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2018 SATs results

SATs Results 2018

Key stage 2 tests


At the end of Key Stage 2 all children take tests in maths, reading and grammar, punctuation and spelling in May.

These test results are given a scaled score for each subject.


  • A scaled score of 100 means a child is working at the expected standard for the end of the key stage.
  • A scaled score below 100 indicates that a child may need more support to help them reach the expected standard.
  • A scaled score above 100 suggests a child is working above the expected standard for the key stage.


Children working below the standard of the national curriculum

Some children will not have been entered for the national curriculum tests as their teacher will have determined that they are working below the standard of the national curriculum. If this is the case the teacher will assess the child separately using pre-key stage teacher assessment frameworks. If children are assessed against the pre-key stage frameworks then this will be explained by the class teacher so that parents understand what this means and what additional support the child might need.


Our results for 2018      


We are pleased to say that our results this year are maintaining an upward trend. Our progress from KS1 results, average scaled scores and % of children achieving at expected or above indicate that children are performing well in all areas of the curriculum.

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House Points

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