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Safeguarding and Wellbeing

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We believe all children have a right to feel and be safe and happy. We have a dedicated pastoral team in school who take great pride in nurturing our pupils and ensuring they are happy in school.

It cannot be over-stressed how the pastoral care of all of our pupils is the responsibility of the whole community. The way we treat, talk to, interact with and indeed teach pupils all contribute to the quality of their welfare, but sometimes for whatever reasons this may not always be easy to do.  Our team is here to help!

Whatever your concerns may be, please come and speak with someone or telephone the office if you need advice.

We have two members of staff who work from The Sunshine Room in school, they are Mrs Finnerty our Senior Learning Mentor and Miss Hackett Learning Mentor. They are also part of our DSL staff (Designated Safeguarding Leads) in school.


Our DSLs at Broadmeadow Junior School

This is our Safeguarding team in school.


If you have any worries or concerns about a child please speak to someone in school immediately, 

either by phone or in person.

If we are not in school and you have concerns you can contact the Children's Advice and Support Service (CASS). They provide a single point of contact for professionals and members of the public who want to seek support or raise concerns about a child. 

You can contact them on  0121 303 1888.


Social, Emotional and Mental Health Provision


The mental health and wellbeing of all members of our Broadmeadow family is extremely important to us and this is embedded across all that we do as a school. Our children are taught to recognise that we all have both physical and mental health and that this can fluctuate at different times. Children are regularly given opportunities to reflect on their own physical and mental health; to think about what things have a positive and negative impact on these; and to begin to develop their own understanding of what helps them to remain physically and mentally healthy. 


Our whole-school approaches to health and wellbeing are also supported by more targeted provisions for small groups and individuals. Mrs Hankinson, Deputy Headteacher, is our Senior Mental Health Lead and works closely with our Learning Mentors and ELSA as well as with external agencies. 

Broadmeadow Mental Health and Wellbeing Provision

The Birmingham Children's Partnership Offer

Help for all families and children in Birmingham - help with food, finances, parenting, drug and alcohol abuse, bereavement, domestic violence and mental health.

Early Help Offer

This outlines some of the support that can be provided within school as well as support available from external providers.


 School Provision

  • Pastoral staffing structure that promotes support for all of our pupils and families. ‘Open Door’ approach via e-mail or call for parents/carers to ask for help when they need it.
  •    Whole child focus and ethos providing an environment where children feel secure, happy and confident and where relationships are built on trust, respect and tolerance
  •   Staff have had training in attachment and the impact of trauma which helps them to support the most vulnerable children. 
  • Our School environment and engaging curriculum provide the children with many enrichment opportunities and a variety of clubs and visits.
  • Premier Education Sports coaches to lead structured activities at lunchtimes


  • We have additional interventions and assessments for children supporting their social and emotional as well as their educational needs.
  • Emotional Literacy Support Assistant and led groups and sessions  to support pupils with social and emotional wellbeing.


Within school our SENDCo, oversees our graduated approach to support as set out in the SEND Local Offer.

We use Provision Map to record provisions and to create Pupil Profiles and support plans.

CPOMs is used to inform support

External support is accessed at an appropriate time based on individual cases and needs.


 Outreach Support

  •  Community Connectors – in Selly Oak can be referred to by school with a focus on emotional wellbeing and improving a situation for the family by signposting to offer the support and advice they need.
  • The CAT Team and Educational Psychologist will come into school to provide support and guidance for staff and parents as well as children 1-1 work.

Birmingham Educational Psychology Service offer support from the Complex Communication Needs Team

We can access the Pupil and School Support Service.


  • There are good links with our feeder schools and with the secondary schools when children leave Broadmeadow Junior School at the end of Year 6.
  • The school nurse, Geraldine Goodhall, offers school access to NHS professionals such as Occupational Therapists and the Speech and Language Team as well as advice and support to parents/carers.




Support for Children, Parents and Carers

School Leadership:

Headteacher – Mr K Medway

Deputy Headteacher – Mrs A Hankinson


Inclusion Support team

SENDCo – Mrs C Elsmore

Designated Teacher for Looked after and Previously Looked after children - Mrs C Elsmore

Early Help/Family Support – Mrs R Finnerty

ELSA – Miss K Hackett


Safeguarding Team

Designated Safeguarding Lead -  Mr K. Medway

Deputy DSL  – Mrs R Finnerty

Deputy DSL  – Mrs A Hankinson

Deputy DSL  - Miss K Hackett

Deputy DSL – Mrs C Elsmore



Safeguarding and Chair - Mrs Denise Latham

Pupil Premium and Vice Chair - H Hayhurst

Co-opted Governors –K Norman, D. McEvilly (SEND)

Parent Governor – Mr S Bennett (Health and Safety)

Clerk – Mrs S Vernon


Attendance Overview

K Smith and K Medway

Attendance Officer

M Stephens


Pupil Premium Co-ordinator, RSE and PSHE Lead

Mrs A Hankinson


To contact anyone listed above please contact the school office: (0121) 4641717

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