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'The study of Geography is about more than memorising places on a map. It is about understanding the complexity of our world.'




Our high-quality geography curriculum at Broadmeadow aims to inspire children’s curiosity, interest and appreciation for the world that we live in. As geographers, pupils participate in a rich and broad programme of study which allows them to develop their knowledge, skills and vocabulary about their city, country, continent and world. They will develop an understanding of the links between physical and human processes and will be challenged to consider human impact and sustainability.


Through our teaching of geography, we aim to:

  • Ensure every child has the opportunity to study geography to gain knowledge of diverse places, people and resources as well as natural and human environments
  • Encourage children to show respect for their local, national and international environment
  • Develop children’s understanding of the interaction between physical and human processes and of the formation of and use of landscapes and environments
  • Ensure children enjoy practical experiences such as local fieldwork studies.

Big Questions


Our curriculum has been designed using Big Questions across each term. Links are made between pupil's learning in History and Geography. Below is a map of which questions are covered in each year group.

Progression of Procedural Knowledge


Our spiral curriculum ensures that key geographical skills/procedural knowledge are revisited and built on across the Key Stage. Click the link below to see what this looks like in each year group. 

Knowledge Organisers


Knowledge organisers are a summary of the key facts and essential knowledge that pupils will be taught in a particular unit of work. Our knowledge organisers are not a comprehensive and exhaustive list of all that could be known but rather a summary of the knowledge that teaching will focus on. These documents help teachers to think hard about what will be taught, how it will be revisited and how it can be expressed; help children to recognise key learning and return to it often; and help parents/carers to have a really clear understanding of what their child is learning in different areas of the curriculum. 

House Points

House Points

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