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“In Religious Education the deepest values of human life are shared and discussed.”
Birmingham Agreed Syllabus Conference, 2006.


At Broadmeadow, we follow the Birmingham Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education. Children learn from faith as well as develop their knowledge of religious practices, beliefs, events and experiences of the main religions. Lessons are taught through 24 agreed dispositions (such as Appreciating Beauty, Being Thankful and Living By Rules) and through active engagement with religious materials and by asking key questions, children will build an understanding of their individuality and the role they play in the community and the wider world.


Through our teaching of RE, we aim for children to:

  • Learn from experience: Children will develop skills to discuss their knowledge and experience of a particular concept.


  • Learn from religious traditions and non-religious worldviews: Children will develop knowledge and understanding of religious traditions and non-religious views which will enable them to understand others around them.  In particular, we encourage children to cultivate widely recognised values such as the British Values of mutual respect, tolerance and democracy.


  • Learning from faith and non-religious worldviews: Children will reflect on their own practices and experiences with their growing acquisition of knowledge which will enable children to develop intellectually, emotionally and behaviourally.


  • Learn to discern: Pupils will be encouraged and challenged to reflect and evaluate, to think critically about what they have learned and to discern how and why religious views and non-religious views vary.

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