of them to continue to learn their instrument.

House Points

House Points

  • Oak 2022-23 House Point Trophy Winners
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