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"We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future." Franklin D. Roosevelt.


At Broadmeadow Junior School, we believe that PSHE helps to give pupils the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to lead confident, healthy, independent lives, in order to become informed, active and responsible citizens. The work we do in PSHE links directly to our Relationships and Sex Education (RSE). PSHE also flows through all other curriculum areas. We revisit objectives regularly so that the children develop and embed their understanding. Our spiral curriculum allows children time to reflect and build on their knowledge and understanding of themselves, their community and the wider world.


We believe that through participating in PSHE, our pupils will become adults who make sensible choices when faced with issues that are part of growing up. We help children to focus on developing social skills such as managing friendships and developing empathy and self-respect. Our teaching encourages pupils to develop positive attitudes and values including an acceptance of diversity and difference. We also teach the importance of recognising both our physical and mental health and explore ways of keeping both of these healthy.


PSHE is taught in specific lessons but is also fundamental to the whole ethos of Broadmeadow Junior School. The teaching of PSHE can be seen throughout the whole school day in every area of school life.


 We aim to develop the pupils understanding and skills so that they:


  • Develop confidence to make the most of their abilities, through recognising their own worth


  • Are able to share their own views but also understand and respect the views of others


  • Are prepared to play active roles as citizens in our diverse society


  • Develop healthy and safe lifestyles, in relation to physical and mental health, with the ability to take appropriate risk assessments


  • Develop good relationships and respect others


  • Make a positive contribution to the life of the school


Questions Based Model for PSHE and RSE


At Broadmeadow Juniors, we follow a questions-based model for the teaching and sequencing of PSHE and RSE. This means that each unit of work starts with a 'Big Question' and the children develop knowledge and understanding throughout the unit to allow themselves to express their responses to this questions. The questions develop sequentially across the key stage in a spiral curriculum and are linked to three main areas: Relationships; Health and Wellbeing; and Living in the Wider World. 


Below you will see an overview of these questions across Key Stage 2. 

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